Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Obama the FOOL, Obama the FARCE, Obama the FRAUD, Obama THE IDIOT... Obama The SELLOUT !!


Barack Obama is merely the sad, pathetic  puppet of his Neo-Con bankster-gangster White House...
     Janet Tavakoli, alone, does more work to address the SYSTEMATIC FRAUD that  still, to this day, SATURATES Wall Street and America's critical financial markets, than the entire Obama White House and  (Attorney General) Eric Holder's "Department of Justice" have done -   for the simple reason that Obama & Holder are running a CRIMINAL PROTECTION RACKET for  the Rubin-Summers-Emanuel-Gensler-Schapiro-Kagan (et al)  Goddamn-Sachs  GANSTERS on Wall Street and in the White House:

 ZeroHedge.com: "FAILING to PROSECUTE Wall Street FRAUD, is  EXTENDING our Economic Problems"
    Fraud IS the "business model" of Obama's Summers-Emanuel-Gensler-Schapiro-Orszag-Lew 'economics team.'   
   (Rubinites all, Orszag & Emanuel have jumped ship from the rotting Obama White House in past few weeks  - Orszag STRAIGHT to Rubin's old fraud stomping ground at Citi 'bank', and Emanuel soon to get another multi-million dollar payoff from the GS financial swindlers + Israel war lobby (which are one-and-the-same) any week now.)   

  (Obama is A FOOL  to   allow Orszag to go STRAIGHT to such a multi-MILLION dollar "senior banker" job - AT A BANK that WOULD BE  BANKRUPT, but for BILLIONS of taxpayer extorted dollars of "bailouts" !!!)

Janet Tavakoli (powerpoint):
"FRAUD AS A BUSINESS MODEL  Within the Structure of Wall Street"
 ht Max Keiser:  in discussing the systematic, titanic mortage fraud in US mortgage markets  with financial author Michael Hudson,     re the "Who's Who of financial rapists, Ameriquest"
(the prime subject of Mr. Hudson's new book, "How A Gang Of Predatory Lenders And Wall Street Bankers Fleeced America — And Spawned A Global Crisis")  Max summarizes that   "FINANCIAL RAPE PAYS BIG"  and that OBAMA's OWN  'economics team' are part of the TITANIC FRAUD that SATURATES Wall Street and that  is (continuing,  2 years into Obama's presidency)  KILLING the American economy:

  MK     "It's the America dream [to use the 'advanced sales technique' of learning loan applicant's emotional weaknesses, "Finding the Pain, "  getting low-income buyers, who hope to purchase a home and break out of the cycle of low-income debt,  to break down in tears... "emotional torture;" and then exploit their financial naivete with overpriced, predatory sub-prime loans] 
  ...to rape and pillage your fellow Americans using this advanced sales technique."
   MH: "Right, Ameriquest started by Roland Arnall, an immigrant from France, eventually became a real estate developer.... in the late 80's, as the S&L business was starting to crash & burn, he realized that the real money was in making subprime mortgages.  He grew his company from a pretty small player to the largest SUBPRIME LENDER...   He was Bush's largest source of financial cash in the 2004 elections, Bush nominated him as US ambassador to the Netherlands.
 MK:   "The Democrats are not shy about this, with Clinton and ROBERT RUBIN,  DIRECT BENEFICIARIES of the troops on Wall Street  just really DIGGING IN to people's NET WORTH and bank accounts, and EXTRACTING   and doing unbelievable damage.  Now we understand that JP MORGAN is UNDER INVESTIGATION for all kinds of stuff...."
   [Mr. Obama's "friend" and White House dinner bud, Jamie Dimon is Chairman of the rotting, insanely corrupt, American economy gutting JP Morgan-Chase bank.]

new- Daily Kos December 2009 story reveals the Rubinite minions Obama has  saturated his presidency with:
"The team Obama put in place to run his economic policy after his inauguration was dominated by people who boasted connections to [Robt. Rubin through]  at least one of these four institutions — so much so that the White House now looks like a backstage party for an episode of Bob Rubin, This Is Your Life!"
    Daily Kos'  above story sourced from  Matt Taibbi's excellent Rolling Stone video
 "OBAMA's BIG SELLOUT"  - to the VAMPIRE SQUID  PREDATORY,  Treasury looting, economy gutting,  world resource raping Goddamn-Sachs criminal "bankers."