Friday, May 25, 2012

Does Barack Obama's insane, blatant, in-your-face CORRUPTION, rise to the level of TREASON ??

   In yet another example - two examples in one day - of Barack Obama being nothing but the hired puppet face for the Neo-Con (jewish warmongers + jewish treasury looting, economy trashing financiers - who in combination require a constant propaganda regime to justify their police state, one-party dictatorship) coup d'etat   hijacking of America,  we have Obama's SEC and 'Justice'  Department WHITEWASHING VAST CRIMINAL FRAUDS at Lehman Brothers,  right out of the news and American public conscience.
  Lehman Bros. the  New York Jewish financial house whose bankruptcy precipitated the September 2008 market meltdown, and (then Treasury Secretary) Hank Paulson's extortion of   $700 billion  in "TARP"  bailouts (from Nancy Pelosi's 110th Con-gress)     for the banks - followed immediately (within the week) by (then  so-called 'Federal' Reserve very privately owned banking cabal  New York branch President) 

  ...little Timmy Geithner  effectively DOUBLING  Paulson's extortion of Pelosi's 110th Con-gress,  Geithner quietly dishing out another  $630 billion in  printed-out-of-thin-air "money" via the back-door of the NY Fed  to those failed, bankrupt, insolvent, loan-sharking, fraud-perpetrating,
Con-gress.presidents, and ratings agencies bribing  bankers in  the form of  "LIQUIDITY INJECTIONS" in the week of October 2008, alone....

    - which approximatley 1.3+  TRILLION dollars is actually only the tip of the iceberg of  some $20,000,000,000,000  -  twenty+ trillion dollars - that the New York banks, Wall Street hedge funds, and the corrupt Fed banksters have DEFRAUDED  out of American taxpayers, consumers, citizens, workers, and our U.S. Treasury over the past 4 years - with Barack Obama as insanely corrupt "give me a billion dollars in legal bribe 'campaign donations,'  I  will pretend not to notice TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS you banksters have extorted out of the American public and Treasury" 
 "NEW GEORGE W. BUSH  FRONT MAN" for this blatant Neo-Con bankster extortion of American taxpayers, and SABOTAGE of our economy. 

    In a related story,  this blog may soon be CENSORED by  Mr. "Big Brother" Obama and his ruthless, death-squads &  torture-prisons running Neo-Con appartchiks, includiing the treasonous "ISRAEL UBER America"   White House Chief of Staff Jacob Lew; Obama's STAZI/kgb/gestapo-esque "spy on American peons" surveillance  CZAR Cass Sunstein, and the other traitorous Neo-Con appartchiks deeply embedded in the U.S. government,    as this story from Australia shows:

      Neither Mr. Obama, nor any of the Neo-Con puppet politicians in power ANYWHERE in the late, "democratic" countries of the Western world,  have ANY RESPECT for freedom of speech, or any other Constitutional or human  rights:   they all  take their orders from the insanely genocidal Neo-Con jewish supremacist war lobby.    They are all hired, racist, traitor, sell-out pigs.

  Hundreds of years of Western progress have reverted to the "DIVINE RIGHT OF BRONZE AGE KINGS" mentality from which the horrid, relentlessly genocidal  jewish bible, and jewish supremacist religion, both came from.    
Praised by Barack Obama as a model for the world, Australia’s highly unpopular carbon tax, set to take effect from July 1st, is set to be policed by laws which forbid business owners from criticizing it for causing price rises – with thought criminals who do so under threat of being hit with huge fines of over $1 million dollars - article link -
“SHOPS and restaurants could face fines up to $1.1 million if waiters or sales staff wrongly blame the carbon tax for price rises or exaggerate the impact,” reports the Daily Telegraph....  (cont'd)  

  As we have said 1,000 times, the Neo-Cons are the Jewish financiers  (millionaires & billionaires) financed war lobby;
  through bribery, extortion, and propaganda  the Neo-Cons RULE _EVERY_  government  of the formerly "democratic" west, and they have not the least bit of respect for democracy, human rights, freedom of speech, freedom from torture, or freedom from arbitrary arrest, seizure, and extra-judicial killings (i.e. Gestapo/KGB style murder & assassinations) - they are INSANELY DRUNK ON POWER, on their ability to use their printed-out-of-thin-air "Fed" money to either BRIBE POLITICIANS or  SABOTAGE economies - and they are completely contemptuous of the citizens in whatever country it is they rule by bribery, extortion, terror, and proxy, whether the late "United" States,  Australia, England, Italy, Greece, Germany,  or even Canada - the ISRAEL MODEL of an APARTHEID, SEGREGATED, warmongering POLICE STATE MASQUERADING as a "popular democracy" is the new model for the entire conquered, subjugated, occupied, and bled-white West,  with Mr. Obama's treacherous,  Constitution-gutting  kisses & blessings.... 

 Below: Barack Obama's INSANELY CORRUPT Treasury Department, 'Justice' Department, SEC, and CFTC, find  NO WRONGDOING in the  TITANIC FRAUD ACCOUNTING that led up to Lehman Brothers 2008 bankruptcy...

 ...face it, America,  YOUR GOVERNMENT "REGULATORY" and oversight AGENCIES are as USELESS, CORRUPT, and vampire predatory,  as are the Moody's and  S&P  RATINGS AGENCIES which stamped all of Lehman's SH*T "securities" underwriting as A+++ in the weeks & months before the fraudulently run company went bankrupt !! 

[Obama's] SEC Staff Ends Probe of Lehman WITHOUT FINDING FRAUD !!!!
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission investigators have concluded their probe of possible financial fraud at Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. without recommending enforcement action against the firm or its former executives, according to an excerpt of an internal agency memo.

 SEC Staff Said to End Lehman Probe Without Recommending Action

Lawmakers and investors have pressed the agency for more than three years to determine whether Lehman misrepresented its financial health before filing the biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history in September 2008.
   Under a heading reading “Activity in Last Four Weeks,” the undated document reads, “The staff has concluded its investigation and determined that charges will likely not be recommended.”  (cont'd