Friday, December 2, 2011

Alex Jones hitting his stride - Deconstructs the INTENTIONAL ECONOMIC SABOTAGE being inflicted on America, Europe, and world economies by TREASONOUS Central Bankers at the Fed, ECB, City-of-London, and allied GS, JPM (et al) mega-banks...

Alex Jones is really hitting his stride...
h/t Max Keiser for this magnificent deconstruction by Alex Jones of the treasonous Neo-Con "of, by, and for banksters... police-state casino-gulag America... and genocidal wars everywhere else" agenda. 

Alex reciting a list of Neo-Con atrocities against the people of American (and the world) - and repeating the Neo-Con mantra   "BUT IT's TO SUPPORT THE TROOPS"   used to justify these serial atrocities by the Neo-Con treasonous, whore media  after each example - is  priceless. 

  The tag-team of Max and Alex are quite excellent at explaining how the mega-bankers have two main tactics for EVERYTHING:

#1. PRINT up MONEY and GIVE IT TO THEMSELVES, and, as if that wasn't enough advantage for the world's genocidal, treasonous, larcenous, kleptocratic elites,  Tactic #2....
 #2. is DEFRAUD EVERYONE IN SIGHT, by BRIBING governments, legislators, politicians,** and  regulators - and by owning the whore, "bought -and-owned larcenous, treasonous, scum, not-even-media but propaganda bullhorns Fox, CNN, BBC [won't even] tell the drolling Prozac-heads [about] this"  [the legalized larceny of America and the world by the genocidal, mass-murderous banksters].

** (see the insanely corrupt Democrat 'leader' Nancy Pelosi's sweetheart, insider trading deals that have DOUBLED HER FAMILY's net worth... in an era when the vast majority of Americans families ares seeing drastic reductions in family income and net worth value! As Jon Stewart says"What the #%!)!! did they send Martha Stewart to Prison for?"  Stewart's show delving in to how then Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson doled out $700 billion in taxpayer extorted  'TARP' bailouts to the NY banksters... while secretly, at the same time, the so-called 'Federal' Reserve, under Ben Bernanke and with Paulson's blessings, was just printing up $7.7 trillion dollars out of thin air  - and just handing it over to the banks at .01% interest - which trillions $$ the banks turned around and lent back to the government, at 3% or more interest!)

Not only is what is happening today in America a verbatim REPEAT of... the GREAT DEPRESSION 1.0... ...but the Great Depression 1.0 in America was an attempt by the Anglo/Judeo/American elites to recreate in America what they (Anglo/Rothschilds financial elites, with the complicity of the Catholic church) had perpetrated in Ireland 75 years arlier - the INTENTIONAL STARVATION MASS-MURDER of hundreds-of-thousands of powerless Irish citizens by the coordinated LOOTING of Ireland's grain harvests and entire food-supply, under the Anglo media (London Times, et al) propaganda WHITEWASH that the genocidal starvation tactics being inflicted on Ireland 1845-1852 by British and Anglicized Irish authorities, backed by British army units,  were really just a result of stupid Irish peasants making themselves overly dependent on potatoes, the genodical holocaust branded as the ("stupid Irish") "potato famine." 

Max Keiser brings up the history of FEUDAL LORDS in England treating the commoners and  English rabble as SLAVES / serfs/ peons -  until the Black Death (bubonic plauge) of 1300s killed so many Europeans that feudal lords were forced to attract workers by paying for labor to plant and harvest the fields on their great ("private") estates... 

    The IRISH FAMINE HOLOCAUST, was a MODERN EQUIVALENT of mass-murderous feudalism,  Anglo elites   INTENTIONALLY STEALING Ireland's food... INTENTIONALLY KILLING, disposing of  between 1 million and 6 million souls  (the larger number per Britain's own government census figures!) - as the genocidal Rothschilds and other Anglo bankers built palatial mansions all in and around London, at the very height of the mass-murderous famine, on blood-money extorted out of the starving, dead, and dying Irish.

