Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dylan Ratigan on fire: The United States government, and political 'leaders' of BOTH Parties, are IN THE POCKET of PARASITIC FINANCIERS who are SABOTAGING America...

  Below a good, typical report on the type of financial destruction and
 ECONOMIC SABOTAGE  that Dylan Ratigan's Texas right-wing Republican guest tried to BLAME ON "TAXES" - as if the 800 lb gorilla of WALL St.  STEALING  TWENTY+ TRILLION taxpayer dollars in "bailouts" and back-door theft of savings via "Liquidity Injections" &  "Quantitative Easing"  MONEY PRINTING were not the REAL CAUSES of America's economic crisis:
After the crash: the pauperisation of middle-class America
by Richard Wolff,  UK Guardian,  May 27, 2011
With the crisis now in its fifth year, it's plain that the rich and powerful have [INTENTIONALLY]  restructured society toward ever-greater inequality.
 [academic/news reporter talk, for  "the rich & wealthy have ROBBED the American Middle Class IN TO POVERTY,  and have made themselves far richer, and more powerful, in KILLING OFF of  the late, once great American middle class."]