Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cry-Baby Obama & his Neo-Con Rubin Minions (Emanuel, Summers, Gensler, Geithner, Kagan, etc.) Complain that "LIBERAL BLOGGERS" are to blame for the DISGUST that Millions of Americans feel for the FRAUDULENT "Of, by, and For Goddamn-Sachs" so-called "Change" administration...

 What a CRYBABY! 
  What a delusional, arrogant, self-important dauphin.  

  President Obama and his subservient sidekick, Vice President Biden,  have done the impossible:  they have single-handedly grabbed "credit" for George W. Bush's  entire disastrous presidency and agenda, and PAINTED the  "Democratic" Party with "credit" for those policy atrocities and their  disastrous consequences.
    Washington (D.C.) inside-the-beltway "journalistic"   hack and Neo-Con courtier  Bob Woodward even  published a book this month,  titled, and calling,  Bush, Cheney's,  and the PNAC Neo-Con's disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan "OBAMA's WARS."

Washington Post  Neo-Con warmonger Bob Woodward's  Washington Post (Neo-Con) "hit" piece  on "Democrats" -  Way to go,  President  "Change" !!!   YOU have ALLOWED the New York & D.C. Neo-Cons (the American arm of Netanyahu's Israel "Likud" war-party)  to PAINT  DEMOCRATS with the BLAME, for  BUSH, CHENEY, and the  Wolfowitz-Perle-Feith-Libby-Lieberman-Netanyahu Neo-Con's  disastrous wars!!     The clueless Biden and Obama, are HELPING the treacherous Neo-Cons DESTROY the Democratic Party.
The CONSISTENCY and CONTINUATION of   BUSH & CHENEY's DESPISED  polcies is even more transparent in  Obama's  ECONOMIC policies -  he even has two of  President George W. Bush's FAILED  ECONOMIC HACKS -  Bush's NY Fed President Timmy Geithner, and Bush's Fed Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke,  leading his, Obama's, so-called "Democratic" economic policies!!
 (Obama's stupidly selected Geithner - the man who wrote the checks for Paulson & Bernanke's Sept. 2008 "bailouts" to Wall Street, including a September 2008 "liquidity injection" giveaway to the Big Bankers  that nearly DOUBLED the $700 billion T.A.R.P.  "bailout" that Hank Paulson begged & extorted from Nancy Pelosi - for... TREASURY SECRETARY! and just as stupidly, Obama selected "there is NO housing bubble" Ben Bernanke for ANOTHER economy-killing  term as Fed Chairman.) 
  THIS ISN'T CHANGE -  IT IS MORE of Bush & Cheney's  RADICAL RIGHT-WING ECONOMIC LARCENY,   now under  the arrogant and treacherous Obama,  ON STEROIDS of the DIRECT EXTORTION of the American middle class, to provide TRILLIONS of dollars  in DIRECT PAYMENTS to the wealthy (and their bankers), via Obama & Pelosi's  NO OVERSIGHT "bailouts" -  somewhere between  three-  and twenty TRILLION taxpayer dollars that Mr. Obama has GIVEN away to  his "Goddamn-Sachs & JP Morgan-Chase uber alles"  financial swindler friends.    

  We have  copies  of  some Obama 2008 campaign flyers,  one paragraph in one flyer says "Barack Obama was raised by a single mom and his grandparents, and worked his way through college with loans and part-time jobs."   Since becoming president, Barack Obama has done NOTHING  for single moms, college students, and America's working families (much less, heavens forbid, minorities and  the working poor) except possibly to extend unemployment insurance for a dozen months and dish out a few paltry billion dollars in "stimulus" spending. (Which "stimulus" spending, needless to say, the Emanuel-Summers-GoddamnSachs crew made sure that BIG FINANCE got the first, and biggest, cut, just as they made Obama's so-called "Health Care Reform" into ANOTHER give-away to insurance company wing of Big Finance.) 

