Monday, January 2, 2012

The ESF, the U.S. Treasury's "Exchange STABILIZATION Fund" - ostensibly set up to "stabilize" the dollar, is actually a ginormous, Rotchilds' style titanic "Pump... and DUMP" SLUSH FUND, that REWARDS FRIENDS, and DESTROYS enemies, of the elites who rule the U.S. financial system...

hat-tip to ZeroHedge
 for posting the below exceptional video(s) on how the U.S. Treasury Department's ESF,
 the "Exchange Stabilization Fund" is actually a titanic, ginormous, Rotchilds style "Pump... And DUMP" slush-fund created  to reward friends, and punish designated 'enemies,' of the elites who rule the U.S. financial system.
(hint: "the elites" who are comprised mainly of the allies, fronts, subsidiaries, accomplices, partners, appartchiks, and especially co-religionists of that of that same multi-nation, globe dominating,  privately owned, government's bribing, economies wrecking, nations gutting financial dynasty we just mentioned.)

 We've been meaning to address the vast propaganda misinformation and delusion that pervades America society,  American culture, and the American public's consciousness today about "free markets" and so-called "free market CAPITALISM," but it is a daunting task we've put off for months.

  The below exceptional video does much of the work for us - pointing out that the US Treasury, via its titanic ESF slush-funds that are not overseen by Congress (much less the feeble courts), can move entire global markets overnight (for example, by "dumping" a stash of a foriegn currency on global markets in such a way as to incite panic in that currency - much as George Soros and his cabal of naked short manipulators "broke" the English pound on 'Black Wednesday," 1992)  - or simply,  by pouring tens of millions of dollars into the political war-chest of a foreign country's election campaigns,  to swing those election in the direction favored by America's ruling elite...  or by funding OSS (now) CIA "black ops" SABOTAGE efforts to DESTROY another country's elected government, union powers, or (almost invariably) any restraints on the global financial money-movers ability to squeeze the wealth out of nations, and dump that wealth into privately owned, unaccountable accounts.
(Indeed, in our example of George Soros & syndicate "breaking" the English pound sterling currency... while the ESF may not have actively particpated in the sabotage-destruction of England's currency... they could CERTAINLY have FORESTALLED that predatory, parasitic currency attack,  by simply buying pounds sterling, and calling Soros' panic-inciting bluff... which would have driven Soros & co. into insolvency.) 

video segment 3, alone, is so informative, as to bear repeated viewing, just to let all the concepts (and ESF market manipulation tactics) sink in, so we will post without further comment at this time, except to note  that anyone who thinks an economy where FAVORED ACTORS can receive - in complete secrecy - TENS upon HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars in government/Fed money, while others are starved of funding (or see direct sabotage of their efforts) - is delusional - these are hardly the operations of "free markets."