Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Obama's BETRAYALS by-the-numbers: one broken, smashed, demolished campaign pledge after another Document the RADICAL RIGHT-WING, financial fraud & economic larceny; and expanding police-state rule, and evisceration of America's Constitution presidency of Barack Obama...

In the below (youtube) video, "Obama by the numbers," the video producers do a fantastic job of demonstrating, by EVERY ONE of HIS OWN CAMPAIGN PLEDGES,  Barack Obama is a boldfaced, shameless liar... who prefers golf and vacations, to immersing himself in the life-sustaining, bill paying nightmare  of America's working-class, middle-class, and poor famili

  And it is NO mystery as to who the architects of this disgraceful American economy gutting, American rights gutting, American Constitution trashing agenda are: they are the NEO-CON, radical right-wing, "Off, by and for the financial swindlers & bankers"... the "of, by and for the war lobby" ARCHITECTS of EXPANDING American wars who were the real setters of policy and course in the first 2+ years of the Obama presidency. 

   This Democratic voters' nightmare,  this trail of disgracefully broken promises by President and 'leaders' of the hijacked "Democratic" Party  is only half the story, however, for Mr. Obama has CODEFIED, INSTITUTIONALIZED, and blunted opposition -  or even discussion - of those DRACONIAN POLICE-STATE laws that have, effectively, DEMOLISHED America's civil freedoms and Constitutional rights. 
 For those who grew up in the era when police were required to "read an arrested suspect his Miranda rights" - the right not to talk to police, the right  not to incriminate one's self;   the right to a lawyer, and the right to let one's family know they had been arrested - ARE NOW NULL AND VOID in the America of the  disgraceful, solemn pledge-breaking Mr. Barack Obama.