Saturday, January 1, 2011

Robert Rubin the Most Dangerous Man on earth; the most relentlessly effective economy killer; the most Genocidal Banker by far...

   One thing you have to hand to Robert Rubin:  while Ben Bernanke, Jamie Dimon, Hank Paulson, Lloyd Blankfein, Dick Fuld, and other  bank-killing banksters are out there running around earning notoriety and gaining infamy,   Rubin seems to adhere to a saying oft told around the Salomon Bros' trading floor (according to Michael Lewis' book, "Liar's Poker") that for over 100 years  was the guiding commandment of the Rothschilds'  European banking dynasty cartel:  "FOOLISH names and FOOLISH face, often appear in public places."
       But while it is  BEN BERNANKE who has been printing NORTH of  $25 TRILLION dollars in "free money" "BAILOUTS"  dollars that land in the vaults of Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan Chase bank, and other member/owner banks of the very privately owned 'Federal Reserve' banking cartel....
....and while it was HANK PAULSON who first made the case for TRILLION DOLLAR "bailouts" extorted out of the incompetent  and insanely corrupt Nancy Pelosi Congress....
 ... and while it is DICK FULD who pocketed tens of millions of dollars in pay and "performance bonuses"  AS he drove LEHMAN BROTHERS into bankruptcy....
  ....and while it is  JAMIE DIMON who is executing the NAKED SHORT  selling (counterfeit sales of  non-existant silver by means of pure  fraud accounting) of  billions upon billions of dollars worth of non-existant silver to artificially depress silver prices, thereby HIDING  "Bernanke's Trash"
  (the U.S. "Federal Reserve Note"  dollar inflated to near worthlessness by Bernanke's printing presses, gutting  pension funds, savings accounts, social security, and every other form of savings, driving MILLIONS of Americans to destitution, and thereby  SUCKING the "discretionary spending" that drives  consumer spending, and creates jobs, right out of the working economy)
...they are all WORKING to ROBERT RUBIN's  radical "DEREGULATION" and BAILOUTS EXTORTION agenda,  they would all be put out of business, and have to face the music of Congressional Investigations AND CRIMINAL AUDITS,   but for the stranglehold  The Rubinites have over the Pelosi Congress,  the Obama White House (which is to say, "the Democrat Party"),   AND  the McCain-Palin-Bush-Boehner (et al)  Republican Party.   

   The #1. task for any sane American in 2011 is to DECONSTRUCT and REVERSE the DAMAGE that ROBERT RUBIN and his Rubinites (son Jamie Rubin, Rahm Emanuel, Larry Summers, Gary Gensler, Mary Schapiro, Elena Kagan, Timmy "economic death squad leader" Geithner, Peter Orszag, Jacob Lew, etc., ad naseum)   - just about anyone who has ever been associated with Goddamn-Sachs who is currently in or close to US government office)  have done to the U.S. and world economies. 
   We will return to this post and start to fill it up with the thousands of links and citations that document our contention that Robert Rubin is  the most dangerous man in the world,    but for now, the SHORT ANSWER to Naomi Klein's  November 2008 question;
 "Wall Street's Bailout [are]  a Trillion-Dollar Crime Scene -- Why Aren't the Dems Doing Something About It?"  is,

"BECAUSE  ROBERT RUBIN ENGINEERED that Crime Scene, and his Rubinites OWN the late 'Democratic' Party and are running the cover up!"

 Don't take our word for it: in his great 1 hour audio interview on KPFA radio,

Guns and Butter - Obama's Republican Class War Presidency - February 3, 2010 at 1:00pm

Click to listen (or download)

 professor  Dr. Michael Hudson explained that the Rubin, Summers, Harvard, Goddamn-Sachs gang is responsible for gutting the entire post-Soviet Russian economy (with trillions of dollars of assets that had taken Russia a century to develop,  landing in the hands of a handful of oligarchs (who had Rubin, Harvard's, Goddamn-Sachs', and the US govt's backing) 

... and Matt Tiabbi very specifically "credits" Rubin with being  the architect of  America's 10 year economic contraction (including of course our  current economic crisis, that they promised us  2 years ago that a ONE TIME "BAILOUT" would cure): 
Matt Taibbi's 'Obama's Big Sellout': How Obama Is Caving To Wall Street (VIDEO)
In a video by Rolling Stone (hat tip to Zero Hedge) that offers a glimpse into Taibbi's forthcoming piece, "Obama's Big Sellout", he details what he sees as the White House's nefarious connections to deregulation champion Bob Rubin.

The very day Obama got elected, he brought in a Wall Street-friendly team, Taibbi says, led by former Citigroup exec Michael Froman, a Harvard classmate of the president.
Froman was put in charge of running Obama's economic transition team and hired James Rubin, the son of Bob Rubin, a former Goldman Sachs chief and Treasury Secretary under President Clinton, to be his number two.
Though he has never actually worked for the Obama administration, according to Taibbi, the Obama administration has long been under the sway of the elder Rubin's philosophy:
"[Bob] Rubin probably more than any other person was responsible for the financial crisis by deregulating the economy [while] in the [CLINTON] White House.  [Rubin was Clinton's TREASURY SECRETARY, and probably THE MOST IMPORTANT person in the Clinton White House.]  And he had a major role in helping destroy one of the world's biggest company in Citigroup. He has one of the worst tack records you can find, but he was basically the guy who was the architect of the entire Obama policy. Obama put him in charge of everything. "
  [Huffington Post continues]  Interestingly, Taibbi also points to Citigroup's influence on White House policy.   [Rubin career toady]  Tim Geithner was appointed as Treasury Secretary specifically because he helped engineer Citigroup's bailout, argues Taibbi.
   We encourage ANYONE in America who is affected by job losses, pension failure, the skyrocketing public debt, concern for fraud on Wall Street, the "open door" between government (both parties) and Wall Street profiteers,  and the ever expanding world economic crisis, to watch Taibbi's video -  ROBERT RUBIN is THE ARCHITECT of America's 'DEREGULATION' and  BAILOUTS EXTORTION nightmare!

   Matt Tiabbi's  "Obama's Big Sellout To Wall Street:  his Treacherous SUBSERVIENCE to Robert Rubin" article  at Rolling Stone magazine -