Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Two posts by Rick Ackerman explain how Obama is COMPLICIT with FRAUD, CURRENCY MANIPULATION, and the Goddamn-Sachs/Fed ASSAULT on foreign countries' currencies & economies...

Two excellent posts by Rick Ackerman explain how U.S. financial markets are RIFE with INSIDER TRADING... indeed,  INSIDER FRAUD by the "Big Boys'  IS THE VERY DEFINITION of  Wall Street & the U.S. financial markets under two years of Obama Co.
(and 8 years of Bush, and the later half of the Clinton presidency before that!  The early years of the Clinton presidency were marked by William Black and other S&L regulators and prosecutors ACTUALLY PROSECUTING  FRAUD in the S&L economy killing insider looting & trading scandals;  but of course towards the 2nd half of his presidency  Bill Clinton brought ROBERT RUBIN and LARRY SUMMERS into the Treasury Department (and  fraudster Rahm Emanuel into his White House),  signalling the Clinton administration's ALLIANCE with the FRAUDSTERS at Goddamn-Sachs, JPM, Citi, and the privately owned hedge funds on Wall Street.  (See former Goddamn-Sachs trader Jim Cramer's infamous "fomenting" video.) 
 (Similar to Bill Clinton supported Rubin & RIGHT-WING REPUBLICAN Phil Gramm's "DEREGULATION" schemes, and tolerating Goddamn-Sachs & the Fed's institutionalized (credit bubble, credit bust) fraud) 

 ...Rick Ackerman (RickAckerman.com)   explains that Obama's Department of 'Justice' (under Attorney General Eric Holder)  is being WILLFULLY BLIND to TITANIC FRAUD by  THE BIGGEST PLAYERS on Wall Street... which we knew already, because Idiot Obama & GS toady Holder are NOT prosecuting Godddamn-Sachs,  JPM,  Citi, Merrill-Lynch,  Countrywide (BoA), AIG, or any of the other well reported FRAUDSTERS for any of their titanic "defraud investors" schemes...

  ...much less is Team Obama giving us a DIME's worth of ACCOUNTING, for our  FORTY TRILLION DOLLARS worth of taxpayer  EXTORTED  'bailouts' loot & plunder.

    Indeed, taken to its logical conclusion, merely for REFUSING to GIVE AMERICANS AN ACCOUNTING of their swindled and stolen "BAILOUTS" loot (much less not prosecuting criminal fraud by the Big Boys),   it simply must be said that President Obama is THE BIGGEST fraudster &  SWINDLER of them all
  (with Speaker of House Nancy Pelosi a close second... no matter how much she may hide behind Team Obama, her bright red dresses, and her  fluttering female eyelashes, the United States  CONGRESS is, at least according to the late United States Constitution,  the ultimate arbiter of all tax and spending bills passed by and/or enforced by the U.S. government - no matter how much the corrupt and incompetent Speaker Pelosi DEFERS her financial authorization & oversight powers to her Goddamn-Sachs, JPM, and  Fed "campaign donation" bribes & intimidations overlords.)
 (Which three - the Fed, GS, and JPM,  are all three synonymous,  one-and-the-same, interchangeable.)
  Although we wish Federal prosecutors well in their efforts to root out insider trading, we won’t be too terribly surprised if the five alleged insiders charged Thursday in a high-profile case beat the rap. It’s like trying to root out corruption in places like Kazakhstan or Louisiana, where graft is a way of life. A jury of one’s peers in Baton Rouge probably thinks it’s got better things to do than convict someone for anything less than a capital crime. The five men charged yesterday are all connected to a Mountain View, CA, firm called Primary Global Research....
  We’ve always wondered how the regulators choose their targets. There is so much “good information” out there, and so many ways to come by it, that ten-thousand prosecutors working for a thousand years would not exhaust the supply of potential felons. In the meantime, the real insiders have at times seemed to have gotten away with murder by operating in the open. Bear Stearns, for instance.  The late, great investment firm served for a while as investment banker to Resorts International, the first company to open a casino in Atlantic City.  At the time, we were working in the options pits of the Pacific Stock Exchange, making markets in put and call options on, among other stocks, Resorts International. To say that Bear Stearns traded Resorts options knowledgeably would be a gross understatement. They were bloody geniuses, they were, and they leveraged information on Resorts by buying or selling options with uncanny timing.  (cont'd)
  Yep, that's not our opinion:  Idiot Obama's "Economics" and "Dept. of Justice'" teams are SO INSANELY CORRUPT, that according to RA they pretend not to notice that  "the REAL INSIDERS have been GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER"  or that there are enough insider trading and fraud cases out there to keep 10,000 prosecutors busy for a thousand years! 

