Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Demcrat "leaders" do NOTHING to reverse "PRIVATIZATION" of US military, giving life-and-death powers to MERCENARIES in war zone...

Make no mistake: the Democratic "leadership," which is to say the inside-the-beltway Democrats, are doing NEXT TO NOTHING to CONFRONT and slow-down the relentless Bush-Cheney administration attempts to PRIVATIZE functions that for 2 centuries Americans assumed were part of the US military:
<< Taking private enterprise way beyond what is reasonable, or desirable, or safe, the CheneyBush Administration has turned over a huge raft of national-security functions to those not adequately trained, not accountable to the public or the law, not showing up on the political radar.

In short, CheneyBush have created what amounts to their own private legions — soldiers, intelligence analysts, security guards, construction experts, supply specialists, et al. — in effect, a “mercenary” force bought and paid for by the American taxpayer. >>

Indeed, regarding Iraq and the Bush-Cheney occupation of that country, Democrats in Congress - and on the campaign trail - are now jumping on the "COUP! - REMOVE MALAKI!" bandwagon, once again carrying water for the latest Bush/neo-con dreams of expanded occupation and imposition of a neo-colonial "anschloss," or seizure, of the real levers of Iraq's power and economic resources (oil).
It is, once again, a FULL-COURT PRESS of the same characters who got us into the Iraq war in the first place: the Bush-Cheney administration and Republicans in Congress; the war-cheerleading corporate media, and Democrat "leaders" such as Dick Durbin, Pattrick Leahy, Joe Biden, Kent Conrad, and others, who believe that "bipartisanship" on Capital Hill is MORE IMPORTANT than providing America with a GENUINE OPPOSITION PARTY regarding the gross failures and criminal corrupton of the Bush-Cheney administration.