Thursday, December 16, 2010

Idiot Obama ON THE SIDE of CRIMINAL FRAUD in Mortgage 'bankers' war against American homeowners... ARRESTS in LA protesting Chase banks FORECLOSURE eviction squads..

Obama, THE IDIOT! 
   "UPHOLD THE LAWS" that YOU SWORE to uphold - not this nightmare of  big banksters BUYING  "justice" and FALSIFYING mortgage papers (ON TOP OF  USING FRAUD to incite homebuyers to purchase predatory loans)  at the local  courthouse   TRAVESTY that you are presiding over...
  Police arrested 22 demonstrators who blocked entry to a downtown Chase bank branch Thursday to protest what they said were unfair home foreclosures.
The demonstrators, which included homeowners facing foreclosure, community advocates and labor leaders, silently allowed officers to bind their wrists behind their backs with plastic restraints and guide them into a police van.
Dozens more demonstrators chanted and marched on a nearby sidewalk holding sighs that said "Stop Bank Greed, Save Our Neighborhoods" as the 12 men and 10 women were taken into custody.