Wednesday, May 25, 2011

U.S. 'elites' Lunatic Ruling Class Instigating WWIII in Pakistan

 Confirming our previous post,  Alex Jones & Webster Tarpley explain that 
 #1. U.S. (which is to say, israel) "intel" agencies ARE NOW RUNNING  al Qaida just as the treasonous Cheney-Bush-Wolfowitz-Libby Neo-Cons (and Mossad)  ALLOWED al Qaida hijackers a free pass to operate in America leading to the 9-11 attacks....  
#2.   the Neo-Con (jewish) warmongers are both relentlessly genocidal, and truly insane, they have America fighting a "hot war"  shooting war IN PAKISTAN, and aim to CARVE UP Pakistan,  and/or seize Pakistan's nuclear weapons,   bringing in both INDIA, and CHINA in to the ESCALATING, U.S. instigated guerilla wars (U.S. 'war on terrror')  flirting with NUCLEAR WAR.
Alex Jones (at 12:02) "They are really trying to start WWIII right now, that is, the banks that have hijacked this nation [U.S.A.]... this is  soft-kill, low-intensity war"  
 Webster Tarpley:  (at 13:28)  -
"I think that... the U.S., British ruling elite has gone collectively insane. They're in a war psychosis, they're also in an austerity pyschosis, they're  obsessed with the idea that the dollar and all of their derivatives are going down the drain, and they're in a flight forward [panic], so this is a time of  tremendous irrationality....  The problem we have is that the general public remains unaware of most of these shocking & very scary events, because the entire LEFT-OPPOSITION, so called peace-movement & related people, foundation funded in particluar,  have essentially GIVEN UP on OPPOSING Obama" 
 The above to say, that the Anglo/American'/jewish elites are IN a PANIC that they have NO CARDS for continued world DOMINANCE, but for the U.S. nuclear armed military.

  The only thing that Mr. Alex Jones, & Mr. Webster Tarpley don't quite spell out, is that the U.S. and British - American much less Anglo - "elites" are TOTALLY OWNED BY, TOTALLY SUBSERVIENT TO, the JEWISH WARMONGERING  Likudniks,  backed by the  TENS of BILLIONS of dollars controlled by the Jewish billionaires (treasonous, "israel uber america")  Neo-Cons.  

  (Although Jones & Tarpley  do touch on that as well;  that Obama's TALK of  "a Palestinian nation based on 1967 borders" comments the other day were  ALL SHOW,  ("psy-ops"),  and that Netanyahu's crocodile smile in his speech to the (wholly owned & subservient to a foreign power... = treasonous!)  U.S. Con-gress that same day showcased yet again President obama's & America's abject subservience to the Jewish war lobby.
 To end on a positive note,  we don't believe that India would be as quick to invade and dismember Pakistan as suggested by Tarpley & Jones...  however,  bribing, corrupting, and furthering the ruthless, genocidal "carve up the world, and KILL MILLIONS of goyim"  Neo-Con war aims  among  India's elites, is certainly on the treasonous Neo-Con/Likudnik's agenda.