Thursday, February 17, 2011

The SHORT Answer to "Why Aren't more CRIMINAL, LOAN-SHARK, FRAUDULENT bankers IN JAIL?" - because they have BRIBED the Republicans & Democrats who run Congress & the presidency; and they hold out PLUM JOBS for the Government offiicials who are (supposedly) PAID to PROSECUTE Criminal malfeasance... but DON'T.

Living in Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama's America, is like being opposed to the Nazis, while living in Germany in the 1930s.... Every year, they ratchet up the sheer  criminality, and the noose gets a little tighter.  
Cenk Uygur & Matt Taibbi discuss THE OBVIOUS: Under "president" (more like "step-and-fetch-it PUPPET of his bankster overlords") Barack Obama, there have been NO PROSECUTIONS, and NO CONVICTIONS, much less imprisonment, for FINANCIAL CRIMES, except for token inmate Bernie Madoff