Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"As An American, I Am Deeply Embarrassed By This IDIOT [Obama] Who's Totally In The Service of the Bankers." Sad but true: Unfortunately, the ENTIRE Congress, including the Pelosi "Democrats" and the Boehner, McConnell, Eric Cantor Republicans, are also total slaves to the Goddamn-Sachs bankers, and Neo-Con "Israel uber alles" warmongers...

"As An American, I Am Deeply Embarrassed By This IDIOT [Obama] Who's Totally In The Service of the Bankers."
Max Keiser on Obama.  Classic.  Aired today.  
by "Pitchfork" 1-17-2011
  • "He's a stone-cold liar."
  • "How does Obama get up in the morning and look at himself in the mirror and not cry in embarrassment and shame?  As an American myself, I am deeply embarrassed by this idiot who's totally in the service of the bankers."
This was in reference to the appointment of JP Morgan Vice-Chairman, William Daley, as Obama's Chief of Staff.  But the specific occasion or reference for Max's comment doesn't really matter.  And it's a moot point, anyway.  Obama clearly has no shame.  His bowing to foreign heads of state, which conservatives have made much hay over, may be regrettable, but what he's done for the bankers is just obscene.  I'm not at all surprised by the appointment of a JP Morgan executive to replace Rahm Emanuel.
Dr. Pitchfork  
Actually, William Daley may be a JP Morgan executive, but he is really LESS an agent of the PURE DISTILLED EVIL of the radical right-wing Goddamn-Sachs + Israel lobby NEO-CON loot, plunder, larceny, torture, warmongering, and American & world economic sabotage agenda, than Rahm Emanuel was (or is). 

See our previous post, or see Naomi Wolf on how Pelosi's "Democrat" 110th Congress - with RAHM EMANUEL as the DCCC Chair (Dem. Congressional Campaign Committee, Emanuel was Pelosi's choosen fundraiser, which is to say  Rubin/Goddamn-Sachs BAG MAN)  BEARS the MOST RESPONSIBILITY for America's status as a TORTURE GULAG NATION,  Pelosi (who actually takes order from the Emanuel/Rubinite Neo-Cons)  refused to use the powers of her office to "support and defend" the laws and treaties that prohibit and outlaw torture by United States employees and officials, either in the 110th Congress (2007-2009) or her 111th Congress (2009-2011). 
 Sad but true: Unfortunately, the ENTIRE  U.S. Congress, including the Pelosi-Schumer-Feinsten "Democrats" and the Boehner/McConnell/Cantor Republicans, are also total slaves to the Goddamn-Sachs + JP Morgan bank swindlers, and the  Neo-Con "Israel uber alles" warmongers lobby...
 But!  The message is finally getting out!

  OUR Congress,  and OUR presidents,  are TOTAL ABJECT SLAVES to the Neo-Con war lobby and Big Finance Wall Street and 'multinational' bankers, 
who run their own banks into the SEWER of  FAILURE, BANKRUPTCY, FRAUD, DECEIT, and ignomy.... only to use their hysterical "major media" propaganda arms (including the so-called "liberal" Sulzberger  New York Times, Meyer/Graham/Weymouth Washington Post, Time/Warner/cnn Hollywood/TV empire,   etc.)  to terrorize and extort Congress to hand out  BILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of dollars of taxpayer obligated "bailouts."

 (With the "bailouts" having become SO INSTITUTIONALIZED under the cowering Nancy Pelosi 111th Congress, that Ben Bernanke (Fed Chairman) and William C. Dudley (NY Fed branch President)  can now just PRINT OUT  near TRILLION DOLLAR chunks of  Fed "fiat" dollars whenever they want,  whether $630 billion chunk of 'LIQUIDITY INJECTIONS" under Geithner in September 2008,  or another $600 billion "Quantitative Easing" under Ben Benanke this month)
 that LAND like "FREE MONEY" in the bank vaults (actually, electronic registers) of the member/owner banks of the Fed,  hedge-fund "banks" including JP Morgan-Chase, Golddamn-Sachs, Citi-group, BoA, WellsFargo, etc.)
  We KNOW who the players are.    When Bush-II Treasury Secretary HANK PAULSON went begging & extorting to NANCY PELOSI for a $700 BILLION "troubled assets'   "bailout" in September 2008,  THE AMERICAN PUBLIC was OVERWHELMINGLY AGAINST  bailing out the (to repeat) failed, fraudulent, deceitful, larcenous, criminally corrupt bankers.  

   Presidential candidate Barack Obama's popularity WENT DOWN when he voted to support  Pelosi's "TARP" bailouts in September 2008.

  American public opposition and revulsion would have been even greater, had the American "major media" reported energetically that THAT SAME WEEK that  former GOLDDAMN-SACHS  CHAIRMAN & Bush-II TREASURY SECRETARY  Hank Paulson was begging/extorting $700 billion from Nancy Pelosi's 110th Congress,
why, little Timmy Geithner, President  at the New York branch  of the 'Federal Reserve bank' was dishing out ANOTHER $630 BILLION in taxpayer obligated "FREE MONEY" to the member/owner banks of the Federal Reserve very private banking cartel...  including of course GODDAMN-SACHS, the hedge-fund 'bank' where Hank Paulson had 'earned'  $500 MILLION in Goddamn-Sachs stock in his 20 years there, culminating in his stint as Goldman Chairman for the 5 years before President Bush-II selected Paulson to be Treasury Secretary in  July 2006, from which perch Paulson would preside over the coming American market collapse of September 2008.
super-BONUS!  "PLAY the PLAYERS" -  (NOT! "the fundamentals")

   "HOW the fed and Wall St. bankers MANIPULATE foreign currencies" -  

  In July 2008 then Bush-II Treasury Secretary and former Goddamn-Sachs Chairman  HANKy-pank PAULSON took  $6 BILLION in EUROS that the United States Treasury was holding, and  sold them - "DUMPED THEM" - on the world financial markets all at the same time -  triggering a "panic" in Euros, which pushed their price down, and, by comparison,  made  the U.S. dollar seem relatively 'stable' at the moment, which rose 11% in just four days,   as global investors rushed to put their money into U.S. dollars as a "safe haven."


