Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Democrats FAIL to Hold Bush Accountable for dismal Katrina - New Orleans redevelopment debacle...

In one of the textbook examples of Democratic Party COMPLICITY with the corruption and incompetence of the Bush administration, Democrats in Washington DC are practically VOICELESS at expressing OUTRAGE over the CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT rebuilding and redevelopment efforts in New Orleans following the August 2005 disaster when rains from Hurricane Katrina weakened the levees - the FEDERAL LEVEES - around New Orleans and burst those levees, drowning huge swaths of the city. The Democratic "leaders" in the Senate have YET TO APOLOGIZE to American taxpayers for ALLOWING the CONFIRMATION of Republican crony Michael Brown - "Heckuva job, Brownie" to be the nation's FEMA Director - Brown having NEVER HAD ANY DISASTER EXPERIENCE.

HOW could such an unqualified HACK become the director of the nation's multi-billion dollar civilian disaster relief organization?

answer: BECAUSE OF DEMOCRATIC "leadership" NEGLIGENCE if not corruption and Dereliction of Duty, the abject FAILURE of Democrats to FILIBUSTER the Brown nomination to be the Director of FEMA, despite is gross lack of qualification!

Anger, sadness mark Katrina anniversary
By Cain Burdeah, Associated Press Writer
August 28, 2007;_ylt=AugfsH8g9z9dqyViOsOqXCKs0NUE

NEW ORLEANS - On the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, anger over the stalled rebuilding was palpable throughout a city where the mourning for the dead and feeling of loss for flooded homes, schools, snow cone stands, old-time hairstylists and hardware stores doesn't seem to subside...