Monday, April 18, 2011

Former New York Gov. Eliot Sptizer Confirms our previous post: President Obama is COMPLICIT in the CRIMES of Goldman Sachs, his Attorney General, Eric Holder, and SEC Chairwoman, Mary Schapiro, are DERELICT IN THEIR DUTIES to ENFORCE U.S. laws, and to PROTECT American Consumers from devastating Financial FRAUD & Economy gutting Financial CRIMES....


   As we have said before,  Mr. Obama's SUBSERVIENCE to the "Of, by, and for Goddamn-Sachs" officials he has placed in his White House,  and their CRIMINAL SABOTAGE DESTRUCTION of the American economy is beyond caricature, it is beyond farce, it is now GROTESQUE and MALIGNANT.
    At one time the ZEALOUS prosecutors at the SEC, the FBI, and the Department of 'Justice'    ___RAILROADED__ Martha Stewart into prison, for "dumping" a lousy $55,000 of ImClone stock Ms. Stewart had  every right to sell, at any time, on any 'tip,' from anyone;  because she had no fiduciary connection with ImClone.
   Today, the SEC, FBI, and Department of Justice DAILY IGNORE reports of FRAUD, INSIDER TRADING, and PERJURY before Congress, by senior executives and 'bankers' at Goldman Sachs and other large 'banks' and financial funds,   that are orders of magnitude more serious than what Ms. Stewart was accused or convicted of.
   PRESIDENT OBAMA, YOU ARE RUNNING A RACIST, BIGOTED,  TREACHEROUS, if not TREASONOUS  APARTHEID presidency - one standard of 'justice' for the high-and-mighty 'bankers' who donate to you political campaigns,  even as they HARM thousands of  Americans through FRAUD and abuse of taxpayer 'bailout' funds (much less gut the entire economy through trillions of "Quantitative Easings" 'free money for failed, bailed out banksters' by Bernanke & Geithner's Fed)   and another, far harsher and more grotesque level of official government prosecution for ordinary Americans, even well known celebrities like Ms. Stewart,  including the nightmare of IRS  CONFISCATION of savings accounts, money funds, and assets  in many case wrongful reasons, as the IRS tries to balance the huge "BAILOUTS"  budget deficits on the back of working class Americans - the Obama administration's CONTINUATION of Bush administration "TAX CUTS FOR RICH, IN TIME OF WAR" policies.    
Spitzer: If  Attorney General Eric Holder Does Not Sue Goldman Sachs, He Should Resign
 ZeroHedge report on Andreson Cooper's CNN interview with former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer,  17 April 2001
   On Friday's Andreson Cooper, Matt Taibbi and Eliot Spitzer presented their views on the fact that several years into the biggest ponzi collapse in Wall Street history, stabilized only by the Fed's pledging of trillions in taxpayer capital and the Treasury issuing like amount in debt to prevent the insolvency of Wall Street's corner offices, nobody has still gone to jail. It was actually an oddly open and forthright show. Some of the notable soundbites from the transcript:
   "Eliot, do you believe Goldman broke the law and lied? - Yes, I do. And I know people are going to say how can you say that as a lawyer?
 I have read this report. It confirms our worst fears about double dealing, lying. Goldman Sachs has zero, none, nada credibility in my book"....."Tim Geithner, treasury secretary, apparently reported in today's "New York Times" was calling people saying don't bring cases, it will unsettle the markets, so they let these guys go free. Meanwhile, he signed off on $12.9 billion to Goldman to cover a bad bet they made."....."
 "Goldman Sachs was the number one private campaign contributor to Barack Obama's presidential election campaign. It's one of the single biggest campaign contributors to both parties in Congress"..."Anderson, before I sued, went after Merrill Lynch, which was the first case we filed many years back, I was told by their lawyer -- this is a direct quote -- "Be careful, we have powerful friends"

 [ZeroHedge] and the kicker: "Do you think the Justice Department will prosecute?
Spitzer: If they don't, shame on them. If they don't, the Attorney General should resign if he can't bring this case."
   ...and when Holder resigns, he can go work as Goldman's newest General Counsel, the end. Hopefully, unlike last time people got angry, only to promptly lose interest in Wall Street's crimes, this time it actually leads to something.