  This above story is a textbook example of how, to understand what is going on in American and world POLITICS,  one simply MUST become familiar with  FINANCIAL news - BIG FINANCE news,
     ...the REAL news HIDDEN behind  massive  'major media' dung heaps and layers of  raw sewage distraction stories, scapegoating, deceit, deception,  lies, and distortions -  because it really is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, and money STOLEN from the peons, spends just as well as money earned from selling a worthwhile new product or invention.

   Note how a little SIX BILLION dollar sell off (of Euros) was able to TRIGGER a worldwide PANIC in Euros that temporarily boosted the 'value' of the dollar   and compare this quantity ($6 billion),
 with the TENS upon HUNDREDS upon THOUSANDS of BILLIONS of dollars
  (i.e. trillions of  U.S. taxpayer extorted 'bailouts' dollars)
that  the  Paulson/Rubin/Bernanke/Geithner/Gensler/Dimon/et al  Goddamn-Sachs + JP Morgan + Fed banksters have stolen from the American public (in the form of no oversight 'bailouts') over the past few years. 

   IF  a $6 billion "dumping"  can trigger a worldwide panic against the Euro... just imagine what $600 billion in Rubin, Summers, Paulson, Bernanke, or Geithner's malevolent hands cand do, unleashed all at one time to "PUMP and DUMP" clueless investors in America or overseas out of their thousands of dollars in stock investments.
  (then MULTIPLY $600 billion, by FIFTY times, to get to the  nearly FORTY TRILLION in American taxpayer extorted "bailouts" and Fed "free money" dollars that the Rubin, Summers, Bernanke, Geithner, Gensler, Dudley, Dimon, GS + JPM + Fed crowd get to play with!)   

  Note also the very name of the Treasury fund U.S. Treasury Secretary  Hank Paulson used  SELL OFF Euros on July 17-24, 2008
  "The Exchange STABILIZATION Fund" -   Hanky-Pank Paulson  INTENDED to  spook investors into not only into "dumping" their Euros, but  UNWINDING'  many thousands (upon millions) of other positions, as investors told their mutual fund managers to now dump gold, silver, and Euro based stocks,  which, via the "MULTIPLIER" effect,   "WIPED OUT"  world financial prices in stocks and commodities that had (seemingly) little to do with the Euro or precious metals.

  In summary,  "A COORDINATED ATTACK by the US Treasury on  Euros... AND gold and silver prices worldwide   (by shorting silver & gold in the week immediately before Paulson "dumped" his $6 billion in Euros), using an American govt. deceptively named "The Exchange Stability Fund"  incited worldwide 'investors'  to panic, dump their Euros, and 'unwind'  their Euro based stocks 
  Max updates his and Stacy's  Oct. 2008 explanation of U.S. / Fed PREDATORY, INCITE PANIC economics in the first 4 minutes of his latest "On the Edge" video, which we post in full  (26:32) here -     Max  (at 9:01)  "Getting back to my  'water main break' analogy'...  "they're repackaging the water and marking it up in price to the people who are running out of water..
they're taking advantage of the situation...  Like in a disaster zone...  where the price of water skyrockets in a disaster zone,  here the banking disaster   has given folks like GoldmanSachs and JP Morgan Wall Street banks,   they are reselling water or "credit" or "Money" or "liquidity," that should be reasonably priced, guaranteed,  as part of an equitable market, and making a killing, literally, as people are dying in the streets."

  Stacy Herbert:  "You mentioned that Paul Volcker was ousted.  The headline reads, 'The Truth Comes Out, Paul Volcker was FORCED OUT Because the White House Is Going MORE 'Pro Business'.
 AND WE KNOW WHAT PRO-BUSINESS means nowadays, it means MASSIVE MONETARY INFLATION that helps them
 [the gigantic member/owner banks of the Federal Bank - Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan, Citi, BoA, other fronts in which the Rothschilds & other 'multi-national' wealthy are heavily invested owners in]
 and DESTROYS the PURCHASING POWER of life for the bottom 99%."
  Max:  "The phrase 'PRO-BUSINESS' is CODE, for corporate ['investor' / banker] pro genocide."

 for a TEXT-BOOK example of how  "PRO-BUSINESS" policies actually  STIFFLE American and world economic and industrial progress,  see this  (very Neo-Con pro-wars, pro-bailouts, and pro "Deregulation" LEGALIZED LARCENY  Time/Warner Bros. co.  article,
"Is Wall Street Draining Hospital Talent? Bankers Still Make More Than Brain Surgeons
 -  remember that  Wall Street  WENT BANKRUPT but for TAXPAYER SOCIALIZED "bailouts",  and  BOTH Republicans AND Democrats APPROVE of  Bernanke's  OPEN GUSHER of  Fed fiat dollars FREE MONEY that lands in the coffers of  the member/owner banks, including GS, JPM, Citi, BoA, and other banksters.