Thursday, December 22, 2011

Barack Obama BETRAYS his "hope" seeking Black & Minority voters: DOES NOTHING to reign in Wall Street's APARTHEID finance & economics!!

That Mr. Barack Obama - current president of these (late) 'United' States of America - is a puppet to his jewish War Lobby handlers - is indisputable.

    Just look at the names of his administration's appartchiks - the real policy setters behind the cabinet secretaries - and you realize that not only is Mr. Obama a PUPPET to his "Neo-Con" PRETEND DEMOCRAT, actually radical-right-wing WAR LOBBY and FINANCIAL Neo-Con Jewish con-men... but any Jews, anywhere in the world, have a lot of nerve accusing Obama of "being a Muslim sympathizer," when his entire presidency is run by Likudnik (netanyahu) or Goddamn-Sachs jewish appartchiks!  

 There is not a whiff of difference between the RAHM EMANUEL, LARRY SUMMERS,  CASS SUNSTEIN, and other PRO-WARS, TAX-CUTS-FOR-RICH, BAILOUTS for failed bankers, "deregulation = license to loot, pillage, rape, & plunder"   "Democrat" Jews staffing Obama co... and the  PAUL WOLFOWITZ, 'Scooter' LIBBY, RICHARD PERLE Neo-Con Likudnik war-lusting Republican Jews who were staffing the Cheney-Bush presidency and who let the 9-11 attacks go down, so they could have their precious "new Pearl Harbor" excuse to attack, invade, occupy, and destroy Iraq
(before next taking over the entire Middle East and all of Central Asia (!)  as a jewish owned, American overseer run slave plantation.) 
 Well, we know who the architects & beneficiaries of Obama's "Paul Wolfowitz & Benjamin Netanyahu masquerading as 'Democratic' policies"  Republican class-war style presidency are - now, who would be on the losing side of this power bargain?

  Why, its Obama's "big tent" Democratic Party "core supporters" - Blacks, Minorities, and low-income whites are the ones being extorted out of blood money - out of their jobs, minimum wage life-support paychecks, savings, 'benefits' and especially health-care and affordable, above sub-standard housing - by Mr. Obama's Neo-Con loan shark "of, by and for Goddamn-Sachs" & "israel uber alles" extortionists

Financial Apartheid and Jim Crow: ‘Whites Only’ get low interest rates; ‘Colored’ get high interest rates.

"More than 200,000 African-American and Hispanic Borrowers who Qualified for Loans were Charged Higher Fees or Placed into Subprime Loans."
  note: the above case only discusses one "subprime" lender: with those mega-banksters close to the Fed getting "ZIRP"  (near Zero Interest Rate Policy") from the Bernanke "Judenfetzen" money printing, very privately owned,  so-called "Federal"  Reserve bankers debt extortion cabal - the VERY SIGNATURE of Barack Obama's so-called "change you can believe in" 'economic policies!' - and then lending that 'money' out to minority Americans in home loans, credit lines, &  credit cards loaded with fees, fines, and high interest rates, the entire American financial system is modelled after that of King Louis XVI of France - the one whose head was chopped off - for funnelling money via royal government extortion up to those at the top,  making his nobles filthy rich, at the expense of everyone else.  

 We are sad to report, Mr. Obama is a disgrace to his own core "hope & change" voting Black &  minority supporters...

...and it is only abject ignorance, because of a full-time distort, distract, mislead, and blame-others relentless (Neo-Con) propaganda campaign, that professional writers in 'mainstream' papers haven't noticed a long, long time ago.