Thursday, April 14, 2011

High-Mid level Radioactive Cessium 137 plumes from Japan's nuclear reactor meltdowns, now drifting across Pacific, down Alaska, and over mainland United States..

EURAD models (computer calculated animations):   LARGE PLUMES of  high-mid  level Cessiam 137  now floating from Japan (Fukushima nuclear reactor explosions - across the Pacific, down  Alaska, and down to the mainland United States  over the past week... 
These EURAD computer weather / radioactive cessium drift models dove-tail with the University of Maryland's similar  weather models,  showing  HIGH levels of radioactive Cessium plumes coming off the coast of Japan and drifting east across the Pacific Ocean (towards Hawaii, Alaska, and North America)  from the Fukushima  nuclear reactor meltdowns, which plume dispersion models also dove-tail with the NOAA's  more typical current cloud formation & jetstream  animations  (similar to news hour weather radar animations, but on a global scale).