Friday, August 10, 2007

BETRAYAL: 2007 marks the Summer of Democratic Leadership BETRAYAL of America....

2007 marks the summer of Democratic 'leadership' BETRAYAL of America. To see the ARROGANCE and SCORN of this betrayal, one need only have seen the four senators in the Dem presidential debate at Soldier Field in Chicago this past week, held in sponsorship with the AFL-CIO and other unions, and moderated by Keith Olbermann of MSNBC's "Countdown" news show. 'Countdown' the _only_ honest major news show in all of the "major media," and Mr. Olbermann did an excellent job of moderating the debate, keeping the candidates on-message and moving, with the one exception we are about to note here.

Senator Barak Obama, the only senator of the four on state (Biden, Hillary, Dodd) to have actively opposed the war authorization resolution in Congress in the spring of 2003, had made comments that if he had "actionable intelligence" on the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden hiding out in western Pakistan (along the mountainous and violent Afghan border) that he, as president, would authorize US strikes and infantry action to capture the Al Qaida leader. IN UNISON, the other three Senators GANGED UP ON OBAMA, to say "talking about ATTACKING al Qaida in AFGHANISTAN IS DANGEROUS, it could push the fundamentalist ('Islamists') in Pakistan who sympathize with the Taliban and al Qaida to overthrow Musharaff and seize Pakistan's nuclear arsenal!"

Which IS a VALID POINT. However, the LARGER POINT IS THAT, in the SIX LONG YEARS since 9-11, NONE OF THE COWARDLY DEMCORATIC LEADERS have HELD GEORGE W. Bush to his "get Osama dead or alive" pledge!

HOW THE HELL could George W. Bush and Dick Cheney START A WAR AGAINST IRAQ, by touting Iraq's ALLEGED TIES TO AL QAIDA - and then do NOTHING to root out the real Al Qaida which has been operating UNMOLESTED in Western Pakistan?

Clearly, the Demcoratic "leadership" - in the form of Biden, Dodd, Hillary, Speaker Pelosi, and other Senior Demcorats - are trying to RAMROD HILLARY's CANDIDACY down Democratic voters' throats, just as the DLC elite previously RAMMED JOHN KERRY's "it's all about my experience in Vietnam" candidacy down Dem voters' throats in 2004!

And THAT isn't even the BETRAYAL we are highlighting today! Which would be Senator Biden smuggly answering a question, "Senator Biden, you SAY you SUPPORT UNIONS, but your state is a union-busting 'Right to Work' state?"

Biden's smug reply: "Yes, Delaware is a Right-to-work state, but I have been voting with the unions for my whole career in the senate."

Let's get this straight: An established, entrenched, incumbent, and powerful senator from a SMALL STATE, a state which through its two senators has disproportionate power in Congress compared to its citizen rolls, CLAIMS that he is qualified to BE A LEADER - to be THE PRESIDENT of the United States - but he admits that he is POWERLESS to give the workforce of a relatively small, urban, progressive, and wealthy state the protections of unionization that other states have enjoyed for decades stretching back to the 1930s?

Senator Biden isn't really fit to be the Secretary of Dogcatchers! (Randi Rhodes on her "liberal" talk radio show pointed out that both Biden and Dodd don't really harbor presidential aspirations, but in helping Hillary's campaign as unindicted co-conspirators, they may hope to land a position as secretary of state or other post in her cabinet.) Just to emphasize the point, Biden took his reply to a woman who LOST HER HUSBAND in the SAGO MINE ACCIDENT (she inquired why NOTHING in the way of SAFETY REFORM has come about since the miners were killed there in Janaury of 2007) - and, IGNORING THE WOMAN, shifted his answer back to defending his Democratic senate colleagues, LECTURING the assembled audience that the US Senate had indeed AUTHORIZED USE OF FORCE to capture Al Qaida, even if they were in Afghanistan.

SENATOR BIDEN, YOU GOT YOUR SOUND-BITE IN: but the BIGGER QUESTION IS, "WHY HAVE YOU COWERING SENATE DEMOCRATS _given_ George W. Bush a _FREE PASS_ for _NOT_ CAPTURING bin Laden all these BILLIONS and BILLIONS and BILLIONS of US taxpayer dollars later, and 4,000 military Iraq war deaths later? (Much less the 20,000/30,000 grossly wounded American servicemen and women.)

The above is only ONE of the Democratic BETRAYALS of the Summer of 2007. TREE other huge Democratic BETRAYALS this summmer are REFUSING TO IMPEACH Attorney General Alberto Gonzales; then HANDING Mr. Bush and his Attorney General carte blanche to SPY ON ALL AMERICANS; and then REFUSING to TIE TOGETHER Purge-gate, the Libby OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE _conviction_, and the efforts of KARL ROVE to CRIMINALIZE Demcoratic voters and vote-registration activists.

FOR SHAME, Speaker Pelosi! You are following in the footsteps of the DERELICIONT