Tuesday, January 17, 2012

'Mish' DEMOLISHES notion that Bernanke's "Judenfetzen" Fed MONEY PRINTING is "Saving" the Economy....

We've been trying to work up the mental energy to write our next
"The 'Fed' IS TREASON!" post,  when along comes today's Mike Shedlock ('Mish') financial blogpost article, 

"Bernanke's Efforts to Stimulate Bank Lending ARE NOT WORKING" -

   "Bernanke is trying every way he can to get banks to lend (printing coupled with a multitude of lending facilities and Fed programs).It's easy enough to prove the printing: Base money supply is up about $1.8 trillion since the start of the recession." 

  The below "Base Money Supply" chart posted on Mish's blogpost today is from the St. Louis branch (District) of the (so-called) 'Federal' Reserve, and we've long been outraged at that near VERTICAL LINE from 2008 to present, representing Ben Bernanke PRINTING TRILLIONS of dollars - from a pre 2008 base money supply around $800 billion, to a current money supply approaching $2.4 TRILLION -

  This is a verbatim REPEAT of the then privately owned Reichsbank's "JUDENFETZEN" money-printing, that led (not immediately, but soon enough) to Germany's infamous Weimar HYPER-INFLATION, which led directly to the rise of Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Party, and WWII - and all the tens of millions of deaths that horrendous war  brought to humanity.

     The term "Judenfetzen" ("jew confetti")  was coined by Germans long before Hitler and the Nazis came to power, or even became prominent  -  the war-weary but savvy German people understood that England and France's entire financial/banking system were dominated by the Rothschilds and allied (including JP Morgan, Lehman, Khun, Loeb, Schiff, Solomon, Oppenheimer, and other Anglo/American/Judeo) bankers -

 - it was the bankers, as the "financial power" behind the British and French militaries, who had demanded & inserted those draconian war reparations provisions on Germany during the Treaty at Versailles -  so the very term "Judenfetzen" was both insightful, and prescient, as to all the misery that would be unleashed by the (to repeat) then (post-WWI) privately owned German central bank debasing and DEVALUING the German currency - a form of BACK DOOR THEFT by bankers, of ALL the wealth in post-WWI Germany. 

   And as that nearly TRIPLE spike of the pre-2008 Base Money Supply chart (below) shows,  BEN BERNANKE and his fellow GS, JPM, and other member/owner 'Fed' bankers are REPEATING the HYPER-INFLATIONARY MONEY PRINTING crisis  that led DIRECTLY to so much human misery in Europe and across the world soon after that 1920s, post-WWI  German Wiemar HYPER-INFLATION....

Base Money Supply 

  See Mish's article for a discussion of how Bernanke's FIRST and LAST impulse - TO PRINT MONEY! - is NOT working....  if, that is, expanding economic activity is the desired result.

 (And enslaving millions of Americans on the casino-gulag slave plantation/economically disenfranchised reservation is NOT the intended result... as Neo-Feudal modern finance clearly does in economically subjugated neo-colonial occupied territories,  like Afghanistan, Iraq, now Libya, and vast swaths of Africa and South America have long been - and as debt-saturated Greece, Ireland, Iceland, and possibly Italy are quickly becoming.) 

Graphical Representations of Bernanke's Effort to Stimulate Bank Lending
by Mike Shedlock, Global Economic Trend Analysis
Tuesday, Jan 17, 2012 -  link

The above charts show that it is taking more and more money just to keep the economy afloat.

...US deficit spending is $1.4 trillion dollars, Bernanke is flooding banks with cash, interest rates are at record lows, mortgage rates are at record lows, and velocity of money is falling like a rock.

...Of the $1.8 trillion Bernanke has added to base money supply since the start of the recession, nearly all of it is sitting parked at the Fed as excess reserves.
As you can see, banks have parked close to $1.6 trillion with the Fed earning .25 percent annually.
This is free money to the banks to the tune of $4,000,000,000 per year for doing nothing.
In short, banks would rather have $4 billion in free money at a measly .25 percent than make much more money by lending it out. This indicates two things:
  1. Money Multiplier Theory is nonsense
  2. Banks are still capital impaired and/or banks have no credit-worthy borrowers who wish to borrow money
If and when banks do start lending, it will not be because all those excess reserves have tempted them. Rather it will be because banks feel they have credit-worthy borrowers. 
[BUT!  we would argue, the classic Rotchilds 1800s (and especially Irish Famine, China Opium Wars, and REPRESSED European democratic Revolutions of 1848) model shows;  and American Great Depression economic models suggest, that INCREASING one's OWN wealth & power, by turning millions of American's into poverty stricken debt slaves,  IS the goal of Neo-Feudal, rotchilds style, privately-owned CB economics.] 

In the meantime, debt deflation rolls on, distorted of course by global central bank stimulus everywhere one looks, notably (the Fed, ECB, China, Bank of England) and coming up shortly, the Bank of Japan. (cont'd) 

  [i.e. Debt Deflation rolls on... EVERYWHERE ELSE!  per "Economic Death Squad Leader" little Timmy Geithner's "DEVALUE YOUR CURRENCY... or we will BLOCKADE your economy!" US govt (Treasury) backed Fed Economic Hit Man extortion]

 In short, Ben Beranke is PRINTING BILLIONS (upon trillions) of dollars - which he and his fellow bankers are making sure does NOT  wind up in the working economy that American working men & women need to function so they can earn a living wage paycheck and feed, clothe, and house their families !!

  = FREE MONEY for TREASONOUS  'Fed' banksters - POVERTY, AUSTERITY,  dying from lack of medical care, and  DEBT SLAVERY  for everyone else not directly connected to Mr. Bernanke and his treasonous,  host-nation & world-economy gutting 'Fed' bankers !!!!