Monday, December 12, 2011

Obama again reveals himself to be a pathetic, puppet, owned-by-bankers joke: Complains that he NEEDS NEW LAWS, to PUNISH FRAUD on Wall St. that is killing America's economy!

 In the sad spectacle, the grotesque farce that America has become under the treacherous impact of the Wall Street financial swindlers + Neo-Con war-lobby appartchiks,   America's grossly incompetent president, Barack Obama, has been trying to score campaign points by pledging (to any clueless and deluded followers who still listen to him) that he will "seek stronger penalties for Wall St. fraud." 

   AS IF the president of the United States is without other means to penalize and punish the fraudsters who are ruining America's economy!

    IS IT POSSIBLE that anyone with a degree from Harvard Law school, could be so ignorant, so grossly  incompetent, so stupid that they could not research how the Feds, SEC & DoJ prosecutors,  HOUNDED MARTHA STEWART, tried her, convicted her, and sentenced her to prison... for the (alleged) "crime" of selling, "dumping" $55,000 worth of ImClone stock on an "insider tip" - but what they actually convicted Ms. Stewart of, was "lying to federal investigators"?!

     In one paragraph, we just explained how America's president could save hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs from re-writing and (trying to) passing legislation... simply put those FRAUDULENT New York, Wall Street financial swindlers on the stand, make them plead the fifth, and catch them in their own lies and swindles. 

   The fact that Mr. Obama pretends not to notice or know how to use the heavy-hand of US government prosecutions, simply indicates that HE IS A SWINDLER - he is lying to our faces, PRETENDING to want to enforce financial laws, while ENABLING (more!) FRAUD.

  IS IT even POSSIBLE that a HARVARD damned law school graduate, could think for even a moment, that the Federal Government of the United States is powerless to prevent or prosecute cases of fraudulent market activities??! 

If so, they should shut that damned law school down... for perpertating fraud!
 (Just as Harvard Business school conferred a passing grade on incompetent student George W. Bush.)