Sunday, January 1, 2012

Max Keiser and Alex Jones address THE issue facing Humanity in 2012: our innate, savage, WARMONGERING and GENOCIDAL nature. Whenever humans create social alliances, they are trying to assert power - to control local resources - against other humans. With nature's "winner take all" reality of "to the victor go the spoils," this means the most AGGRESSIVE, disciplined, and scheming humans usually rise to the top of the local power structure... and these 'leaders' invariably want to DESTROY neighboring human groups.

In the "we hate to give up our sources" category,  this below video is by two of the most informed observers in America or the world: Max Keiser, prescient  financial markets debt-implosions analyst reporting from (self-imposed exile in) Europe, discussing with Texas native Alex Jones the on-rushing Neo-Con sabotage of America,  in particular the NDAA bill expanding on  the previously passed (un-) "P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act"  Nazi-esque GESTAPO POLICE STATE  laws...  now coupled with the Neo-Con (jewish right-wing) war-lobby's ferverent desire to get America involved in ANOTHER, and this time far larger, shooting-war in the Mideast, this time against Iran.

  But what the hell, it may only be a matter of days (or weeks) before "CZAR" Michael Chertoff's Frankenstein monstrosity  (what is it with these treasonous Neo-Cons'  serial LOVE of DICTATORIAL positions, including DHS "Czar" Chertoff and Iraq "Viceroy" L. Paul Bremer? Oh, that's right - the Neo-Cons DESPISE democracy, and LOVE dictatorships - the more ruthless, genocidal, and mass-murderous, the better)
- the so-called "Department of Homeland Security" reveals its  core Nazi CONCENTRATION CAMP intent,   America's 113th Con-gress doing the devil's work, selling America's freedoms, Constitution, and citizen rights down the river, for a few hundred million dollars in LEGALIZED BRIBES "campaign contributions" to the treasonous, constantly scheming & lying, economy-wrecking, relentlessly  warmongering Neo-Con 'elites' - who FINANCE their relentless ASSAULTS on America and the world, by PRINTING UP billions (upon trillions) of dollars of "judenfetzen" Fed BERNANKE bucks, out of thin air, at their wholly owned, American 'pump-&-dump' serial economy wrecking, Great Depressions creating, so-called 'Federal' Reserve rotchilds-modelled very privately owned banking cartel. 

As Obama's Neo-Con handlers (puppet-masters) have spent the past 3 years marching Obama towards this 2012 confrontation with Iran,  and now have the Libya, Iraq, and Afghan invasions under their belt, and a looming proxy-terror war  already well underway in Syria (funded, one may rest assured, with tens of millions of dollars of Neo-Con war-lobby tax exempt "religious"  "donations"), and as the U.S. military command has been PURGED of ALL officers and men not on board with ANOTHER U.S. war in the Mideast, the time is very short before the Treasonous Neo-Cons get their war.. and destroy what is left of the world civilian economies, what with starving Europe, China, and Asia  of the oil that passes through the Straits of Hormuz. 

   This blog-post just to frame America's EVER EXPANDING NEO-CON WARS in terms of the RACISM that is part & parcel of the Neo-Cons'  very soulless, evil identity:  THEY are THE VERY SAVAGE ANIMALS that they claim to see in othersthey, America's soulless Neo-Con traitors, regard AMERICANS in the same way that Netanyahu's "Likud" party, jewish fundamentalists, and "orthodox settlers" regard Palestinians;   they regard the entire U.S. military as HIRED PROXY mercenaries (for one-tenth the pay of the real hired, proxy mercenaries now operating in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Syria, and elsewhere) - which is exactly why (our military soldiers & veterans being regarded as disposable sub-humans) the SUICIDE RATE in the U.S. military, NOW EXCEEDS COMBAT casualties!!   

