Friday, November 25, 2011

Obama's Neo-Con traitors - his "of, by, and for Goddamn-Sachs" thieves, swindlers, and saboteurs... have DESTROYED the US economy, financial markets, and are wrecking the social fabric of America with "DEREGULATION" and ENCOURAGING and REWARDING FRAUD.......

Barack Obama's INSANELY  CORRUPT administration - Dr. William Black specifically mentions Larry Summers - is willfully, repeatedly,
criminally BLIND to AN EPIC of FRAUD
in America's critical financial markets... every turn, Mr. Obama's insanely corrupt officials, who come from Wall St. or Wall St. owned academia, REWARD the BANKERS, with billions upon trillions of dollars of "bailouts," "loan guarantees," "backstops," "toxic-asset buybacks," and outright hundreds-of-billions-of-dollars "liquidity injections"  GIVE-AWAYS to the bankers who are DEFRAUDING America out of TRILLIONS of dollars of wealth, jobs, income, and savings -

 ht Karl Denninger - "And you wonder if it can happen -- it, incidentally, being the people banding together and saying 'no more fraud damnit!' Yes, it can. Note who this is, where he's speaking, and think very, very carefully about whether attacking a group that is listening and willing to act on this correct perspective is wise."

 (above) - Former S&L Fraud PROSECUTOR Dr. William Black explains how ALAN GREENSPAN and the "C-suites" - the Chairmen, CEOs, and CFOs of America's biggest banks - rammed "DEREGULATION" down America's throats - and how the entire Obama administration is now COMPLICIT with the MASSIVE, ECONOMY GUTTING, NATIONAL CRISIS CREATING FRAUDs that permeate and saturate EVERY LEVEL of the American markets...

    ...a result of the Bob Rubin, Larry Summers, Phil Gramm, and big bankers' orchestrated  jihad to first "deregulate" and then DEFRAUD America out of billions upon trillions of dollars in economic failure, crisis, and "bailouts" extortion... a verbatim REPEAT - on a 70x larger scale - of the S&L crisis that threw America into the Bush-1 Recession 1988-1995.   

    bonus: "How corporations became people" - due to the relentless bankster BRIBING of government officials, including legislative, congressional, regulatory... and JUDICIAL,  America's JUDGES are ON THE TAKE from the insanely greedy, entitled banksters....

The Fascinating History of How Corporations Became "People" -- Thanks to Corrupt Courts Working for the 1%
Occupiers could direct their energy not only at Wall Street, but also at its enablers, in Congress, and ultimately, at the high court... (cont'd)