Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Treasonous Neo-Con DICTATORSHIP agenda accelerates in the United States & Canada, by the OUTLAWING of PUBLIC PROTESTS, and by the POLICE CONFISCATION of private property - even bail money raised by families of arrested defendants -

 In America today, the police are increasingly joining their political (and our financial) "leaders"  in acting like criminal thugs, and they now have license to  terrorize  the American citizens they are nominally here "to protect and to serve."    

This disaster to American society has become so outrageous,  that former Reagan Administration Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts - a calm, restrained, long retired senior Republican government official who is by no means a police-hating anarchist or "flaming liberal" -  has written:

"In the U.S. the police have proven themselves to be a greater threat to public safety than private sector criminals."

 In what is becoming an alliance of MURDEROUS THUGS,  America's police departments have signed on to America's  Jewish Neo-Con  "israel UBER America" politicians, and their armies of hired, bribed, extorted, and subjugated politicians, corrupt officials, and lying corporate press/media (and bailed out Wall Street whores and financial debt pushers)  who have declared American citizens, and the American public, to be no more than serfs... 

 ...American citizens are now no more than peons, indentured servants, wage slaves, and cannon fodder (for the ever increasing Jewish Wars overseas, and now right in our own cities)  who have NO RIGHTS in the face of  POLICE POWERS to ARREST, SEARCH, SEIZE, confiscate...and, far too often, brutalize, and even kill, innocent American citizens. 

This first headline, below, is not a happenstance outrage:  IT IS THE CENTERPIECE of the treasonous Neo-Con agenda, to OUTLAW AMERICAN and Canadian public protest and  democracy,  to institutionalize the Neo-Con, Jewish war lobby hijacking of the late "Democratic" and Republican Parties,  so voters, having no where to turn to express their outrage in the voting booth,  will be outlawed from taking to the streets to express their outrage at our bought off, sold out, treasonous politicians, and their enabling of titanic, wholesale fraud, theft, and extortion in our critical financial markets:  
  Police State Law Banning Protest Leads to Violence in Montreal 
May 21, 2012  - Following the adoption of legislation by the government of Quebec to roll back civil liberties and prevent students from protesting against tuition hikes, Montreal experienced two nights of violence over the weekend. Three hundred people were arrested on Sunday night. 
Clearly, the politicians who OUTLAW PUBLIC PROTEST,  in Canada or the United States, are TRAITORS, who take money from a foreign power (the Jewish war lobby, and their armies of corrupted, compromised, bailed-out and bought-off  bankers & financiers)  in order to CRIMINALIZE their nation's own Constitutional provisions for free speech, civil rights, human rights, and that real core of democracy, a fair chance at participation in the economic wealth of a nation.
  And, sadly, the above horrendous article - Quebec's traitorous  politicians OUTLAWING PUBLIC PROTEST - is only the tip of the iceberg of the metastasizing NEO-CON CANCER  invading, poisoning, and destroying the body politic in America and Canada, as these below horrendous examples of  a POLICE STATE DICTATORSHIP - in all cases, BACKED UP BY TREASONOUS JUDGES and the entire "criminal justice system" and whitewashed by the corporate media,  illustrate:   
Officials Confiscate Cash and Property — for No Reason
New American
When George Reby was pulled over for speeding in Putnam County, Tennessee, little did he know it was going to cost him $22,000 despite never being charged with a crime.
Under Asset Forfeiture Law, Wisconsin Cops Confiscate Families' Bail Money
When the Brown County, Wis., Drug Task Force arrested her son Joel last February, Beverly Greer started piecing together his bail.

She used part of her disability payment and her tax return. Joel Greer's wife also chipped in, as did his brother and two sisters. On Feb. 29, a judge set Greer's bail at $7,500, and his mother called the Brown County jail to see where and how she could get him out. "The police specifically told us to bring cash," Greer says. "Not a cashier's check or a credit card. They said cash."

So Greer and her family visited a series of ATMs, and on March 1, she brought the money to the jail, thinking she'd be taking Joel Greer home. But she left without her money, or her son.

Instead jail officials called in the same Drug Task Force that arrested Greer. A drug-sniffing dog inspected the Greers' cash, and about a half-hour later, Beverly Greer said, a police officer told her the dog had alerted to the presence of narcotics on the bills -- and that the police department would be confiscating the bail money.

"I told them the money had just come from the bank," Beverly Greer says. "We had just taken it out. If the money had drugs on it, then they should go seize all the money at the bank, too. I just don't understand how they could do that."

The Greers had been subjected to CIVIL ASSET FORGEITURE,  a [DICTATORIAL POLICE STATE]  policy that lets police confiscate money and property even if they can only loosely connect them to drug activity. The cash, or revenue from the property seized, often goes back to the coffers of the police department that confiscated it. It's a policy critics say is often abused, but experts told The HuffPost that the way the law is applied to bail money in Brown County is exceptionally unfair. 
It took four months for Beverly Greer to get her family's money back, and then only after attorney Andy Williams agreed to take their case. "The family produced the ATM receipts proving that had recently withdrawn the money," Williams says. "Beverly Greer had documentation for her disability check and her tax return. Even then, the police tried to keep their money."

and finally for today's post, but by no means the end of this horrendous chapter of the criminal, treasonous, Neo-Con sabotage assault on America:    
by Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of Treasury to the United States, Reagan administration
Prisonplanet.com,  May 21, 2012
The US financial system and, probably, the financial system of Europe, like the police, no longer serves a useful social purpose.
In the US the police have proven themselves to be a greater threat to public safety than private sector criminals. I just googled “police brutality” and up came 183,000,000 results.
  (Here are two recent brutal assaults, one deadly, by police on hapless individuals: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2012/05/kelly-thomas-video-dad-they-are-killing-me-.html
http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article31364.htm )
The cost to society of the private financial system is even higher. Writing in CounterPunch (May 18), Rob Urie reports that two years ago Andrew Haldane, executive Director for Financial Stability at the Bank of England (the UK’s version of the Federal Reserve) said that the financial crisis, now four years old, will in the end cost the world economy between $60 trillion and $200 trillion in lost GDP. If Urie’s report is correct, this is an astonishing admission from a member of the ruling elite. http://www.counterpunch.org/2012/05/18/the-true-costs-of-bank-crises/print

Try to get your mind around these figures. The US GDP, the largest in the world, is about 15 trillion. What Haldane is telling us is that the financial crisis will end up costing the world lost real income between 4 and 13 times the size of the current Gross Domestic Product of the United States. This could turn out to be an optimistic forecast.

In the end, [this treasonous,  Neo-Con  "DEREGULATION" driven]  financial crisis could destroy Western civilization...  (cont'd)