Thursday, January 6, 2011

Democrat 'leader' Nancy Pelosi hands House Speaker's Gavel to Repub John Boehner: Pelosi, in 4 years as Speaker, presided over the Dem's ABYSMAL popularity ratings and SQUANDERED Majority -

Nancy Pelosi smiles and offers kisses, as she hands the Speaker's Gavel to her fellow kleptocratic elites in the Republican Party - caping a career as Speaker where both the Democratic Party and Congress now enjoy horrible, in the gutter  "approval" ratings...    
In 4 years as the "Democratic" Speaker of the House,  Speaker Pelosi has helped her fellow "elites"
swindle nearly $40 TRILLION in "bailouts," "liquidity injections," "Quantitative Easings"
and other excuses by which the Federal Reserve Bank prints up money, which it GIVES to the member/OWNER banks
of the very private Federal Reserve banking cartel - money swindled from American taxpayers and working families. 
   In doing so, Speaker Pelosi helped pad her own family's multi-million dollar "wealth" and stock portfolios....
 but her tenure as Speaker has left the U.S. economy,  the U.S. Constitution, and American privacy rights in tatters,
and the Congress approval rating - and Democrat's approval ratings - in the sewer.  Getty/cnn pictures - because helping American citizens obtain  photographs on-line of such an important Congressional event   is beyond the capabilities of  the Pelosi era Congressional House "leadership."
Hopefully this will be the last we see of the incredibly vain, corrupt, and incompetent Nancy Pelosi in America's news and power spotlight,  but, unfortunately,  since she and her Rubinite  ("the United States of, by, and for Goddamn-Sachs, Wall Street, and the israel War Lobby")  paymasters STILL have a stranglehold CHOKEHOLD  on the "Democratic" Party, we will probably see much more of her in the coming year.   
WHAT has  the former Speaker Pelosi ACCOMPLISHED in her 4 years as Speaker???

 #1.  She has handed over  TRILLIONS of  DOLLARS in American taxpayer extorted "bailouts" dollars  to  Robert Rubin's pals on Wall Street, financiers who have WRECKED the U.S. economy, using taxpayer dollars to SUBSIDIZE the "outsourcing"  not only of entire  categories of American jobs; not only entire U.S. factories literally shipped to Mexico, China, and other countries;   but Speaker Pelosi has presided over the tail end of a dozen years worth of  the Robert Rubin and Hank Paulson  (Goddamn-Sachs)  orchestrated OUTSOURCING of ENTIRE  American INDUSTRIES to China and other  countries. 

#2.  AS IF  handing  uncounted TRILLIONS of dollars to the Wall Street swindlers wasn't bad enough, Speaker Pelosi, DERELICT in her CONGRESSIONAL DUTIES to OVERSEE the coinage and currency of the United States,   allowed the Rubin-Summers-Emanuel-Gensler-Geithner-Bernanke  Fed Reserve banking  cabal to create UNSUPERVISED "BACK DOOR" BAILOUTS for Wall Street,  a process that started long before the 111th Congress was even sworn in in January 2009,  when Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve, and Tim Geithner at the New York Federal Reserve Bank branch,  quietly wrote up and printed out   $630 BILLION  in Fed "dollars"  as "LIQUIDITY INJECTIONS"  that just magically appeared in the bank vaults of the failed, fraudulent, bankrupt member/owner banks (such as Golddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan Chase bank, and Rubin's 2nd major banking disaster,  Citi-bank group)   of the very private Federal Reserve banking cabal.

Since Geithner & Bernanke's  infamous (if little known) "Liquidity Injection" FREE MONEY, NO OVERSIGHT  back-door 'BAILOUTS'   for bankers in September 2008 effectively DOUBLED the $700 BILLION that Speaker Pelosi  gave away to then Bush II Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson,     Speaker Pelosi has been TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, CATASTROPHICALLY INCOMPETENT at SUPERVISING the nation's (money printing + money creation) money supply - ALLOWING Obama's Rubin-Summers-Geithner-Bernanke  'economics' crew to print up, including Congressionally authorized 'bailouts'  well over TWENTY THREE TRILLION DOLLARS  for Wall Street, made-up-out-of-thin-air fait dollars,  "money"  that DEVALUE the savings, pensions, home values, and holdings  held by middle- and working class Americans.

   #3.  And if the above economics discussion is a little too emotional, complex, and 'conspiratorial' for a reader to accept at face value, there is always this simple indication of Speaker Pelosi's GROSS INCOMPETENCE, CORRUPTION,   and titanic COMPLICITY with national and international financial crimes:   Under Speaker Pelosi's tenure, the U.S. Congress is now 'enjoying'  (tied for)  THE WORST FAVORABILITY RATINGS  EVER RECORDED in Congressional opinion surveys (polls) !!!!!

     THANKS FOR NOTHING, Speaker Pelosi!

   The ONLY thing you can really point to as an accomplishment over the past 4 years, is that the Wolfowitz-Perle-Feith-Chertoff-Libby-Schumer-Lieberman-Feinstein-Cheney-Bush Neo-Con WARMONGERS CABAL  has not yet  bombed Iran  back into a nuclear  glowing wasteland. 
  BUT, since you have EMPOWERED the Neo-Con warmongers (via their Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan, & multi-national banksters financial extortion arms)   with FORTY TRILLION DOLLARS of American taxpayer extorted loot, there is now NO political power on earth to stand up to the warmongers' cabal, so  the one real accomplishment of your 4 year term as Speaker of Congress could be only a fleeting "PHONY WAR," as the war machine grinds on and spins up its next set of excuses to unleash American bombs on new targets in the Mideast.  

  Otherwise, 4 years after Speaker Pelosi took the Speaker's gavel,  the American Constitution is in tatters, the American economy is in ruins, the American Congress is DESPISED,  Social Security is on the chopping block, and American "leaders" TAKE THEIR MARCHING ORDERS, from an insatiably greedy, aggressive, and war profiteering foreign  country.