Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Like the Nazis, the Jews who are running America have one solution for everything: BOMBS, death, & destruction. Serbia... Afghanistan.. Irag... Pakistan... now Libya... the trail of death, mass-murder & destruction continues

In an earlier post, we asserted that, beyond dispute, jewish war state Prime Minister "Bibi" Netanyahu (who first achieved that office when one of his hate-whipped supporters ASSASSINATED his political rival, then Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin) is far and away THE MOST POWERFUL POLITICIAN in America, and he and his Likud Party are the de facto 'leaders' of... AMERICA's FOREIGN POLICY.

Which is to say, "EVER EXPANDING WARS." 

Under the FIG LEAF of "saving Libyans from Qadaffi regime repression," the "American"  jewish dominated Neo-Cons, have granted themselves the 'right' to BOMB LIBYA, "ANY Libyans, anywhere, any time"  they want.
In truly Nazi fashion, the VICTIMS of AMERICAN BOMBS DO NOT COUNT: like the DEATH CAMP VICTIMS of the Nazi regime, America's insanely genocidal Neo-Cons do not confer "human" status on the victims of their bombs & bullets
Oh - and the COST of the "MURDER LIBYANS, so JP Morgan, Goddamn Sachs, and the London  Rothschilds can STEAL Libya's gold & oil" is, of course, GOING TO BE CHARGED to peon, serf, half-step-away from cannon-fodder  ("go ahead and DIE if you don't have premium health care or a good job")  AMERICAN taxpayers

he may look harmless, but jewish uber- overlord evelyn de rothschild is the amoral, treacherous, treasonous (BREAK the currency of "his own country" - the British pound - anyone?) GRAND SPIDER at the center of the ruthless WEB OF DEBT that is pushing both America and Europe into a SECOND GREAT DEPRESSION... and, once US & NATO bombs, bullets, & invaders steal Libya's gold and oil, rothschild will certainly see some of that blood soaked gold & oil wealth land in his family's treasonous, nation, taxpayer,  and economy-gutting vaults.
Pentagon sees Libya military costs soar 
North African operation on course to cost hundreds of millions 

U.S. military operations in Libya are expected to cost hundreds of millions of dollars more than the initial $750 million outgoing defense secretary Robert Gates estimated last month, the Financial Times reported on its website Thursday, citing figures it obtained.     [who woulda thunk it?!]
By mid-May, U.S. operations in Libya had cost $664 million, a figure confirmed by the Department of Defense, the report said citing a memo entitled "United States Contribution to Operation Unified Protector." 
The memo added that U.S. costs are running about $2 million a day or $60 million a month, higher than the $40 million a month the Pentagon had previously stated in a congressional hearing, the report said. 
Should spending remain at the increased rate until the end of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's authorized period, the DoD could be paying an additional approximate $274 million [another quarter billion dollars] on air strikes, refueling operations and intelligence-gathering missions, the report said.   [for a total of ONE TRILLION DOLLARS extorted from American taxpaeyrs;  so the rothshchilds and their GS, JPM  'American' jewish banking/financial extortion arms can steal Libya's oil & gold.]