Sunday, November 2, 2008

As good as it is, the Democratic Barack Obama campaign COULD HAVE SHARPENED the expose of Republican misrule & McCain campaign...

AS GOOD AS IT IS, Obama's campaign has fallen WAY SHORT of HIGHLIGHTING JUST HOW ATROCIOUS the Republican agenda & campaigns are....!!

#1 REPUBS WANT TO KILL Soc Security!!
Americans LOVE Social Security, Right-Wing FEARMONGERING over its imminent demise to the contrary. And AMERICANS SAVED Social Security from "Privatization" - almost DESPITE the cowering Congressional Democrat's lame support.

WHY The Obama campaign has gone SOFT on this issue is... AMAZING?! THERE ARE one THOUSAND video clips of Bush, Cheney, McCain, and other Republicans TRYING TO DESTROY Social Security, by trying to PRIVATIZE it, which would have DONE THE SAME DAMN THINGS to SocSecurity that WRECKED the Stock Market, forcing "Heck'uva job Bushie" to RUN TO CONGRESS _BEGGING_ for ONE TRILLION TAX-PAYER DOLLARS to BAIL OUT Bush, Paulson and (former Halliburton CEO) Cheney's CRONIES on Wall St....
(Don't forget, Mr. Cheney's entire fortune is based on his Halliburton STOCK OPTIONS.)

#2. POUNDING McCain's "NO!" votes AGAINST VETERANS CARE, and SPECIFICALLY SAY that McCain is a DAMN HYPOCRITE to say "I SUPPORT THE TROOPS!" when he MOST CERTAINLY DOES NOT. this is a _major shortcoming_ of all the Democrats, failing to POUND this issue - down McCain's and Republican party throats.

#3. Obama campaign failure to POUND McCain's REJECTION OF FARM BILL votes down McCain's ENTITLED, multi-millionaire, hypocrite throat...

AMERICANS _LOVE_ SOCIALISM in Agricultural policy.. it is called our CHEAP FOOD national policy, and EVERYONE loves it - consumers in cities AND rural states (who benefit from low priced food even if their region has a drought, for example), small family farmers, and even LARGE CORPORATE FARMS, - EVERYONE LOVES America's CHEAP FOOD SOCIALIZED, SUBSIDIZED AGRICULTURE, but of course Republicans love the benefit of CHEAP ag, but vote against it in cases of idiots like Bush & McCain, and CAMPAIGN AGAINST it in terms of PRETENDING that "SUBSIDIES" don't equal "Socialism."

#4. Obama campaign has FAILED to POUND Bush, McCain, GOP attempts to REDUCE REGULATION on POISONS IN OUR WATER SUPPLY.
Bush, Cheney, McCain, and the ENTIRE GOP crew, want to allow FAR HIGHER LIMITS on these TOXIC substances in our water supply and/or air we breathe - substances KNOWN TO RETARD BRAIN DEVELOPMENT IN BABIES. (Not to mention substances known to contribute to pre-natal and poor pregnancy conditions - the Alpha & Omega of Right-Wing claims to "moral superiority" based on their anti-abortion stances.)

#5. Health Care... Obama campaign COULD HAVE _POUNDED_ McCain on Health care, but it is TOUGH to go after a former POW on all the MILLIONS of dollars his health care have cost... and more specifically, how NO, NO, NO Private Insurer would EVER have taken McCain's insurance, had he not had GOVERNMENT insurance, and/or been WEALTHY.

BUT the Obama campaign COULD have POUNDED the theme that AMERICA's HEALTH CARE COSTS have TRIPLED these last few years under Bush, Cheney, McCain, and Republican misrule.

can anyone IMAGINE the ads the GOP, Bush, Cheney, McCain, and Repubs would be running, IF Barack Obama had been KISSING ARAB DICTATORS who fund WAHABI, "HATE THE INDOLENT WEST!" DICTATORS ???!!!

There are HUNDREDS of Pictures of Bush holding hands, kissing, and LAUGHING with Arab OIL DICTATORS who can EXECUTE WOMEN for having an affair !!

Oh yeah..
#7. Bush & cheney TRYING TO SELL US PORTS to the VERY ARAB OIL DICTATORS who FUND WAHABI "HATE THE WEST!" schools in Pakistan, Indonesia, and throughout the Muslim World !!

Though FAR from complete - we haven't included DICK CHENEY's HALLIBURTON PORTFOLIO GOING UP with every Billion-dollar NO BID CONTRACT he gave his "former" country; or Bush's corrupt Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson using ONE TRILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS to bail out HIS OWN $500 million portfolio AT GOLDMAN-SACHS, or how Bush, Cheney, McCain, & crew have HELPED CORPORATIONS LOOT worker PENSION FUNDS (which was EXACTLY the theme of the _1980s_ movie "Wall Street" with Michael Douglas and Martin Sheen)...