Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Larry Summers Legacy of Ruin, Larceny, Theft, and Sabotage Destruction of the American Economy (aka "the INSTITUTIONALIZATION of FREE MONEY for BANKSTERS," i.e. "BAILOUTS for Goddamn-Sachs FOREVER.")

 Dylan Ratigan, one of the few "major media" commentators who has a clue, spells it out for America:    Larry Summers is  THE ARCHITECT of the Obama administration's DISASTROUS, CONTINUATION of Bush-Cheney-Republican ECONOMIC SABOTAGE -  
Summers took Bush & Cheney's  treasonous, economy killing  "TAX CUTS FOR RICH... IN TIME OF WAR"  and   made them EXPONETIALLY GREATER, in the form of  TRILLIONS of dollars of OUTRIGHT GIFTS, money extorted from working-class taxpayers and handed  by the government over to the wealthy ("the investor class"),  i.e. The NO-OVERSIGHT "BAILOUTS." 
 Actually, we should not make the mistake of giving the  dismal Larry Summers too much credit -  like Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner, and other government apparatchiks, Summers is really nothing more than an high level toady for the Goddamn-Sachs + JP Morgan-Chase + Citi-bank trioka.  
    Summers, Emanuel, and Geithner, in particular are no more than Robert Rubin minions ("proteges") -  and Rubin drove his Citi-group into the cesspit of  BILLIONS of dollars of FAILURE AND LOSSES (saved ONLY by billions of dollars of  taxpayer-extorted "bailouts") in the 8 years leading up to the September 2008 markets meltdowns; just as Larry Summers drove Harvard University's endowment into the SEWER of DEBT, LOSSES, and FAILURE during his term as President of the self-proclaimed  "best and brightest" university, before becoming Obama's economic wizard of larceny, deceit, and continued recession....
 Indeed, THE ONLY  thing the insidious  Larry Summers has really "accomplished" over the past 2 years, is to transfer the blame for Bush, Cheney, and Paulson's devastating  REPUBLICAN right-wing economic sabotage destruction policies, from the Republicans, to the Obama-Pelosi "Democrats."
 Needless to say, both Obama and Pelosi are too greedy, corrupted, arrogant, and flatered to see that the Rubin-Summers-Emanuel cabal have PAINTED the "Democrats" with the blame for Bush, Cheney, & Paulson's (et al) atrocious economy killing policies.

 (If above MSNBC Dylan Ratigan show video, "Larry Summers' Legacy in 2 years as Obama's economics czar" doesn't work correctly, try the below link -

 post-script:  Sure enough, due to the INSIDIOUS  Right-Wing ECONOMIC SABOTAGE TREACHERY of Obama's Emanuel-Summers-Orszag-Geithner Neo-Con Golddamn-Sachs toadies,  the Republicans are wasting NO time BLAMING DEMOCRATS for 8+ years of Bush-Cheney-Snow-Paulson-Bernanke economic sabotage -