Tuesday, January 4, 2011

DEBT ENSLAVEMENT of agricultural nations to MONSANTO's "Killer seeds" - Obama and Hillary "ARE WORSE THAN BUSH," the thieving, lying corporate whore "Democrats" (and thus ENTIRE United States govt.] are FORCING DEBT SLAVERY and POISONOUS FOODS on the people of the world....

Neo-Con Hillary and "step-and-fetch-it for his Neo-Con masters" Obama
 Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, at the behest of their treasonous Neo-Con Rubinites
(Robert Rubin's "of, by and for Goddamn-Sachs... and israel" toadies, including Rahm Emanuel, Larry Summers, Elena Kagan, Mary Schapiro, Gary Gensler, Mark Patterson, Jacob Lew, Peter Orszag, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, etc. etc. etc. ad nasuem) 
caught using the United States government as an  Agent OF EXTORTION - FORCING  foreign countries to accept dangerous Monsanto genetically modified crop seeds, or face the wrath of the United States government and coordinated, US gov't.  encouraged corporate boycotts and Wall Street engineered currency raids

Max Keiser and WikiLeaks catch the United States government - the government of so-called "librul Democrats" Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton - THREATENING RETALIATION against France and other countries for not letting dangerous Monsanto GMO seed crops in those countries, seeds that could potentially threaten a nation's entire agricultural output...  
....this is CLASSIC  Neo-Con WARMONGERING, by FNANCIAL EXTORTION if not by military invasion. (See "IMF and World Bank are Weapons of War" by John Pilger.) 
Max  and Stacy Herbert explain (using information from a  Democracy Now video interview with Jeffery Smith of The Institute for Responsible Technology" in the first segment of this 25 minute video)  the "ECONOMIC SUICIDE" of countries that  ENSLAVE themselves to America's evil Monsanto corporation,  by allowing farmers seduced by Monsanto's "improved crops" claims to import and  purchase  MONSANTO's  "GMO"  "genetically modified organism" crop seeds,
 "these extraordinarily dangerous Monsanto KILLER SEEDS" - seeds that, as Max explains, do not reproduce and force farmers to go back to Monsanto to purchase  seeds for the next year's crop planting, year after year after year....
Seeds that, as Stacy explains,  may cause INFERTILITY in scientific tests of hamsters, by the third generation   of  hamsters  fed on Monsanto  genetically engineered soy feed.

 "Rodents fed GM corn and soy showed immune system responses and signs of toxicity.
Studies showed that organ lesions, altered liver and pancreas cells,  changed enzyme levels, etc."