Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gold Soars to Record Highs, as world financial markets & savvy investors Hedge against the ECONOMIC SABOTAGE of Obama's treacherous Rubin, Summers, Emanuel, Bernanke Economic SWINDLERS...

 Far from delivering the "Change!" that he promised in his every waking moment of his 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama has not only selected two of President (George W.) Bush's FAILED, economy-killing retread hacks for the nation's top two most important economic positions (Obama selected Bush's Fed Bank NY President, Tim Geithner,  for the nation's current Treasury Secretary, and Obama renominated Bush's pick for Fed Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, for another economy-killing term as Fed Chairman), but using the "Bailouts,"  Obama has INSTITUTIONALIZED the THEFT of TRILLIONS of dollars of American wealth, extorted from   American consumers, citizens, and taxpayers, and handed directly over to the wealthy via "bailouts" billions that land in big NY bank vaults and in the form of government backed "securities" guarantees (such as the AIG-GoddamnSachs bailouts) that are effectively a gift to wealthy 'investors' whose 'securities' would be worthless were it not for those billions of dollars of "socialized" government guarantees and backing.

   World investment managers  and financial  markets are finally waking up to Obama's fraud, deceit, and right-wing, Goddamn-Sachs/JPM  
 driven economic corruption,  sending GOLD  prices soaring through the stratosphere.

   However, there is a deadly joker in this effort by financial markets to hedge against the titanic financial and economic fraud of  Obama's  "Rubin's minions" - Larry Summers, Rahm Emanuel, Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner, Gary Gensler, et al
That is, using the  EMERGENCY POWERS that are now  THE DAILY REALITY of America's "war on terror" and "TOO BIG to fail"  era dictatorial government, the Rubin-Summers-GoddamnSachs cabal (aka "the U.S. government")  could try to SIEZE ALL PRIVATELY HELD  GOLD assets... as, indeed, President Roosevelt's economic team did during the Great Depression.  
   With the U.S. military now effectively being the loan-shark extortion & collection arm of Wall Street...
(even worse than it was when U.S. Marine Corps Commandant General Smedley Butler declared "war is a racket" and decried the use of U.S. Marines to enforce American financial "ownership" of Central American economic assets during the early 20th century), Obama's treacherous Neo-Con swindlers could easily be hoping to use future economic chaos - that THEY have CREATED - as an excuse to institute military dictatorship economics,  just as Henry Kissinger & Milton Friedman did in Chile by sponsoring and supporting the Pinochet coup in 1973.) is not "paranoid conspiracy" to imagine the Neo-Cons lusting and salivating for such police-state terror-dictatorships rule in Western nations:  not only do we have the record of an Israel espionage group being hired by PENNSYLVANIA's "Democratic" administration of Governor Ed Rendell to spy on AMERICAN citizen activists groups...
 ...not only do we have the example of GODDAMN-SACHS BRIBING Greek government officials and private bankers to  FRAUDULENTLY HIDE THE DEBT, that would allow Goddamn-Sachs to make an even larger DEBT CLAIM  on Greece's economy (by, what else, allowing the fraudulent GS bankers to SELL MORE DEBT to Greece than EU rules permitted) - leading to the economic strangulation of Greece, and the crushing of Greece's pensions and social welfare system -  but over in Georgia, the former Soviet Republic, we even have the example of Israel's and America's puppet dictator, Columbia Law School graduate,  and economic stooge Mikhail Saakashvili actually breaking out the Pinochet-esque death squads and riot police to crush the massive, peaceful protests that broke out in Georgia when Saakashvilli's Naziesque rearmament and Christian hyper-nationalism looted that nation's treasury and economy (and led to Saakashvili's US/Israel PROXY WAR on Russia on the very day the rest of the world was celebrating peaceful cooperation at the start of the Beijing Olympics 8-8-2008.)
  The below - SOARING gold, MASSIVE ECONOMIC DESPAIR,  and PINOCHET/Saakashvilli-esque RIOT POLICE DICTATORSHIP, is an INCREASINGLY LIKELY PROSPECT for AMERICA and Western Europe, as long as the Obama-Pelosi  Democrats continue to pursue the anti-American policies of the despicable Rubin-Summers-Emanuel-GoddamnSachs Neo-Con economic larceny cabal.
The Rubin-Summers-GoddamnSachs' Neo-Con fantasy: riot police CRUSHING peaceful protests, not as this photo in Georgia in 2007, but in Western Europe and America itself...    An increasingly likely prospect, as the Rubin-Summers SABOTAGE of  America's  economy drives thousands of investors to gold (wealth which the American government SIEZED from private invstors just 7 decades ago in the Gold Confistication Act of 1933), and millions more to desperation... .

Gold Soars to Record on Increased Demand for Wealth Protection
Nicholas Larkin, Bloomberg
Thursday September 16, 2010

Gold rose to a record in London and New York as investors sought protection against turmoil in the global economy and financial markets. Silver rose to the highest price since March 2008.
Bullion climbed as high as $1,277.07 an ounce in London. The dollar fell to a five-week low against the euro today. The metal usually moves inversely to the U.S. currency. Global holdings of gold by exchange-traded products are up 16 percent this year and this month reached a record, Bloomberg data show.
“People are worried about the European financial system and debt market, and the outlook for the U.S. and global economy,” said Mark O’Byrne, executive director of brokerage GoldCore Ltd. in Dublin. “People are worried about equities, debt, property” and currencies, he said.