   We can barely believe we are saying this,  but Obama and Biden (and Pelosi)  are SUCH SLAVISH TOADIES to the RADICAL RIGHT-WING NEO-CON Emanuel-Rubin-Summers-Lieberman-Feinstein-Harman  WARMONGERS and Goddamn-Sachs Treasury looters, that they are actually making  George W. Bush look resolute and principled in comparison!  (At least superficially:   Bush pretended to look bigger, and dominant over,  his Neo-Con enablers and appartchik.  Actually, even a casual examination of the PNAC "American hegemony" war-lobby reveals that it is actually the "Israel uber alles" war lobby, and that they DOMINATED the Bush-Cheney presidency from start - with uber neo-con "Scooter" Libby as Cheney's Chief of Staff explaining to Cheney just how to gut the U.S. Constiution and maneuver America into wars in the Mideast - to finish, with   Josh Bolton, Michael Mukasey,  Michael Chertoff, and other Neo-Con appartchik laweyers  whitewashing  the messes Bush, Cheney, Gonzales and the PNAC cabal had made of the U.S. presidency.)   
 Politico: Obama White House Complains About "Liberal" Bloggers
The vice president told Democrats to “stop whining,” the president told them to “buck up,” and if there was any remaining doubt that press secretary Robert Gibbs’s exasperation over the summer with the “professional left” was the official view of the White House, they dispelled it this week.
But who, exactly, makes up this “professional left” that is so bothering President Barack Obama and his advisers? On Tuesday, Gibbs’ deputy, Bill Burton, made it clear that the occasionally critical cable personalities originally associated with this comment have the administration’s blessing.
"If you're on the left, if you're somebody like Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow or one of the folks who helps to keep our government honest and pushes and prods to make sure that folks are true to progressive values, then [the president] thinks that those folks provide an invaluable service.” Burton told reporters.
Noticeably absent from Burton’s embrace was anyone from the blogosphere once courted so avidly by the White House. Peter Daou thinks he knows why:
“With each passing day, I’m beginning to realize that the crux of the problem for Obama is a handful of prominent progressive bloggers,  among them Glenn Greenwald, John Aravosis, Digby, Marcy Wheeler and Jane Hamsher.”
Daou, a progressive strategist and blogger himself, offered the explanation in a post provocatively titled, “How a handful of liberal bloggers are bringing down the Obama presidency,” that put a face on Obama’s critics and suggested why their criticism might be so irritating.  (cont'd)
  "THE CRUX of the problem for Obama is A HANDFUL of [liberal and] progressive BLOGGERS" ???!! 
   Is the Obama White House DAFT ??!!! 

 There's a simple reason that the Emanuel-Summers-Gibbs-Bernstein-Sutphen-Gensler-Lew  (i.e. Obama & Biden)   White House is lauding  GE (mega-corporate giant General Electric co.) owned MSNBC 'news' hosts Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow:  Because Olbermann, Maddow, and their so-called "Liberal" MSNBC side-kick Ed Schultz  are BETRAYING their viewers and followers, by NOT HOLDING  the Pelosi-Obama "Democratic" leadership ACCOUNTABLE, for all those BILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of BAILOUTS DOLLARS extorted from American taxpayers that Obama co. are GIVING AWAY to  Rubin's, Gensler's, and Elena Kagan's  Goddamn-Sachs,  or JP Morgan-Chase, Citi-bank, or the other larcenous "too big To Fail" bankers

   Obama and his "of, by and for Goddamn-Sachs"  White House cabal, using the despicable "no oversight bailouts,"  are STEALING MORE  money from American citizens and taxpayers in 2 years, than Bush and Cheney Republicans  could,   in 8 years of trying! 

   The arrogant dauphin has done NOTHING for the YOUNG PEOPLE and minorities  who elected him into office, but is now crying that "liberal bloggers" are to blame for the 20+%  unemployment rate that is dragging down the hopes of not only unemployed youth and hard-hit minority Americans,  but even white "heartland"  homeowners and working families are facing nightmares and financial horrors, as the "Commander in Chief" cries about  liberal bloggers!