Saturday, January 14, 2012

Courageous journalist and (former) War Correspondent Chris Hedges addresses OCCUPY HARVARD. The elitist trash at Harvard are BEHIND the Rubin, Summers, Paulson, Greenspan, Bernanke (et al) DEMOLITION of the American & European economies; they were BEHIND the Neo-Con LIES-to-WAR of the Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz-Libby-Perle-Feith (et al) illegal U.S. invasion of Iraq; and they are now behind the MOUNTAIN of U.S. military forces, assassinations, and bombings trying to provoke a war against Iran...

Just a quick reminder,
      that  the treacherous, traitorous Elitists at Harvard university
(and at Princeton, Yale, Columbia U., and other Ivy League colleges... but especially at Harvard)
 are GROUND ZERO of the elitist WHITEWASH of all the crimes at the so-called 'Federal' Reserve very private bankers' cartel  ECONOMIC SABOTAGE ASSAULT on the American economy
 (the Rotchilds' style central bankers' "pump and dump" attacks on national economies more familiarly referred to as "currency wars")
   ...AND for the  whitewash of the looming FEMA/dhs police-state + concentration camp state-of-emergency DICTATORSHIP assault on America...

  (that the final collapse of the hyper-inflated Ben Bernanke "judenfetzen" dollar will bring - see here for how the Fed's FIRST desire and impulse is to PRINT MONEY - which they give to their member/owner bankers, and lend to the U.S. and world governments AT INTEREST, 'money' which devalues and debases the savings of all those not part of the Fed's printed-money stream)

   ...AND the vipers nest of Neo-Con appartchiks in and around Harvard are also responsible for the looming U.S. military ATTACK AND INVASION OF IRAN,   the Jewish war state (israel) is chomping at the bit to ILLEGALLY ATTACK IRAN, because they know that once the shooting starts, they will have the ENTIRE United States military and economy backing them up -  just as the Wolfowitz-Libby-Perle-Feith-Wurmser-Zackheim PNAC Neo-Cons got Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and other Republican (and "Democratic") politicians to send the U.S. army to invade Iraq.... 

  Courageous career journalist and war correspondent Chris Hedges addresses OCCUPY HARVARD -
   a terrific one hour+ interview by CSPAN's BookTV monthly "In Depth with one Author" 
-  in particular, Mr. Hedges condemns the sell-out agenda of the "liberal" elites, who often pay no more than  lip-service to economic fairness, economic opportunity, economic justice for finanancially repressed minorities or other social groups
 (including, for example, American homeowners - who have born the brunt of Wall Street's mortgage fraud and financial fraud crisis... even as the Wall St. bankers who perpetrated those frauds, bask in billions-of-dollars of government funded "bailouts" BONUSES, as homeowners get practically no, zero relief at all.)

Harvard University - (wth Larry Summers a recent President, and Bob Rubin still lurking in the background on both the Harvard Board of Directors and as co-Chairman of the CFR - Neo-Con central) -     
 - is GROUND ZERO of the IMPERIAL DICTATORSHIP HEGEMONY, world conquest, and neo-feudal, neo-slavery nuclear armed COLONIAL EXTORTION agenda of America & Europe's Neo-Con elites...

...with the debt-strapped American people (and American military troops - note the appalling SUICIDE RATES among America's uniformed servicemen & women, and veterans)  being regarded as little more than disposable serfs and peons, much as feudal lords would send their knights out to seize the crops and harvests and seed-crop of tenent farmers... leading to starvation of serfs in poor harvest years.


bonus: here's a brief outline of the curriculum that the treacherous "multi-national," both "conservative" and "liberal"  Neo-Con elites operating at Harvard, Yale, Columbia U., Princeton, the other Ivy League universities, and at all American colleges and universities,  in coordination with those same "establishment" elites in Congress, state & local politics; at major press & media outlets, and in big business and finance...  DO NOT want American students learning or discussing:  the real, actual foundations of the entire U.S. money supply;  fractional reserve banking;  the role of PRIVATELY OWNED CENTRAL BANKS as WEALTH EXTRACTORS sitting OVER and ABOVE a nation's entire social, industrial, political, and financial system; and the ability of those who print FIAT MONEY to over-run and overwhelm every productive sector of a vulnerable nation's functioning, productive economy: 
  • A History Of Central Banks and Their Motives;
  • How Money is Created, How the Monetary System Operates, & The True Definition of Money;
  • The Real Definition of Inflation
  • How to Properly Interpret “Official” Government Key Economic Indicators;
  • How to Interpret Publicly Released Corporate Earnings Statements;
  • How Bankers Have Shaped World Thought Through Academia & Media;
  • Understanding Fractional Reserve Banking;
  • Understanding Austrian v Keynesian Economics;
  • The Real Story Behind the Efficient Market Hypothesis & Diversification Strategies;
  • The Monetary History & Investment Value of Silver; and
  • The Monetary History & Investment Value of Gold
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