Friday, November 11, 2011

Bankers CAN BE like Hitler and Stalin, no matter how the whore media makes celebrities backtrack from their comments...

Well, the ice has been broken - the comparison between the American economy gutting bankers, and Hitler and Stalin has been made
  If the attack, war, and invasion of Iran that the treasonous warmongering Neo-Cons (financed by their Fed, ECB, & BoE money-printing, economy gutting bankers) have so long been lusting for finally takes place,
   the Neo-Cons will either instigate or create themselves some

"blow back" TERROR ATTACKS - and then ratchet up their GESTAPO POLICE STATE brutality another notch, if subjecting Americans to ferocious guard dogs and machine-gunned storm-trooper invasions in the "war on drugs;" using spy-cameras for writing traffic tickets; running invasive, cattle-branding pat-down searches at TSA "checkpoints;" and having  "rogue black ops" elements of the U.S. government's bio-war community send anthrax letters to Congress isn't already police state enough. 

  Just to make the historical context clear, bankers can, very much, be just like Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin in their premeditated mass-murderous plans and mass persecution predations.

   Long before there was an Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin, there was the IRISH HOLOCAUST - politely referred to in Anglo/American history and 'news' reports as the "Irish potato famine,"  and which the Irish themselves refer to as simply "the Great Famine."   In fact, the Irish famine of 1845-1852 was just one of many famines that the Irish endured under brutal English occupation going back to at least Queen Elizabeth in the 1500s, and 'Lord Protector' Oliver Cromwell's even more ruthless invasion of Ireland in the 1650s.   At least one website historical source places the casualties from Cromwell's invasion of Ireland at a 41% loss of population
"The figures are even more horrific for Ireland, however: a total of 618,000 deaths from fighting and disease out of a total pre-war population of c. 1.5 million, or 41 per cent of the population. 
A 41 per cent loss of population must surely represent one of the greatest tragedies of any people for any period of European history, not excluding the worst excesses of the twentieth century. We can take as an example the death rate from enemy action and war-related disease for Britain during the Second World War, which represents 0.6 per cent of the population." 
Make no mistake: Cromwell and Elizabeth's forces were armed and financed by the budding English merchant/banker class, the new global imperialist traders, merchants, and growing body of industrial manufacturers who supplanted the powers of the great earls and dukes whose wealth came largely from agricultural products grown on their own "private" estates during the medieval era (which ended about the time of Elizabeth and her father's, King Henry VIII, reigns).
   (After the gold, silver, and precious stones were looted out of Central- and South America by the Conquistadors, the next great fortunes that would be delivered to European commerce from 'the New World' would be sugar, from the slave powered sugar plantations.  The "white gold" plantations had a voracious appetite for slave labor, in some instances, an average rate of 100% mortality over just three years,  meaning, on average, every slave had to be replaced by three years due to deaths from overwork, tropical diseases, and overseer brutality.) 

        Indeed, today's Anglo & American empires follow the lead set by "the Queen's own pirate," Sir Francis Drake, and other Elizabethan English sea captains  who established England's global merchant and naval presence either plundering Spanish gold and treasure (which in turn had been extorted by mass-murder from local, indigenous 'Indians' and the Maya, Aztec, and Inca native empires) or by trading African slaves. 

   Since the transatlantic AFRICAN SLAVE TRADE was very much a mass-murderous HOLOCAUST, the COMPARISONS between England's budding empire, and the tactics of Hitler and Stalin's mass slave-labor camps,
  are perfectly valid    - if a bit of a "time warp" stretch. 

   However, there is no "time warp" needed to compare the brutal, INTENTIONAL MASS FAMINE  treatment the English dealt to the Irish in the 19th Century... and the worst of Stalin's crimes, his "Holomodor" INTENTIONAL GENOCIDE and ETHNIC CLEANSING of the Ukraine, after the Communists had defeated their royalist "White Russian" enemies in the post- Revolution Civil War,  and Stalin and his henchmen were able to turn their murderous attention to Ukrainian farmers, who were preparing a passive, "no grains delivered" resistance to Communist dictates.
    Under the "Red Wolf of the Kremlin" Commissar Lazar Kaganovich and other ruthless commissar appartchiks, Stalin starved or had executed somewhere between one million, and up to eight million souls during the "Holomodor" intentional mass famine of the Ukraine 1932  - duplicating exactly the tactics that the British had used against the Irish just 80 years earlier.  

 While over in the United States, rounding up captured,"Indian" rebel tribes in America's wild west Indian wars and putting those captured tribes on "reservations" composed of the worst lands in the regions,
 then allowing crooked "Indian agents" to pocket the money meant to supply food, clothing, and cattle to those tribes (resulting in starvation and disease during brutal winters) was the precursor for Hitler's 20th century "concentration camps"...

  ...there can be no doubt that it was the English themselves - under the Anglo, British (including Scots and Anglicized Irish) and Judeo (rothschilds) merchant/banker elites, who perpetrated the precursor atrocity to Hitler and Stalin's later crimes; the intentional Anglo merchant/banker directed,  premeditated, mass-murder, nation wide "ethnic cleansing" by starvation siezure of food crops using police and local militia, backed by royal army and navy military force.


