Saturday, November 15, 2008

Maddow to President-elect Obama & Dem Leaders: "Leave Sen Lieberman IN HIS COMMITTEE CHAIR, you'll DESERVE his backstabbing Witch-hunt Investigations"

(Sorry, Rachel, for the unflattering lead frame from this video..
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Thank god for YouTube!
The worst aspect of America's "uber-consumer, material girl, conspicuous consumption, instant gratification" culture, is that no matter how many THOUSANDS of facts you can compile - common sense facts, for example, that while "red state" Right-Wing Republican politicians such as Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin moan and cry about "SOCIALIZED big government Democrat policies," it is RURAL, "RED" Republican STATES that are nine times out of ten NET FEDERAL TAX-DOLLAR RECIPIENTS - that is, the more they bleat about "Moral Values", the more likely they are to be WELFARE QUEENS! -

- Despite the abundance of thousands of such FACTS that the ENTIRE Right-Wing agenda is made up of LIES and DISTORTIONS (see Al Franken demolish Rush Limbaugh's use of made-up statistics on minimum wage) - UNLESS AMERICANS SEE SOMETHING ON THEIR TV, or SPLASHED ALL OVER THE FRONT-PAGES (and _only_ the front pages) of their newsstand newspaper - it SIMPLY DOESN'T COUNT!

SUCH is the case with JOE LIEBERMAN, the hypocrite & treacherous former 2000 Democratic vice presidential candidate who today chairs the Democrat majority Senate Government Affairs Oversight Committee. Not only has Senator Lieberman treacherously run against and defeated DEMOCRATIC Party Senate candidate Ned Lamont for his current job (if you or I did that, it would mean that we were no longer a part of the Democratic Party, and would not be eligible to CHAIR a COMMITTEE in the Democratic Senate caucus), but Mr. Lieberman has spent the entire past years of 2007 and 2008 up to the November 4 elections CAMPAIGNING FOR John McCain, the _REPUBLICAN_ candidate for president!

Fortunately, MSNBC news/commentary show host RACHEL MADDOW deconstructs Lieberman's amazing, arrogant, entitled gall and in-your-face treachery, and because of the miracle of YouTube, we can show you Mr. Lieberman's treacherous DUPLICITY, IN HIS OWN WORDS.

More importantly, Ms. Maddow has a message for President-Elect Barack Obama (paraphrasing):
"President-elect Obama, IF you talk the Democrat senate leadership in to leaving Lieberman astride his COMMITTEE CHAIRMANSHIP, you can BE ASSURED that Lieberman will at some time in the future _START INVESTIGATING YOUR ADMINISTRATION."_

This is a GUARANTEED OUTCOME, because the "independent" Senator from Connecticut has already demonstrated that, ON THE IMPORTANT ISSUES OF WAR, Republican DEFICIT SPENDING, DEREGULATION, insider crony corruption, and even criminal misconduct from within the offices of government, HE IS SOLIDLY IN THE POCKET of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, John McCain, and the Neo-Con "GUT AMERICA's SOCIAL PROGRAMS, RUN UP GOVERNMENT DEFICTS by GIVING TAX CUTS TO THE WEALTHY" agenda.

(Which, Democrat and corporate media FAILURE to highlight it or not, has been THE BEDROCK FOUNDATION and SIGNATURE AGENDA of the Bush/Cheney/GOP reactionary, radical right-wing since at least the years that George W. Bush was governor of Texas, see Molly Ivins & Lou Dubose's book, "Shrub."
Written before the 2000 election, "Shrub" highlighted how Texas Gov. Bush had SQUANDERED the TEXAS STATE BUDGET SURPLUS left to him by his predecessor, Democratic Governor Ann Richards. Not only did Gov. Bush and his Republicans turn Texas' budget surplus TO ASHES, but they did it.... while SLASHING existing social programs that had PAID FOR THEMSELVES, for example pre-school and after-school education programs PROVEN to IMPROVE the GRADUATION RATES, and REDUCE the DROP-OUT and JUVENILE CRIME RATES, of Texas school children and teenagers!)

In short, out of a misguided sense of bipartisanship (or even "compassion") for the treacherous and very dangerous Senator Joe Lieberman, President-elect Obama WOULD BE NURSING A VIPER in his own robes if Lieberman were to continue on as the very powerful CHAIRMAN of the Senate Government Affairs Committee.


Fortunately, the great investigative reporter ROBERT PARRY (who, against considerable "major media" (corporate) obstructionist efforts of his editors, publishers, and the DC "conventional wisdom" news networks, broke the Iran-Contra scandal to America's and the Congress' attention) has the details of President Clinton practically sobbing to anyone who would listen to him, about RELENTLESS REPUBLICAN INVESTIGATIONS in to HIS administration, early in 1993 and 1994 - INVESTIGATIONS BROUGHT ABOUT, Parry informs us, because Clinton SWEPT ON-GOING CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS into REPUBLICAN abuses of power from the Bush-1/Reagan years UNDER THE RUG and right out of official Washington - thereby ALLOWING the Republicans and their right-wing media to GO FROM THE DEFENSIVE, TO THE OFFENSIVE, against the very Democratic president who had virtually (by dismissing those on-going investigations) given them sweeping pardons!

note 2: By 1995, the Right-Wing media's ability to blame THE BUSH-1 RECESSION - brought about by Reagan/Bush-1 DEFICIT SPENDING and DEREGULATION (and connected insider crony LOOTING of America's Savings & Loans) was in full roar. Timmy McVeigh, an honorably (but involuntarily) discharged US Army Gulf War combat decorated veteran, started plotting to blow up US federal government targets, because after his involuntary discharge, he was UNABLE TO FIND A JOB in up-state New York... and rather than blame the DEREGULATION/DEFICIT/insider-looting policies of the Republican administration, Right-Wing HATE RADIO talk show hosts, such as G. Gordon Liddy, Oliver North, and others, WERE BLAMING "TAX & SPEND DEMOCRATS" in general, and the CLINTON ADMINISTRATION IN PARTICULAR, for the MASSIVE UNEMPLOYMENT, and gut-wrenching FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DEFICITS of the BUSh-1 RECESSION. The BUSH-1 RECESSION was still in effect THREE FULL YEARS into the Clinton 1st-term White House, when Tim McVeigh's right-wing militia bomb went off, killing 168 government workers children at the Murrah federal government building in downtown Oklahmoa City on April 19th, 1995.
William Edelen, cited in the "HATE RADIO" link above, distills this serious and dangerous threat posed to the Democratic administration and American people alike, should the Democratic senators GIVE Senator Lieberman A SOAP-BOX to WHIP UP Right-Wing faux Outrage over the coming years:

"Any person with an I.Q. above three can figure out that this kind of violent talk, with God and the bible thrown in, is the fertilizer for the next Oklahoma bombing, abortion clinic murder, Columbine massacre, Jewish center bloodbath, or a Matthew Shepherd being tied to a fence on a freezing night and beaten to death."