Friday, June 24, 2011

Former Reagan administration Budget Director Stockman sets the record straight: Today's Obama, Kerry, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, Clinton "Democrats" ARE MORE RADICAL Right-Wing than REAGAN era Republicans!

  In the above video, David Stockman explains the OBVIOUS at least three different ways:
 #1. Ben Bernanke's MONEY PRINTING has  done NOTHING to improve the American economy, except CREATE ANOTHER FALSE, illusory bubble  for the wealthy,   who hide behind their bankrupt, insolvent, failed, but Con-gress bribing and "bailouts" extorting banksters. 
#2.  The problem with the American economy in 2008, and today, is TOO MUCH DEBT
What the treasonous American "major media" FAILS to explain, is that ONE PERSON's DEBT, is another person's PROFITS (interest payments or principle repayments.)
  Giving "BAILOUTS" to banksters,  OSTENSIBLY to "improve the economy," but while ACTUALLY PILING MORE DEBT on American taxpayers, is PURE ECONOMIC SABOTAGE, which should be considered treason.
#3.    Today's "bailouts" and  "EXPANDING WARS" and "POLICE STATE gwot"  "Democratic leaders" ARE FAR MORE radical Right-Wing that President Reagan... much less Nixon, much less Eisenhower. 

  Senator Joe Lieberman is the Senator from Israel,  Senator Chuck Schumer is the Senator from Wall Street (AND israel),  Senator Dianne Feinstein is the Senator from the 'American' PRISON GULAG,  and former Senator Hillary Clinton (currently Secretary of State)  can not TOADY UP TO the above Neo-Con agenda fast enough to collect her next AIPAC blood-money  paycheck,  "campaign donation",  whether APROVING the murderous  CIA/Wall St./Likud orchestrated  COUP in Honduras (and $3 wage in Haiti),   or approving of UNLIMITED GESTAPO TORTURE for  the Likudnik mercenaries running America's wars in Afghanistan & Iraq, and wherever the Likud war lobby feels like inserting U.S. armies, troops, or mercenaries.

 bonus:  ONE OF THE TWO MOST IMPORTANT ARTICLES in the (entire) WORLD today:
Bruce Cameron's  "President Reagan BROKE FROM his  (what would soon be called  NEO-CON warmongers)  "national security advisors"  and Cold War era war lobby apparatchiks,  (defense contractors, military think tanks, israel funded think tanks)  to make those WEAPONS DISMANLTING  PEACE TREATIES with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

  We concur with Mr. Cameron - who, in writing the above editorial,  counters the notion by founder & publisher Robert Parry, that President Reagan was a relentless warmonger and dupe of his "national security state" (Neo-Con) advisors.    However, Mr. Parry and ConsortiumNews, besides offering this forum for Bruce Cameron to explain how close the world came to NOT dodging the nuclear WWIII bullet,  has done yeoman work on the IRAN-CONTRA and OCTOBER SURPRISE TREASON stories

 These  excellent articles over the years illustrate, beyond a doubt, that the ISRAEL LOBBY has CONSISTENTLY UNDERMINED American presidents in their foreign policy -  including seducing "American" Jews and "national security" Republicans (and, more recently, Democratic officials)   to COMMITT TREASON against the United States,  including Republican agents (almost certainly under then Vice Presidential candidate George H.W. Bush, Sr., who at the time had recently been President Ford's CIA Director)   DEALING with the Iranian Ayatollah "terrorists" to HOLD AMERICAN HOSTAGES, THROUGH the November 1980 elections, so President Jimmy Carter would lose the election.  
The Likud (israel) war lobby under Begin,  Netanyahu and other Jewish leaders, were furious at Carter for forcing Israel to return the Sinai Penninsula to Egypt in return for a peace treaty with Sadat.

  They - the Jewish war lobby - immediately set out to undermine the Jimmy Carter presidency - including SUBORNING TREASON from American officials and CIA related "black ops" mercenaries
This pattern of  FOREIGN STATE suborned TREASON against America's genuine national security interests,  and the ECONOMIC SABOTAGE against the American economy of high wages, industrial production, and and upwardly mobile middle-class, have,  in the 2 decades since the "October Surprise" TREASON  defeat of President Jimmy Carter's re-election prospects,  become THE PATTERN of American governance - the INTENTIONAL  SABOTAGE of the American economy, is now the HALLMARK of the Ben Bernanke, Bob Rubin, Larry Summers led  "Democratic" Congress and presidents  ABJECT REFUSAL to  AUDIT those banks,  and criminally indict those fraudsters,  who are stealing SO MUCH MONEY (wether in outright taxpayer extorted "bailouts," or merely  "DEREGULATION"  LICENSE to COMMITT FRAUD)  as to contract the entire U.S. economy. The OCTOBER SURPRISE archives; a brief survey of the history of the  Israel/Jewish  War Lobby SUBORNING TREASON from American government officials and "Black Ops,"  CIA related and private contractors mercenaries, to "punish" President Carter, and bring about the placement of Mossad/Jewish War Lobby appartchiks at top levels of the Bush-1,  Clinton, Bush-II (and now Obama) presidencies.
Related:  Under the TREASONOUS influence of the  Neo-Cons - the treason suborning, Constitution thrashing, economy gutting cold blooded imperial warmongers of the  israel centered jewish war lobby - the hired and bought off thugs,  aka political "leaders" of the "Democratic" Party,  NO LONGER EVEN BOTHER  to MENTION - much less stand up for -   EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW in America,  as the below "Black & White Thinking" pictures + text boxes from today's financial blog, illustrate:  ruthless, evil judges in America ROUTINELY  sentence Americans to LONG PRISON TERMS for NON-VIOLENT crimes,  while turning  Wall Street ECONOMY GUTTING  CRIMINALS  FREE after a token year or 2 or 3 of prison time. 
Unfortunately,  THE BIBLE ITSELF is the root/core of this RACIST, BIGOTED, APRTHEID, anti-human,  anti-human rights, anti-constitutional rights, imperial warmongering P.O.V. that now SATURATES 2011 era America - the bible is REPLETE with stories of the Jews KILLING their NEIGHBORS, allies, and former  friends, to STEAL their wealth, destroy their  neighbors' property, and often engage in mass-murder massacres and wholesale rapes - all REPEATEDLY  at the instigation of the so-called "god of the universe."
  updated 6-25-2011