Thursday, April 21, 2011

America's TREASONOUS 'Elites' - Whitewash Financial Crimes, and Environmental atrocities, to MAXIMIZE their 'economic hit man' EXTORTION of the US Economy & Taxpayers for short-term profits...

 At behest of the treasonous "elites" invested in America's nuclear energy companies, America's "mainstream" corporate media WHITEWASH  the DEADLY ATTACK,  on ALL Americans, of RADIOACTIVE PLUTONIUM, URANIUM, Cessium 137,  and other deadly elements from Japan's Fukushima nuclear meltdowns POURING into the Pacific Ocean, and into the atmosphere - deadly radioactive particles and fall out that are, as we speak,   poisoning the food supply worldwide, whether contaminating  grain fields in food baskets worldwide, or contaminating the world's ocean food chain.

In our previous post, we briefly discussed how America's TREASONOUS  New York, DC, U. Chicago, and other well connected elites (what author Janine Wedell calls the   "Shadow Elite: How the World's New Power Brokers Undermine Democracy, Government, and the Free Market")  have used the power of government to reward themselves with billions upon trillions of dollars  of "bailouts," "liquidity injections," and other forms of  near 'free' money (zero interest or very low interest Fed fiat dollars), and how they have BRIBED politicians and officials with "campaign donor" checks  to create an APARTHEID system of government, with one standard of  'justice' for the Lloyd Blankfeins, Hank Paulsons, and Bob Rubins (all three current or past chairmen of Goldman Sachs co.)  - and another, far harsher standard of 'justice' for ordinary Americans, even well known celebrities like Martha Stewart, who was railroaded into prison by the Bush-Cheney 'Justice Department'  and SEC for allegedly  'dumping' a lousy $55,000 of ImClone stock Ms. Stewart had every right to sell**...  at a time when the Bush-Cheney 'Justice' Department & SEC were  ignoring the know well known financial crimes of Enron, World-Com,  and vast war contracts fraud by Bechtel, Halliburton, KBR, and other Iraq war profiteers.
 ** note: Ms.Stewart was not convicted of either "dumping" or "insider trading," she was convicted on the show-trail charge of "LYING TO PROSECUTORS."  By comparison,   Vice President Cheney's Chief of Staff,   uber "Israel uber alles" Neo-Con I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby, was convicted of the far more serious crimes of PERJURY and OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE -  lying under oath during  criminal prosections  regarding an issue of vital national security (the intentional 'outing' of an undercover CIA operation by Libby and Vice President Cheney)  and never saw a day of jail time, much less prison sentence.)  

      Today,  we sadly point out  the elites' war on the American economy,  in the name of their selfish  citizen, consumer, and taxpayer extorted "profits," has spread to a global war on all humans (including themselves and their own families), with the RADIOACTIVE CONTAMINATION of the world's ENTIRE food supply,  both land-based grain, fruit, and animal production,  and the similar radioactive contamination of the entire global oceans and seas chain of marine sea life. 

  Dr. Leuren Moret discusses the nuclear contamination of world food supplies from Fukushima nuclear reactors exploding, and tons of nuclear fuel in 3 different reactors burning and possibly "melting down" to a critical mass of burning, melting globs  of  nuclear fuel sustaining runaway heat & energy producing nuclear reactions.   (excerpts start at about 51 minutes) -
 "That tongue  [animated weather map of radiation from Fukushima shortly after the explosion] went red, very high levels of nuclear radiation.
      "The food baskets are now completely contaminated   in western Canada, the western United States, and western Mexico. And actually Hawaii is also very contaminated, and it's because they have the highest rainfall.  When the Atomic Energy Commission was monitoring radioactive fallout during nuclear testing, they found that Hawaii had the highest levels of fallout, and its because of the high rain fall." 
 "eventually, because of all the (weather) processes in the dynamic troposphere, it  [radioactive fallout & contamination]  goes everywhere.
   This is [radioactive] Cessium 137 March 23, 24, 25th...  very high levels of radiation reached Hawaii  [from very shortly after the reactors at Fukushima blowing up and spewing gases and particles into the atmosphere]
 The dates excerpted in our above video transcript highlights, are from back in late March, shortly after the Fukushima reactors blew up or melted down.   Since then, the reactors have been  continuing to pour radioactive poisons and fallout into the eco system, both atmosphere and oceans - there is no "containment cap" at Fukushima - no cement, no steel, no enclosure structure  as at Chernobyl - just the continued use of sea-water to "cool" the fires and heat from the core meltdowns, water with evaporates as steam into the atmosphere, or flows directly into the oceans.. and global marine food supply.
 (btw,  the steel & concrete masoleum built at  Chernobyl to entomb the single reactor's melt-down, cost Russia $18 billion rubles, at a time when the ruble traded to the dollar at near one-to-one, in 1980s U.S. dollar valuations.   It was this catostrophic environmental, economic, and nuclear nightmare that "broke" the back of the Soviet economic system.)
 Highly radioactive water pouring out of Fukushima exploded reactors
 pours into the Pacific Ocean,  contaminating millions upon millions
 upon millions of gallons of ocean waters... and the world's entire food supply.