Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bloomberg reports that Pakistan Army fires at US helicopters ENCROACHING on Pakistan territory...

CONTEMPT for international law, CONTEMPT for human rights, CONTEMPT for due process, and CONTEMPT for sovereign borders are all hallmarks of the  Neo-Con (Jewish war lobby) led & directed US wars in Mideast and now expanding throughout central Asia, whether under Obama co. or Bush co.   
   Bloomberg reports that US helicopters - conditioned over the past 8 years to shooting defenseless civilians in Iraq - are now engaging in shooting matches with Pakistan army units DEFENDING PAKISTANI TERRITORY.
       Look for  traitor (former) Vice President Dick Cheney to try to make some arms sales in the region - as the then Halliburton Chairman & CEO Cheney used the U.S. embargo on Iraq in the late 1990s as an opportunity to SELL HALLIBURTON OIL FIELD EQUIPMENT to the Iraqi dictator.
   Look for the treasonous  New York   Sulzberber Times, and treasonous Washington "Pravda on the Potomac" Meyer/Graham Washington Post,  to WHITEWASH  such treason and treachery, as they whitewashed Cheney's treasonous double-dealings behind back of US embargo, using Halliburton European subsidiaries to earn a quick $73 million in cash for the treasonous Cheney led & Neo-Con supported  American war profiteering company.... 

Pakistan Troops, NATO Helicopters Clash
By Haris Anwar & James Rupert, Bloomberg, May 17, 2011
Two NATO helicopters entered Pakistani airspace and triggered a firefight that injured two soldiers, Pakistan’s military said, in a further setback to ties strained by the U.S. raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

Pakistan troops at a border post in the North Waziristan region shot at the aircraft of the U.S.-led force in Afghanistan and were injured in a return of fire, according to an e-mail sent by Inter-Services Public Relations, the press office at Pakistan’s army headquarters in Rawalpindi. The army has lodged a “strong protest” with NATO’s Kabul-based International Security Assistance Force, the statement said. ISAF is aware of the incident and is investigating, spokesman Lieutenant John Harden said by phone.   (cont'd)