    How Wall Street and London bankers, led by (Rothschilds' proxy?) German-Jewish banker Jacob Schiff operating from Wall Street -   ARMED and INDUSTRIALIZED JAPAN's military for the 1900 Russo-Japanese war,  in revenge for the Russian Czar not granting autonomy - sovereignty - to the Jewish communities in the Russian empire.

  Due to the generous Wall Street financing, Japan's success against the Russian Navy in that war would not only allow Japan's army and navy warlords to prepare to wage wars for an even bigger empire -  against Britain and American naval interests - but would lead directly to the post- WW1 Japanese invasion and conquest of Manchuria, 1931, and immediately thereafter, the Japanese INVASION OF CHINA.
 Thus Anglo and American bankers were the enablers, if not financiers, of THE MOST BRUTAL and atrocious holocaust of the entire bloody 20th Century, the 20+/- million Chinese killed  during the Japanese invasion of China in WWII

  Throw in British and American merchant/banker support for (instigation of!) the OPIUM WAR against China,  and the subsequent bloody repression of the Taiping- and "Boxer Rebellion" BACKLASH to that opium war rape of China,  and it is quickly evident that Western -  Anglo, American, and European bankers financed not one, but three genocidal wars and invasions against China
below pictures from Wiki's "Boxer Rebellion" page, illustrate the Anglo/European/American rape of China, and the "multinational" western alliance put together to force China to import opium - to EXTORT China out of its wealth, by addicting its population to merchant/banker imported opium:
(above, cartoon of Western industrialist/bankers led imperialists carving up China)
Despite a century of Western imposed mass violence on China...
(below image, Japanese execute "Boxer" rebels by decapitation, just a small taste of the millions of Chinese killed by Western forces between the suppressions of the Boxer and Taiping rebellions) is a textbook example of a western writer/commentator, trying to claim that Mao intentionally killed more Chinese, during the famines that resulted from his aborted "Great Leap Forward," than died during the Japanese invasion(s) of China culminating in WWII and all other wars (!!): 

   "China’s Democide Far Exceeds Japan’s"

  the clear implication being that if the Chinese would just surrender their sovereignty to benign, 'moral values' westerners, they would have a much more humane and stable governance. 

   This notion is poppycock, and fails abjectly to take into consideration China's serial prostrate condition at the hands of invading Western armies (and merchant/banker/traders) for nearly ten decades, invading forces who had the adavantage of industrialized armies and navies.   As the wiki page on Taiping Rebellion, alone, tabulates,  TWENTY to THIRTY MILLION China casaulties as enraged Chinese rebels tried to expel the Manchu empire, which had been prostrated & prostituted to the Western opium traders and their respective "loot, rape, extort, and plunder" opium dealing, banker financed governments.

 **(note: If current Anglo, American, and Western writers want to lay the blame for China's post-WWII famine entirely at Mao's feet... then how about this wiki list of famine victims from BRITISH CONTROLLED India - including the WWII era famine with a low and high count of 4 million victims?!
  The "OFF BALANCE SHEET" accounting of America's fraudulent banks, today, has a historical basis well over 100 years old - as captured in this brief survey of the true costs of the Opium War,
a war the west - particularily Britain - foisted on China,
 in a textbook example of PREDATORY CAPITALISM -
 - with Victorian English writers, and their American counterparts today, still writing, today, of
   EXTORTION BY national conquest wars and MILITARY FORCE 
 as so-called "free market capitalism" !!
"In 1800, the per-capita standard of living in China exceeded that of Europe. Like India, China did not need or want Britain's products. However, Britain consumed large quantities of Chinese tea and, to avoid the loss of Britain's gold, it was imperative that something else be traded. Though it was done covertly and not acknowledged by the British government, it became official policy for British merchants to peddle opium to China. Opium [sold to China] was no hole-in-the-corner petty smuggling trade but probably the largest commerce of the time in any single commodity . This injustice was challenged by Chinese authorities (the Boxer Rebellion) but their attempt to maintain sovereignty was put down by a combined force of 20,000 British, French, Japanese, German, and United States troops (5,000 were Americans) led by a German general. It was a blatant attempt to carve up China between those imperial-centers-of-capital .
     With the sales of opium exceeding the purchases of tea, Britain lost neither gold nor currency. Their capital and labor costs involved only an internal circulation of money. No wealth was lost to another society, which is the essence of a successful mercantilist policy. This appears productive only because the wealth gained or protected by Britain was considered; the much greater losses suffered by China, India, and much of the world were conveniently left uncalculated.


  EXTORTING the WEALTH OF NATIONS - by deceit, by murderous proxies, by direct military occupation; by bayonets, bullets, and cannon fire - has been THE model of Western, banker financed imperialism for 500+ years, and for the bloodiest and most ruthless century - the 20th century - of that recent, modern, mass-murderous human history era, the Anglo/American/European bankers and merchants, traders, and industrialists have largely been in the drivers seat, either building up Japan's military in the late 19th century, invading China in the mid-19th century; supporting the South's slave state armies during the American Civil War in 1860s,  extorting Ireland's food supply and creating mass famine in the mid-1800s, or laying Germany prostate after the brutal Versailles Treaty, sowing the seeds for WWII.  (Much less causing the GREAT DEPRESSION in America!)


  The mass graves of Ireland: using the British government's own pre-famine and post-famine census statistics, this websites estimates that  up to 6 million Irish were killed, murdered, and starved by intentional British government - banker financed - famine policies - in the 1845-1852 famine, alone!