Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hillary Clinton _cries_ that the (late) 'United' States is LOSING the global "information wars." Maybe Americans DON'T LIKE BEING IMPOVERISHED by TRILLIONS of taxpayer extorted "bailouts" dollars being given to FAILED, CORRUPT, CONGRESS-BRIBING banksters... and maybe foreign nationals DON'T LIKE BEING INVADED by US armies, or proxy-armies of U.S. & israel hired terrorist mercenaries???

Hillary Clinton CRIES that the (late) 'United' States is LOSING the global "information wars"  as she appears before the U.S. Senate to request $47 billion in State Department funding... to, what...?

  Have the U.S. State Department continue to PROP UP  SAUDI and other Arab Gulf OIL DICTATORS, (much less propping up  the mass-murderously apartheid, blatantly land-grabbing, expansionist jewish war state) 
while trying to start a war with a DEMOCRATICALLY elected (if ruthless) regime in Iran??   
 (all as a mere prelude to the INSANE jewish globalists she works for, wanting to start the "Armageddon" wars - fantasized by jewish media hate-whipped Christian-Zionists -  against CHINA and RUSSIA,  next?!)

  Maybe the RT news host is correct - maybe Hillary and the U.S. government are pimping PROPAGANDA....

Maybe Americans DON'T LIKE BEING IMPOVERISHED by Con-gress and presidents giving tens of  TRILLIONS of "bailouts" dollars to FAILED, corrupt, bankrupt, insolvent, but  CONGRESS-BRIBING  (and corporate press/media owning)  banksters... 

   ...and maybe foreign nationals DON'T LIKE BEING INVADED by US armies, or proxy-armies of U.S. & israel hired terrorist 'private' mercenaries, doing the dirty work for those same failed, bankrupt, insolvent Wall St. & City-of-London (and Tel Aviv) nations-gutting Economic Hit Men, Vulture "disaster capitalists," parasite wealth extractors, and  loan sharking vampires ???

  If  Hillary wants to put lipstick on that pig,  she'd better ask** for DOUBLE that State Dept. budget request!   

 ** note: shouldn't be hard!  For Hillary to arrange a visit with her real paymasters, just instruct her chauffeur to drive her the two blocks from Foggy Bottom (the Washington D.C. location of the State Department building) over to the (so-called) 'Federal' Reserve bank national headquarters on Constitution Ave. 
   With Bernanke's Fed having DEFRAUDED American citizens of over TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS in the past 3 or 4 years (and here)  Hillary asking for double the State Department's requested $47 billion should be no big deal... $100 billion is merely "chump change" to a "good servant" of the 'Fed' Reserve loan-sharking, economy-wrecking, and nations-gutting financial cabal!

 bonus:  Hillary hubby Bill Clinton was being paid $50,000  per month by MF Global CEO Bernie Madoff Jon Corzine... before Corzine REACHED IN TO customers' PRIVATE CASH ACCOUNTS, and STOLE  $1.2 BILLION dollars (handed over to uber- vampire banker New York & London based JP Morgan/Chase & co.)  just before having MF Global declare bankruptcy?! 

     Bill & Hill - always on the take, always getting their slice of the action from the GS & JP Morgan (and other "Federal" Reserve, et al, ad naseum)  banksters... if not directly (as Bill did with the MARCH RICH pardon) from the jewish war state  "American" AIPAC lobby itself....  

Claim: Bill Clinton Collected $50K Per Month From MF Global
Former president's new firm Teneo Strategy was hired to boost Corzine.
by Neil W. McCabe  
William J. Clinton (left) and Jon S. Corzine
A former MF Global employee accused former president William J. Clinton of collecting $50,000 per month through his Teneo advisory firm in the months before the brokerage careened towards its Halloween filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Teneo was hired by MF Global’s former CEO Jon S. Corzine to improve his image and to enhance his connections with Clinton’s political family, said the employee, who asked that his name be withheld because he feared retribution.

“They were supposed to be helping Corzine improve his image as a CEO—I guess you can tell how that went,” he said. Corzine resigned as CEO and chairman November 4.

Before Corzine joined MF Global in May 2010, the firm was a smart and well-run commodities broker, a culture that was turned upside-down by his leadership style, he said.

“The traders would be shaking their heads,” he said. “They would come back to their desk and say, ‘Well, I thought we were going to do this—but Corzine would come by and do something else all by himself,’” he said....

  well,  when  you're a jewish loan shark... backed by the jewish war state and American presidents past & present... you can get away with mass-murder! 
 update:  Hillary crying, and the State Department's $47 billion budget request, apparently, aren't quite enough for the United States to win the propaganda "information" wars...  reports are that the jewish "American" Neo-Cons have LEANED ON  America's puppet ally England, getting the servile Brits to BAN  the Iran funded PressTV from English viewers...   a page right out of der Furher's playbook!