Wednesday, November 19, 2008

PAUL KRUGMAN takes uber-Righty GEORGE WILL to woodshed, delivers THRASHING over Will LYING about causes of the GREAT DEPRESSION...

Poor Paul Krugman! The "Failed Currencies" expert hired by Arthur ("punk") Sulzberger to be the New York Times' in-house "Economic Hit Man" proved not only to be an expert on failed economies (failed currencies of course = failed economies), but turned out to be that rare bird, an ECONOMIST with a CONSCIENCE.
Over coming years Krugman would prove to be "right", as in "correct", far more often than his more well-known NYT columnist stablemates - dreadfully wrong men like WILLIAM "GIVE FALLUJAH a taste of (Hitler's) LIDICE Treatment!" SAFIRE, or THOMAS "The world is FLAT - "AMERICAN WORKERS should settle for THE SAME WAGES as HITLER's CONCENTRATION CAMP LABORERS", er, "CHINESE convict/slave-labor factories" FRIDMAN, or David "I LOVE REPUBLICAN ECONOMICS" BROOKS (just don't try to nail him on exactly why) - and no matter how prescient Krugman's predictions were, they were always buried deep in the editorial section of the Times once or twice a week.

Krugman had to suffer the "dissing" of having his own paper, the NEW YORK SLIMES, IGNORE his own rock-solid recommendations in the way the Times covered the war costs and economic stories of the past 8 years of the Bush-Cheney dreadful administration, every month providing new confirmation that Krugman was correct, and the Times' Neo-Con "TAX-CUTS FOR the WEALTHY in TIME OF WAR" war-pigs were dreadfully wrong.

Well, now that we have reached "DOW 8,000 and falling like a rock," the final weeks of 2008, and ALL of Krugman's PREDICTIONS have been BORN OUT to be true.

Sometimes satisfaction is such a fleeting creature - in the above video, Krugman DEMOLISHES liar GEORGE WILL's right-wing Talking Points that somehow "LIBERAL" economics CAUSED THE GREAT DEPRESSION.

Krugman takes WILL TO THE WOODSHED, explaining - "ECONOMIC POLICY has NOTHING to do with investment - IF you ALREADY HAVE 20 factories that are empty, laid off, and unproductive, BECAUSE THERE IS NO CONSUMER BUYING to stimilate new investment or production for those existing factories." DUH!

BUT George Will's above TEXT BOOK EXAMPLE of Right-Wing "EXPERTS" PULLING "FACTS" OUT OF THEIR ASS, is EXACTLY how the WASHINGTON POST, NEW YORK TIMES, and other "major media" LYING WHORES have been RUINING the American news industry over the past 20 years, substituting their OWN DERANGED TALKING POINTS for genuine economic & social facts.

REAL "facts" such as GEORGE W. BUSH _WRECKED_ the TEXAS STATE BUDGET SURPLUS left to him by previous Democratic Governor ANN RICHARDS. Not only did Bush WRECK Texas' DEMOCRATIC BUDGET SURPLUS back in the late 1990s, but he DID IT WHILE _SLASHING_ SOCIAL PROGRAMS _PROVEN_ to save state taxpayers in the long run!

Programs like pre-school, after-school, and health-care programs for Texas' poor and minority schoolchildren that kept those children IN SCHOOL, performing at a higher level, with higher GRADUATION RATES, OUT OF the Juvenile Criminal System, and OUT of EMERGENCY ROOMS - THOSE are the programs the ENTITLED SON of a former president SLASHED for Texas citizens in need, ON BEHALF OF THE INSANELY GREEDY Texas upper-crust right-wing millionaires!

THE RIGHT-WING press/media ARE CHRONIC LAIRS with an ANTI-AMERICAN AGENDA: an agenda that favors ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION and OUTSOURCING of US JOBS, to create a virtual WAGE-SLAVE servile UNDERCLASS here in America, so the Right-Wing Crime-lords like GEORGE WILL and DAVID BRODER and WILLIAM SAFIRE can "HARRUMPH!" as THEIR ECONOMIC and tax POLICIES TURN AMERICA into a THIRD-WORLD, GREAT DEPRESSION, poverty-wages NATION.