  (For a great critique of the SOULLESS EVIL of the economy-wrecking, Constitution-gutting, elections-stealing, nations-wrecking, humans-hating Neo-Cons, see part 1 of this 2 part video, Alex Jones deconstructing the raw, primal evil of Neo-Con warlord RICHARD PERLE -
 (Who (our own analysis) was ALMOST CERTAINLY "IN THE LOOP" of  Netanyahu's  Mossad Appartchiks who KNEW the SAUDI and YEMENI hijackers'  terrorist plots were going down in September of 2001,  but KEPT MUM, in order to get their PRECIOUS 'terror attacks on America'  "New Pearl HarborEXCUSE to have U.S. armies start  invading Mideast nations.) 

   Below, Alex Jones uses sarcasm to point out the GENOCIDAL RACISM deeply embedded in American culture, and in American "mainstream media" corporate 'news': the notion that those who DON'T want to EXPAND American wars further into the Mideast, are somehow "soft on terror" and don't respect 'freedom' or 'democracy' - even though the same 'mainstream media' personalities, and America's treacherous, traitorous Neo-Con war lusting leaders, have just pushed through (and had their puppet, President Barak Obama sign) a bill, the NDAA, that ROBS Americans of our freedoms!!

 From here on, the U.S. military can SIEZE, arrest, torture, and "disappear" Americans - without so much as a phone call to a lawyer or family!

  What Augusto Pinochet did to Chileans on the wrong side of his regime during and after his coup in 1976 - raping young women, taking men and women into ghastly prisons;  torturing them, and shoving them out of helicopters flying over the ocean - can now LEGALLY, BY ACT of the COWARDLY, CRAVEN, bribe-seeking, TREASONOUS  U.S. 113th Con-gress, BE DONE IN AMERICA, BY agents of the American government, AGAINST ANYONE they so deign!! 

   transcript from portions of the video:
  Alex Jones:  "But he [Ron Paul]  doesn't want to bomb all the Brown people, and turn them into a glass parking lot." "But HE's the racist." 
    [Ron Paul is opposed to expanding U.S. wars in to Syria, Iran, and everywhere else on the Neo-Con war-lust hit list; and Representative Paul is also opposed to the DRACONIAN U.S. "war on drugs" laws that see one standard for poor Black and minority youths... and a far more lenient standard for middle-class whites accused of the same crimes... much less on Wall St., where one survey found 93% of Wall Street personel, including executives, had or were continuing to use cocaine!  Yet the corporate "mainstream" media relentlessly attempts to portray Congressman Paul as "a racist."] 
Max Keiser:  But its also rather duplicitous, because what do you have now. 
You have people like Michelle Bachman making incredible racist comments about Arabs. Making racist comments about Arabs today is considered to be de rigeur,  this is perfectly acceptable.  Its just that America's taste in racism has changed.   
But you know, America is, going back to the American Indians and to slavery days and up to present day, is built on racism. That's what Americans stand for to the rest of the world.  You know, I've lived outside of America, and the first thing people think of when people think of America, is this RACIST COUNTRY that's committed GENOCIDE not once, but twice, with the American Indian, and then the slave trade.  So, it's not like this is new for the American people, now they want to committ genocide in the Middle East, with their friends in the region...

   Alex Jones:   Well now we're in the NDAA, though.  There's always, every culture always wants to grab some group that it's OK to basically hunt.  I mean humans are such predators,  will engage in predator....  predatate upon ourselves [sic]  [i.e. the tendency of humans to engage in predation, including hunting down and killing other humans], that's a human trait.
   But you're right, the United States certainly has its history of that.  And now the NDAA, I mean look at that Max, 'We'll secretly arrest you, the military will come after you,'  I mean, that's what every 3rd world nation falls to, Max.
  Max Keiser:   "As I've been saying on your show for years,  there's two choices, FIGHT or FLEE,  personally I took the choice of fleeing, I'm not [living in the United States]
[as the bought-and-owned warmongering 113th Congress ratchets up the Gestapo police-state laws... backed by a nuclear military and electronic spy network that Adolf Hitler could only dream of.]