  An even more fascinating article is Ackerman's explanation of 
(on behalf of  GODDAMN-SACHS and JP Morgan, which is to say,  the rothschilds multi-national parasite bankers cabal, & etc.)  INTENTIONALLY SABOTAGE  foreign markets, foreign economies, and foreign currencies,  in order to boost (artificially pump up) the  U.S. dollar....
 which  (debasing the dollar while fraudulently pumping it up at other nation's expense)  allows Bernanke and Geithner to HIDE all the BILLIONS (upon trillions) of dollars they are PRINTING UP and GIVING AWAY to their GS and JPM  career mentors and overlords
   (The nominally "American" member-owner banks of the Fed...  are actually front companies for the  rothschilds banking cartel, which has 100 other front companies and partner parasite banker + financial extortion  allies.)  
  Yes, it's true:    to see how the  VAMPIRE SQUID extortion Fed/JPM/Goddamn-Sachs (rothschilds) banking cabal actually operates, all you have to do is read this one short & sweet Rick Ackerman article.  
   (Which confirms and supports David Degraw's magnificent 15 minute video interview on the Max Keiser show back in October 2010,  where Degraw asserted that, 
  #1. Geithner and Bernanke have actually dished out  $40 trillion  (FORTY TRILLION DOLLARS)  between "bailouts" and  Fed  "liquidity injections," "backstops," "loan guarantees,"  "quantitative easing" and other fancy names for GIVING Goddamn-Sachs & JPM  taxpayer obligated fiat money; and
#2.   that Geithner has become so reliable for his GS + JPM masters (read, Robert Rubin & pals)   at using these Fed shenanigans to DESTROY  foreign currencies and countries,  that Geithner should be looked at as "an ECONOMIC DEATH SQUAD LEADER." 
  Bullion prices seem likely to remain under pressure for the rest of the year now that Moody’s has trained its water hose on…Spain! Yesterday, the ratings firm dithered its way into the headlines with a threat to downgrade Iberian debt. Presumably, this was done at the behest of Geithner, Bernanke & Friends. Regardless of who ordered the hit, it sufficed to touch off yet another headless-chicken scramble into the alleged “safety” of the U.S. dollar. The timing of this conspiratorial boost to the buck suggests that the Plunge Protection Team is getting better at its job with each passing month. By our runes, the dollar was poised for a breakdown. Lo, just as the selloff begun on Monday was starting to snowball, the dollar whipped around and began a steep rally that was still in force at yesterday’s close. If we’d stage-managed the turn ourselves using Hidden Pivots to time the announcement, we could not have picked a more opportune spot for Moody’s and its masters to spring a trap on dollar shorts. (cont'd)
  We highly recommend reading both excellent Rick Ackerman articles in full (or, you could just read the tripe they try to pass off as "news" at CNN, Time, Newsweek, the New York Times, the Washington Post,  Fox 'news', etc.)   as well as viewing the below incredibly excellent October 2010  "economic imperialism or financial terrorism?" -  "TIM GEITHNER is an ECONOMIC DEATH SQUAD LEADER... the REAL 'bailouts' are FORTY TRILLION taxpayer extorted dollars"  video.  
  (below 2nd of 3 terrific videos; all three of them here )