Saturday, August 11, 2007

Maddam Speaker, FEAR, TREACHERY, and BETRAYAL are the hallmarks of YOUR 'Democratic' Congress....

Dear Madam Speaker:
(California Representative Nancy Pelosi, currently the Speaker of the House, which is to say the leader of the 110th Congress, the Speaker being more powerful than either the House Majority Leader of the House Minority Leader:

I regret to inform you of this, but seven months into the 110th Congress - YOUR Congress, the Congress that you took over the gavel for - your leadership is now synonymous with FEAR, TREACHERY, BETRAYAL... and cowardice. Our own "snapshot" definition of cowardice is "failing to act or do something required because FEAR makes one freeze, flinch, or turn away."

WHICH IS THE DEFINING ATTRIBUTE of the 110th Congress,and therefore of Speaker Pelosi's term in that office.

MUST WE put up a citation to support our contention? Well, here is one, from perhaps the most experienced (and certainly the most independent) of all the writers in the entire Washington Press Corps:

<< WASHINGTON -- President Bush has the Democrats' number on Capitol Hill. All he has to do is play the fear card and invoke the war on terror and they will cave.
What's more, the president has found out that he can break the law and the rubber stamp Democratic Congress will give him a pass every time. >>

That quote was by HELEN THOMAS, the most senior and experience correspondent in Washington, and by no means a "lefty firebrand" except that, in reporting the obvious, she puts herself at odds with 9/10ths of her press corps colleagues, and 90% of the Democratic 'leadership.'

Did you get that, Madam Speaker? << the president has found out that he can break the law and THE RUBBER STAMP Democratic Congress will give him a pass every time. >>

MADAM SPEAKER, you are now NO MORE THAN A RUBBER STAMP for CRIMINAL CONDUCT by the executive office of the United States government!

Here's ANOTHER citation along the same lines: Ken Silverstein dissects Washington Post writers Michael Tomasky and E.J. Dionne's columns "WHY THE DEMOCRATS CAVED," not only to letting the Attorney General committ PERJURY in full view of the world, but then the Democratic "leadership" BACKTRACKING, and RETROACTIVELY MAKING LEGAL the subject for which Mr. Gonzales LIED UNDER OATH.

And finally there is the 3rd great element of the HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS that the Congressional Democrats are RUBBER STAMPING for the Bush-Cheney White House: the PURGING of US Attorneys, in order to put partisan US Attorneys in office, partisan prosecutors WILLING TO MAKE FALSE criminal CHARGES against DEMOCRATIC voter registration activists.

Madam Speaker, the ATTORNEY GENERAL and members of the White House have LIED UNDER OATH about the illegal "outing" of an undercover CIA agent to INTIMIDATE and smear whistleblowers and future whistleblowers; the OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE of that case WON President Bush RE-ELECTION TO THE WHITE HOUSE (agaisnt the somnolent Kerry campaign) in 2004; all the while the White House was conducting ILLEGAL ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE of American homes and telecommunications; and in the aftermath of the Democratic sweep in 2006, the White House fired - "purged" COMPETENT US Attorneys, to replace them with those who would make PERJUROUS ACCUSATIONS and criminal cases against INNOCENT AMERICANS! And now, because of the DERELICTION OF DUTY of the Democratic "opposition" leadership, it is now up to the fired US attorneys to defend themselves - going against the Goliath of the Bush administration's control of the ENTIRE US GOVERNMENT, with the cowardly "opposition" party RUBBER STAMPING CRIMES!!

MADAM SPEAKER, THIS is YOUR LEGACY OF BETRAYAL - you know OWN the SELLING OUT of American citizens harmed by this Bush administration.

#1. The Cost of Caving
BY Ken Silverstein

#2. Department of Justice Fired Officials FIGHTING BACK -
[something the COWARDLY DEMOCRATS WON'T DO!]by Lisa Lerer
After months of scandal, firings and some testimony from Gonzales that many on Capitol Hill found wholly unsatisfying, these ex-Justice Department employees are taking a rare step and fighting back.

#3. Democratic "leadership" CAVES IN AGAIN,
RUBBER STAMPING LAW-BREAKING by the Bush-Cheney White House
by Helen Thomas