Friday, December 31, 2010

So-called "Democratic" Senator Jay Rockefeller PUTS ON his MUSSOLINI DICTATOR wannabe cap, muses about CENSORING - ELIMINATING! - America's cable TV news networks!!!

Certified FINANCIAL TERRORIST, billionaire Rockefeller Trust heir, JP Morgan-Chase bank stockholder,  and WOULD-BE DICTATOR  Senator Jay Rockefeller puts on his MUSSOLINI DICTATOR cap, muses aloud about CENSORING America's TV 'news' !!!!

Anyone who thinks that Senator Jay Rockefeller is "Democratic" (much less "liberal") just because he used his inherited millions to buy his way in to the 'Democratic' Party IS DELUSIONAL!

   Senator Rockefeller,  like most 'Democrat' senators today, is a reversion to the  WOODROW WILSON model of "Democratic" reform:  while some  historians might label  Woodrow Wilson's  as a  "progressive" politician, he was in fact a REACTIONARY RIGHT-WING  segregationist, bigot, and denier of civil rights and liberties totalitarian, if you happened to be a Black person living in the segregated South... or  if you happened to be a news editor against America's entry in WWI!  
(Wilson used the Espionage & SEDITION Acts to prosecute, arrest, and imprison hundreds of Americans who were against entry of the United States in to WWI - wiki reports over 1,000 convictions!  - including Wilson's infamous imprisonment of Eugene V. Debs for "undermining conscription" (the draft)  for YEARS after WWI had ended!)

Today,  Jay Rockefeller is, first and foremost, a BIG FINANCE FINANCIAL TERRORIST, who has ENABLED the TWO DECADES LONG DEFRAUDING and THEFT of America's wealth, from working families, to the Big Financial operators and the wealthy tycoons for whom the big banks front - and there is no   "big finance operator" bigger than JP MORGAN CHASE,  the bank dynasty  Mr. Rockefeller was born into as a Rockefeller heir. 

The irony  here is  that the  FOX 'news' that Mr. Rockefeller is so contemptuous of,  is very much in bed with Senator Rockefeller and his predatory "vampire banking"  JP Morgan/Chase Bank
(and the VERY PRIVATELY owned "Federal Reserve"  banking cartel system.... that JP Morgan-Chase and Goddamn-Sachs are THE TWO BIGGEST member-OWNERS  of!)

Fox 'news' is among the most influential PROPAGANDA MEGAPHONES that keep the American rabble clueless, uninformed, distracted, and diverted, which is ESSENTIAL to keep Americans from DEMANDING PROSECUTIONS for CRIMINAL FRAUDS in the critical financial markets.

Given that the natural order of things would that Americans should be shouting and screaming for those CRIMINAL FRAUD PROSEUCTIONS, but instead are diverted from serial financial larceny by the establishment media propaganda machine, there is only one issue or agenda powerful enough to drive that propaganda diversion: HATE.

Fox 'news' helps the establishment WHIP UP HATE against SCAPE-GOAT "enemies," whether union workers, the unemployed, those who have been victimized by mortgage fraud, and especially against Muslims in the "global war on terror."

SENATOR ROCKEFELLER COULD NOT OPERATE as the above-the-law billionaire tycoon he is (whitewashing trillions of dollars of financial fraud at the Fed and JP Morgan-Chase bank)  without Fox 'news' (and other right-wing media propaganda outlets) shilling establishment propaganda on a daily basis - but here he is, trying to SCAPEGOAT __HIS OWN__ propaganda Brown Shirt enforcers! 

When Sen. Rockefeller complains that American citizens, because of the economic crisis, are being forced to drop cable TV, he is spilling CROCODILE TEARS.

 Like all the other billiionaire elites, Senator Rockefeller cares no more for  consumers being extorted out of high prices, than he cares for Americans DENIED HEALTH CARE because they can't pay for expensive premium "health insurance." 

In the case of energy (oil & gas prices), food, insurance, education,  health care, and other vital aspects of American life CONTROLLED by the Big Financial cartels,
 Senator Rockefeller is a BENEFICIARY of those big finance EXTORTION and monopoly cartel prices! 

  Would the DESPICABLE  financial terrorist cum "Democratic"  senator like to throw us (here at DemNationUSA)  IN PRISON, for using his picture (below) without paying a royalty to the ROCKEFELLER + JP Morgan-Chase + Golddamn-Sachs + Fed (Reserve Bank)  VERY PRIVATE BANKING CARTEL, that he is a multi-billion dollar member of, that is trying to BUY UP CONTROL of EVERYTHING in America...  INCLUDING  news stories and photos of  WHAT OUR  SENATORS ARE SAYING.... IN the United States Senate & Congress?!  


  Mr. Rockefeller is a TRAITOR COMMISSAR Big Finance economic hit man America- & global   EXTORTIONIST, who has ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT for American citizens, much less their hapless, corrupted, bought-and-owned "major media" press, media,  and news outlets, much less our  worthless piece of paper Bill of Rights and  formerly, late, great United States Constitution. 

Senator Rockefeller Wants FCC To 'End' Fox News, MSNBC
 Huffington Post,  Nov. 18, 2010
Rockefeller Fox News Msnbc 
During a committee meeting on Wednesday about television retransmission consent, Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) veered away from his prepared remarks to take aim at both Fox News and MSNBC:
More than just retransmission consent ails our television markets. We need new catalysts for quality news and entertainment programming. I hunger for quality news. I'm tired of the right and the left. There's a little bug inside of me which wants to get the FCC to say to Fox and to MSNBC, "Out. Off. End. Goodbye." It'd be a big favor to political discourse, our ability to do our work here in Congress, and to the American people, to be able to talk with each other and have some faith in their government and, more importantly, in their future... (cont'd)  
 After HIS FAMILY bank, (the Rockefeller owned Chase Bank became part of JP Morgan Chase bank, at one time the largest member/OWNER bank of the "Federal Reserve" U.S. Central Bank)
spent the past 2 decades DESTROYING the U.S. economy by encouraging and participating in TITANIC FINANCIAL FRAUD in mortgages, derivatives, deregulation, bailouts, and every other fraud scheme possible, Senator Rockefeller now wants to DICTATE that Americans should have "some faith in their government"!!!
Keith Olbermann slyly refutes the power-mad,  fraudulent,  financial terrorist,  trillions-of-dollars of  BAILOUTS THEFT  WHITEWASHING senator, pointing out that Sen. Rockefeller had previously told Keith Olbermann that he is a fan of Olbermann's "COUNTDOWN"  show.... on MSNBC news TV !!

(note: we're  posting this entry we were working on back in November, today,  to highlight our committment to name names of the FINANCIAL TERRORISTS who use BROWN SHIRT thuggish NAZI-esque HATE MONGERING, to divert and  distract American public attention from the titanic financial crimes that are wrecking America's economy, and destroying the Great American Middle Class - A middle class  created, nurtured, and protected by a half-century of "liberal" programs like Social Security, the GI Bill, Veteran's Administration and Veteran's Housing acts (VHA)... the American  Middle Class  that was the envy of the world for the half century after the end of WWII.)