 (note - at about the same time that the Rotchilds and other Anglo/British  bankers were profiting from the intentional famine in Ireland, they were also supporting the murderous autocrat kings & emperors REPRESSION of the 1848 European democratic revolutions... for all their talk about "democracy" the British elites despise popular democracy, and financed the artificial propping-up of the ancien regime  kings, emperors, and dictators in 'Old World" Europe in the 1850s... leading directly to the war of collapsing imperial empires, WWI, four or five short decades later.)
 (Kaiser Wilheml II of Germany was, of course, a cousin of then British King George V, their grandmother was Britain's Queen Victoria.)  
(And of course the Anglo elite banksters were also funding the OPIUM WAR rape of China... When mass-Chinese (Han) protests objected to the Manchu Qing  dynasty's submission to the Anglo/European "free trade" imperial, Opium War rape of China, the British, Europeans, Americans, and Japanese supported the Manchus defeating first the Taiping Rebellion, and then the Boxder rebellions - with the body-count in the tens-of-millions!!) 


 The BRITISH/Anglo/Judeo created and banker-profit-taking  IRISH HOLOCAUST,
was the direct predecessor  of Belgian King Leopold II's  "private" "Free State Congo" mass-murder genocide five- to twenty-plus million death toll in Africa's Congo basin in the early 1900s ; of the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE in western Turkey in 1915, of Stalin's purge/mass-famine of the Ukraine "the Holodomor" in 1932,  and of the more well known death camps WWII "holocaust" of  1940-45 as well...  

  The Great Depression in America was just a low-intensity recreation of those intentionally mass-murderous conditions, using similar financial fraud, larceny, and extortion tactics employed by the Anglo/Judeo elites (with bought-off Catholic church complicity)  in Ireland in the mid-19th century; 
  and this "Great Recession 2008-2011" is just a verbatim repeat, by the bankers and the hyper-wealthy they front for,  of the Great Depression 1.0 in America 7 decades earlier. 

see - Congressman Louis McFadden's courageous, outspoken efforts to indict then Fed Chairman EUGENE MEYER and the Fed Board of Directors for CONSPIRACY
  for causing the Great Depression:  
"On June 10, 1932, McFadden made a 25-minute speech before the House of Representatives[3] , in which he accused the Federal Reserve of deliberately causing the Great Depression." 
   Eugen  Meyer was forced to resign as 'Federal' Reserve Chairman as a result of McFadden's courageous efforts to expose the INTENTIONAL stock and currency pump-and-dump tactics behind the Fed's intentional American & global economic sabotage...

  While Congressman McFadden died of an "untimely"  (unless you are a treasonous bankster knocking off a major, dangerous opponent!) illness while on a speaking tour to drum up support to investigate 'the Fed' in New York, Mr. Eugene Meyer used some of his ill-gotten 'Fed' bank PRINTED-out-of-thin-air  FIAT MONEY to... purchase the WASHINGTON POST, which has been an organ of genocidal, TREASONOUS, warmongering banker- and neo-con financial-crimes whitewashing propaganda ever since.


  Below -  The modern neo-cons'  "financial model" - child slaves of Belgian so-called "Free state Congo" - actually a vast plantation wholly owned as his own personal property, the personal feifdom of Belgian King Leopold II (with the propagandized consent of his Belgian subjects) - who created his own ruthless mercenary 'law enforcement' army, the Force Publique, to demand a rubber quota from Congo natives.  Those who failed to comply had their hands - or the hands of family members - chopped off.  Those who defied his edicts were massacred, entire villages razed and wiped out - and famine, disease, and death, a genocide of possibly as many as 20 million killed - would be the legacy of King Leopold II, as Europeans benefitted (and bankers profited) from the resource wealth extracted out of the Congo by slavery, extortion, torture, and murder -
      MANUFACTURED CONSENT & political support  (as Leopold held over Belgians and most German speaking northern Europeans, in late 1800s locked in imperial competition with Great Britian)  by LYING PROPAGANDA - as Leopold convinced Belgians that his rule over the Congo was benovolent and "Christian" - the hallmark of the Neo-Con  hijacking of America today.

  there are more slaves in the world today... than at any time in world history....
 (not that the treasonous neo-con media gives a damn... or would tell you.)