Thursday, November 10, 2011

GESTAPO America: Militarized Riot Police SMASH HEADS of Protesters Univ. California at Berkeley, who are DROWNING in STUDENT LOAN DEBT, as Obama HANDS TRILLIONS of Fed made-out-of-thin-air Bernanke dollars to the Bankers who have WRECKED our economy. Obama is a Traitor to voters who voted him into office

As President Barack Obama's administration hands out trillions of dollars to Wall St. and multinational bankers,  police across America - to cover-up or hide the crimes of wholesale, nation-gutting financial theft - smash their batons against debt-strapped students protesting budget cuts, lack of future jobs,  and the debt loads imposed on them by corrupt bankers and Congress,  at America's cash starved universities.        Mr. Obama is a sad farce of a "representative" leader.

Image screen-capture from George Washinington's blog video: POLICE ASSAULTING peaceful students in America,  the police answer to their criminal paymasters, American people be damned.
Barack Obama's entire presidency - from Tim Geithner at the Treasury Department, to Mary Schapiro at the SEC, to Gary Gensler at the CFTC, to Janet Napolitano at the 'Homeland' Dictatorship agency - are perpetrating MASSIVE FRAUDS against the American people, handing out TENS of TRILLIONS of "free money" Fed fiat dollars, and taxpayer extorted "bailouts" dollars, to the criminal, thieving, national economy gutting banksters.  

Under 2 decades of Bush, Clinton, Bush, and now Obama presidencies, Americans have been reduced to DEBT SLAVES to the anti-American multi-national bankers and Israel war lobby, with its constantly expanding, U.S. funded and manned Mideast wars....  

 ...even as the TREASONOUS Neo-Con warmongers who control our Congress SABOTAGE America's progress in passive solar electricity generation, and electric autos infrastructure, thereby INCREASING America's DEPENDENCE on foreign oil - COUNTERING the claims from the treasonous liars about their so-called "expertise" in,  and "concern" for, America's genuine "national security." 

  AT EVERY LEVEL, the NEO-CON AGENDA that is articulated by both "Democrat" and Republican parties, and fronted by the Israel war lobby and NY, London, European bankers,   is TREASONOUS against American economic security, financial stability, and economic and social progress.