Friday, June 17, 2011

OBAMA the LIAR and FRAUD: These are the men who PRESIDED OVER the ECONOMIC MELTDOWN Sept. 2008 under George W. Bush. Obama PROMISED us Americans "change" - but He REHIRED TWO of THREE of these idiot Economic Saboteurs!

OBAMA the (lying) FRAUD:  These are the men who PRESIDED OVER the ECONOMIC MELTDOWN of Sept. 2008, under then president George W. Bush.
(Paulson, left, Bernanke, Geithner) 
 Obama PROMISED us Americans "change" - but he REHIRED TWO (!!)  out of THREE of these idiot Economic Saboteurs, to 'lead' HIS  "Democratic" administration's "economic policy"** - which of course means he has given us MORE of BUSH-O-NOMICS!!  

 ** "economic policy" -  IF you call allowing Ben "judenfetzen" Bernanke to PRINT TRILLIONS of taxpayer obligated dollars, which land ONLY in the VERY PRIVATE bank vaults of the  very private member/owner banks of the so-called "Federal' Reserve central banking cabal...  an "economic policy." 

    Anyone who wonders why America's economy is sputtering, and EMPLOYMENT is in the TRASH (and getting worse)  is AN IDIOT:   the American economy is sputtering, and America's jobs outlook is DISMAL,    BECAUSE  the  LYING FRAUD  "in pocket of GS, JPM, Fed banksters" Obama, is CONTINUING the DESPISED "tax cuts for rich in time of war" economic policies of radical right-wing Republican president George W. Bush"...    ON STEROIDS,  of  the trillions of dollars of taxpayer obligated "BAILOUTS," and  "FREE MONEY FROM FED to bankers"  "Quantitative Easings"  which DEVALUE the savings, pensions, & paychecks (and, guess what... HOME VALUES, too!)  of ordinary Americans.

  To repeat,  using "bailouts" and Fed "Quantitative Easing" FREE MONEY FROM FED to failed, bankrupt, insolvent (but Con-gress, media, & presidents bribing) banksters,  with not a lick of oversight, audits, or claw-back for our missing billions... (anyone seen Mary Schapiro or Gary Gensler?)

   idiot OBAMA is pushing... BUSH-o-nomics ON STEROIDS,  2&1/2 years after Bush departed Washington in ignomy !!