Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cenk Uygur Blasts Tea Party for No Longer PROTESTING BANK BAILOUTS - WHERE is Cenk's *Outrage* against the INSANELY CORRUPT Barack OBAMA White House ?!!

Cenk Uygur blasts Republicans - but NOT  Obama Democrats! - for sucking up legal bribe "campaign donations" from the criminally fraudulent, failed, insolvent,  bankrupt (but for "bailouts"), con-gress bribing, economy trashing bankers...

Above picture, a screen-shot from Cenk's show today, illustrating how much money Republican "Tea Party" Freshman Con-gressmen have taken in LEGAL BRIBES "campaign donations" from the "Big 5" failed, insolvent, fraudulently run, bankrupt (but for "bailouts") banks...  Citi-bank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan-Chase, and Goldman Sachs -
...but Cenk NEGLECTS to mention, that OBAMA and the "Democrat" Con-gress critters & senators are TAKING EVEN MORE, far more money from the same , economy-killing, Treasury looting, industry outsourcing, fraud pushing, homeowners defrauding, shylock debt lords - this is a terrible ommission, worthy of FOX 'news' at its worst! 
  In particular,  Cenk asks "Why are the Tea Party NOT PROTESTING IN FRONT OF THE TREASURY and [Treasury Secretary] TIM GIETHNER's HOUSE?!" - 

  Mr. Uygur is absolutely correct,   Tim Geithner is GROUND ZERO for VAST  FINANCIAL CRIMES and MARKET  FRAUDS  being perpetrated  against American citizens, consumers, savers, investors, retirees, and pensioners (and workers whose jobs are dependent on a stable and non-fraudulent economic system) -

 - so why is Mr. Uygur not blasting THE SOURCE of this horrendous IN YOUR FACE CORRUPTION -  

  President Barack Obama himself, who put Geithner in office (and re-nominated ECONOMY WRECKING Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke for a new, 2nd term early in Obama's presidency); 

   ...Obama  who could  demand that little "economic death squad leader" Timmy Geithner submit his resignation at a moment's notice?!   
May 22, 2012 -   Cenk slams tea party for being ‘sell-outs,’ ‘hypocrites’ and ‘frauds’ who now protect bankers; especially ‘tea party whore’ Rethuglican Con-gressman Joe Walsh   
         chart heading: "Tea Party Freshmen BANKROLLED by BIG BANKS" - BAILOUTS recipients!

 It's a shame that Mr. Uygur doesn't allow us to embed this terrific video in our (this) blog - you will have to click the link to his own web-page to watch the video... but he is absolutely correct, the insanely corrupt bankers, using bribes and "we will crash the economy if you don't give us money!" extortion,  use their "FREE MONEY FROM TAXPAYER CHUMPS" to BRIBE our Con-gress critters... an endless loop of American economy gutting financial corruption and the corrupting of our laws and government.