Thursday, December 2, 2010

Investment Risk Analyst Chris Whalen: "The FED Let The REAL ECONOMY GO TO HELL"

Another DR show home run:  It's a shame that the so-called "liberal"   'news' anchors at MSNBC (Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, and Keith Olbermann)  are, apparently, completely ignorant of the fact that Barack Obama is completely in the pocket of his Golddamn-Sach/Fed economic sabotage, financial extortion  wrecking crew -

 DR:  "So I saw that Golddamn-Sachs  at the peak  [of BAILOUTS grabbing panic]  TOOK $24 billion..."

CW:  "The Fed was set up to help the real economy, when Wall St. periodically destroyed itself.
So... the folks at the Fed have become so corrupt, and so captured by the banking industry, that we've turned the whole thing on its head."
  "...The Fed is now there to SUPPORT the SPECULATORS, and let the REAL ECONOMY  GO TO HELL..."
  "...not only that, but the impact, the  NEGATIVE effect of the SPECULATORS, especially in residential mortgages, was so awful that the Fed had to come to the rescue of Big Corporations, too, which were CUT OFF from commercial paper [the ability to raise cash by writing corporate bonds].

 DR:  [in agreement]  -  "I looked at the list, obviously, GE, which is hugely dependent [on the need to raise cash by writing corporate bonds]"  
  - here  Dylan actually mentions the vulnerability of General Electric corp. to the financial depradations of the Rubin-Summers-Bernanke-Paulson crew (all associated, in one way or another, with  Golddamn-Sachs)  - GE is the parent of  NBC and MSNBC, which hosts the DR show.

Two slight quibbles:  Chris Whalen states that "the Fed was set up to help the real economy"....  this was  the excuse  used by the Big Bankers  in cadgoling the Congress and Senate to authorize the Fed in 1913.  However, the "creature from Jekyll Island"  (as writer ____ ___ called the Fed, from the location, Jekyll Island, Georgia, where the banksters met in 1913 to draw up their government monopoly money-creation/money-extortion cabal,  given the propaganda name "Federal Reserve Bank"  to disguise its very PRIVATE BANKING CABAL reality)   was  never really intended  by its member-owner banksters to 'help the real economy' -  it was designed,  in good old Rothschild's  fashion, to be another  typical  credit-bubble-boom,  credit-contraction-bust economic extortion & wealth extration syndicate, in the same way that large hedge funds can "pump and dump" individual stocks, thereby draining the wealth out of pension funds  by panicking money managers to buy or sell on waves that the predatory hedge funds have planned in advance. (As explained by former GS trader Jim Cramer in his infamous "fomenting" video.)  
   Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, and other Fed Chairmen have never had the interests of the American economy as a whole as their focus: they have always been focused on maximizing the wealth,  be it by extraction or extortion, of the top 1% who own controling interests in  the member-owner banks of the Fed, of which GS and JPM are the two most famous/infamous.     This gets in to the money creation powers of the Fed:  Greenspan, Bernanke, Giethner, and other officials at the Fed can dish out  TENS of BILLIONS of dollars in fiat money" - made-up-out-of-thin-air cash -  which CONNECTED bankers can use to BUY UP real, valuable assets in the U.S. and world economies.   This creates INFLATION for the goods and services that ordinary people depend on every day to live their lives.
     The proof of the US government's  COMPLICITY in Ben Bernanke's and the bankers'  lies,  is that a  government agency came up with a "zero inflation"  number used to deny seniors a cost of living allowance Social Security increase  this year,   when every house wife in America knows  that the cost of food, gas, insurance, health care, education, and most other expenses have been climbing steadily, if not dramatically, over the past year.   Ben Bernanke and Barack Obama are both  abject liars, they both effectively work for the same  member-owner banks of the "Federal Reserve" banking cabal, and especially the GS+JPM ( JP Morgan-Chase and Golddamn-Sachs) banksters.  

  -   The bill authorizing the Fed was signed by Democrat President Woodrow Wilson,  who is often labeled, by elite friendly historians and establishment authorized textbooks, as a "REFORMER" - in  a recent History Channel broadcast of the Presidents series, one historian was at a loss to come up with any "reforms" that Wilson had enacted besides signing the Fed bill into law!   In fact,  Wilson was a radical Right-Wing Southern SEGREGATIONIST, who threw race relations in America backwards a half century (which is to say,  Wilson encouraged the quasi-state VIOLENT TERRORISM of  segregation and Jim Crow laws).   Only the intervention of WWI  prevented the Fed from creating the  easy credit BOOM, BUBBLE... credit contraction BUST  happening more quickly than in it did,   the  GREAT DEPRESSION of course starting in 1929,  almost exactly a decade after the end of WWI.    If not for the intervention of WWI, the ENGINEERED  economic contraction that was the Great Depression might have happened in the mid-1920s, a half decade earlier.
      IF the Fed and its private banking cabal bankers are not  ROPED IN by  STRICT REGULATIONS, such as the GLASS-STEAGALL Act  signed by President Roosevelt in the midst of the Depression (to prohibit large "investment banker" banks from GAMBLING with the savings of communities held in local savings and loans or smaller banks)  -  it only takes the big banksters about 10 years flat to ENGINEER  the easy credit BOOM,  credit contraction BUST cycle... from which bankers with deep pockets can scoop up billions of dollars of valuable assets for pennies on the dollar from cash strapped business owners,  workers, and homeowners alike
  What distinguished the Market Crash of 2008,  is that the excesses of the fraudulent, swindler bankers were so egregious, that there were NO  bankers left anywhere - not even the nebulous R's multi-continent banking cartel -   with "deep pockets"  deep enough - even Warren Buffet's  $1 billion+ buy-in  infusion to sustain Golddamn-Sachs would have been but a finger in the dike,  if not for the  TWENTY FOUR TRILLION taxpayer-extorted dollars that shortly followed to keep Lord Blankfein's GS  hedge fund gambling monstrosity  ("vampire squid")  out of the sewer of bankruptcy and failure where it belonged (belongs) - as the above video explains.