Sunday, September 26, 2010

Obama & Pelosi's Treachery: HIDING the nature of the EXTORTIONATE Federal Reserve "FIAT MONEY" banking System, even as Big Bankers DESTROY America's Economy....

Over at they have a terrific article, 
"How HARVARD University is COMPLICIT in the TITANIC DEFRAUDING of American Wealth, by Hiding the Fraudulent Money System that Hovers Over America." 
   This system is not "Conservative" (and certainly not 'Liberal') economics - it is Old World style FEUDALISM, where lords, nobles, and barons were literally 'lords'  with life-and-death powers over  all they surveyed, and could demand a peasant family's entire  crop as "rent," even in years when a poor harvest meant that collection of "rent" would mean the starvation of that peasant, serf family.
     We don't have time here to explain how such FAMINE, STARVATION, and SERFDOM conditions were not entirely "ancient" -  the long string of IRISH FAMINES culminating in the Great Famine were caused by British lords, absentee landlords, merchant-bankers, and local, Anglicized Irish lords siezing Ireland's rich grain harvests for export - even at the very height of the relatively "modern"  1845-1852 Great Famine! 
  (That's right, "PRIVATIZATION" is  Anglo-American and now Judeo code for GENOCIDE, and, in the case of the Irish enduring 500 years of brutal English occupation,  GENOCIDE was applied to White_Christian_Europeans  just as energetically as the Muslim Turks applied genocidal conditions to Christian Armenians in 1914; or  as Spanish Conquistadors applied genocidal treatment to natives in the 1500s Conquest of the New World, or as  "Manifest Destiny" Americans applied genocidal conditions to native Americans and African slaves during the 18th and 19th centuries here in America.)

  Worse than merely Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, Univesity of Chicago, and other "elite" universities  INTENTIONALLY DECEIVING Americans about the nature of our EXTORTIONATE, elites-owned MONEY SUPPLY,   is that the ENTIRE  United States educational system is part of this titanic FRAUD -  from elementary school to Finance PhDs and graduate students,  our  entire  American academic system and press-media coverage are designed to COVER UP the THEFT of our middle-class American household wealth and resources, to the benefit fo the hyper-wealthy,  who own and control the major banks - the major banks which in turn  OWN the Federal Reserve central bank cartel. 

    Ellen Brown discusses the titanic, larcenous nature of the U.S.  Fed Reserve  banking cartel in her excellent (if chatty) book, "Web of Debt,"  but fortunately,  we now have three terrific videos by investor Mike Maloney that help  explain, in less than an hour,  how  the U.S. dollar is effectively nothing more than a "PROMISE TO TAX us TO DEATH" by the U.S. government,  on behalf of the U.S. Central Bank (the Fed Reserve Bank), and how this system is INTENTIONALLY RIGGED to  defraud America's middle class (and working poor) out of their savings and assets, by recurrent DEVALUATIONS of  the dollar every time the elite and their bankers can concoct a good enough reason to justify swindling millions of Americans out of billions of dollars -  usually war and economic crisis, including the current  economic crisis that the "Too Big to fail" bankers CREATED for and to themselves!!! 

#1.  video - "Gold Standards Suck!" -
     EVEN a "gold-BACKED" currency is LICENSE for Central Bankers to COMMIT FRAUD, to INFLATE the amount of their stated holdings of real, bullion gold.   Since "fractional reserve banking" itself  is BASED on this very deceit - bankers lending out MORE "money" (promisory notes) than gold they actually held in their vaults - our ENTIRE economic and financial systems are ideologically based on DECEIT.

 As Mr. Maloney explains, EVERY  DEVALUATION of the dollar (or rubble, or Zimbabwa's currency, or any other nation's currency) is a means by which the Central Bankers - the Wealthy - EXTORT WEALTH out of the middle- and working-class of that nation.
  Maloney's example of the Zimbabwe dollar being devalued A HUNDRED TRILLION TIMES is the most dramatic example,  but as Maloney explains, every time the United States UNHOOKED from a guaranteed dollar-to-gold exchange,   (before WWI, during Roosevelt's Gold Confistication Act of 1933, and by Nixon in 1973)  it basically meant the the American middle class was  being swindled out of billions or trillions of dollars of household wealth by the wealthy (bankers)  operating behind the Fed - and  the U.S. government.  

  #2.  Mike Maloney schools Russian 'Investment Bankers' on Deflation, Gold Value, and the Inherently FRAUDULENT, LARCENOUS, CRIMINAL,  ECONOMY-KILLING  (bubble-creating and "credit-contraction"  "bust" guaranteeing)  Federal Reserve "Central Banker"  Banking System  (part 1.) 

#3. part 2   

  In particular, as Mr. Maloney explains, the "FIAT CURRENCY SYSTEM"  - our familiar dollar bill - is a DEBT BASED CURRENCY SYSTEM.   
Bankers do not "create money" by digging up another 2 or 3 or 4 tons of gold... they "CREATE MONEY" by issuing a LOAN or BOND to a buyer, and then, ultimately, the Federal Reserve Bank makes an entry into its ledger  "CREATING"  that "money" in its ledgers OUT OF THIN AIR which it in turn lends to the bank that wrote the loan or bond.
  When the lower level bank repays that loan, say of $100,000,  the Fed now has that $100,000 sitting in its vaults - the Fed had created nothing but an "magic" entry into its ledgers, but the member/OWNER banks of the Fed are now $100,000 richer - plus interest on that fake, fait $100,000 !!!
   The irony is, that Central Bankers are so thieving, larcenous, and deceitful, and  that our "modern" world economy so reflects their  deceit and fraud,  that the world economy today  is now entirely dependent on GOLD VALUATION to make any sane estimate of the DEBT LEVELS that power (and drag down) the economy - for all our "progress," our financial DECEIT makes us no more "modern" than ancient Phoenician merchant captains sailing in the Mediterranean and Black Sea  4,000+ years ago, trading in gold, silver and direct (commodity) exchange.  

  What Mr. Maloney doesn't quite explain is the INSIDIOUS, treasonous, treacherous nature of The Wealthy who run this system:  THEY are the ones who whip up the public to HATE  "big government," EVEN AS _they_ USE the government as THEIR EXTORTION TOOL !!!!
   What this means in real terms, is that the more the wealthy and their wholly-owned press-media whores decry "TOO MUCH DEBT!" as an EXCUSE to CUT social services,  THE MORE THEY LUST after PILING MORE DEBT on to American citizen & taxpayer backs! 
  Every Finance 101 student knows that EVERY FINANCIAL TRANSACTION is a TWO-SIDED transaction   -  if someone is losing money, then somone is making money -
 - yet the INSIDIOUS  Harvard-Yale-Ivy League dominated U.S. education system, and the ENTIRE  national press-media, are  COMPLICIT with this GENOCIDAL treachery - debt slavery bordering on extermination (what happens to you when you go to a hospital and they turn you away, because you have no money to buy medical care) -  which (wholesale educational fraud & deceit)  is why there are NO loud calls to AUDIT THE FED,  much less demand an accounting from WHO   exactly is PROFITING from OUR DEBT SLAVERY every time Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner OBLIGATE  American families for BILLIONS upon TRILLIONS more dollars in "bailouts" to their Wall Street crony hacks and sponsors.