Saturday, June 11, 2011


    Among other things,  "The Federal Reserve AIDS and ABETS  trillions of dollars in Accounting FRAUD",  lends money to "primary banks" at very low interest.. who then turn around and lend it back to the U.S. government at MUCH HIGHER interest, AMERICAN TAXPAYERS  being ROBBED of those primary banksters" "profits";
 "The Federal' Reserve bank gave trillions of American taxpayer dollars, in secrecy, to the people who were MOST RESPONSIBLE for CAUSING our Economic crisis" 
 next up:  the BILDERBERG GROUP is  TREASON.
    It would be BAD ENOUGH if  the hyper-wealthy "Bilderberg" (a subsidiary of CFR, IMF, World Bank, & other Central Banker front groups)  merely  celebrate their "benevolance" and "greatness"  as the WESTERN ECONOMIES under their tender mercies are COLLAPSING into DEBT, POVERTY, contraction,  & DESPAIR -  
 ( the WEALTHY DOMINATED U.S. & European economic systems COLLAPSE under the DEBT imposed by the very PRIVATE  rothschild's-esque U.S. & European CENTRAL BANKING cartels...)
  ...but they are feasting & basking in extorted ("bailouts") wealth & glory, at a time that the GE, U.S. GENERAL ELECTRIC corp.  NUCLEAR REACTORS at Fukushima, Japan, have MELTED DOWN, and are SPEWING TONS upon TONS of radioactively contaminated particles into the Pacific Ocean and atmosphere -  with West Coast Americans (in, for example, Washington state) now inhaling FIFTY sub-hair width RADIOACTIVE PARTICLES  from Fukushima in just ten days time...   (and god only knows how many deadly particles  are being inhaled and ingested by Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and other Asian fallout victims)  

  Two of the primary pillars of the WEALTH of the autocratic,  secretive, politician-buying elites have been their  FOSSIL FUEL MONOPOLIES,  and, recently,  their "BAILOUTS,"  DIRECT EXTORTION of U.S. & European taxpayers...
 ....and now, they are SITTING ON  and GLOATING over their wealth,  SITTING ON their ill-gotten billions $$,  as Fukushima threatens to POISON GRAIN and crop fields (and ocean harvests) ACROSS THE WORLD.

    The treasonous hyper-wealthy elites, while counting their piles of stolen, defrauded, extorted wealth,  are TURNING PLANET EARTH, into their OWN PRIVATE TOILET and toxic, radioactive (and warmongered)    septic tank!