Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The cowardly, craven, arrogant, elitist Senators of the Democrat Party are set to DO IT AGAIN - piss on tens of thousands upon millions of Democratic voters, donors, activists, and hard-working Americans who want some ALTERNATIVE to the radical Right-Wing neo-slavery agenda of the reactionary Republicans - so it is time to list a quick snapshot of those _DEMOCRATIC Senator's_ world-class BETRAYALS:

#1. After getting up in the well of the US Senate to lecture Americans and the world on the dangers of the Bush administration's unconstitutional abuses of power, especially re NO-OVERSIGHT SPYING on American citizens, Senator Robert Byrd... proceeded to vote FOR the Bush administration's UNCONSTITUTIONAL, no oversight, no restrictions UNLIMITED SURVEILLANCE program. THAT is what Democrat Senators do.

#2. In 2000, MILLIONS of Democratic voters turned out to give Dem. presidential candidate (then) Vice President Al Gore, and Dem. VP candidate Senator Joe Lieberman, an OVERWHELMING 500,000+ vote MAJORITY in the national POPULAR VOTE. And despite Republican and media efforts to the contrary, the CLEAR MAJORITY of voters IN FLORIDA, voted for the Gore-Lieberman ticket. DESPITE all those MILLIONS of Americans GIVING the (very lame) Democratic ticket a CLEAR MAJORITY, the COWARDLY, CRAVEN, CORRUPT, self-centered Senate Democrats REFUSED to give - NOT EVEN ONE craven senator - a SINGLE VOTE of support to the BLACK CONGRESSIONAL CAUCUS demands for a SIMPLE Congressional INVESTIGATION into MASSIVE voter disenfranchisement of Black & minority voters in Florida by Jeb Bush/Katherine Harris Republican administration. Since the majority of Democratic senators have for decades depended on BLACK VOTERS to win in close races against Republican opponents, THIS WAS A BETRAYAL of HISTORIC, even BIBLICAL proportions.
The craven, lazy, stupid, cowering Democrat senators PREFERRED TO TAKE THEIR MARCHING ORDERS from the REPUBLICAN PARTY, and corrupt corporate media, than do what they were elected to do: REPRESENT THEIR VOTERS.

#3. The craven, stupid, cowering Democrat Senators REPEATED their cowering tactics, REFUSING to hold the incoming President Bush to his "MORE BI-PARTISAN TONE IN WASHINGTON" campaign pledge: Promises made at EACH AND EVERY Campaign stop of Bush's 2000 presidential campaign, the Democrats were too lazy, stupid, and incompetent to dust off video of those repeated promises, and HOLD THE president who had just STOLEN his election (via partisan Supreme Court ruling) TO HIS OWN DAMN PROMISES. The cowering Senate Democrats once again demonstrating their preference to TAKE ORDERS from REPUBLICANS and the corporate media, to standing up for their own voters. The Democrats would not use a FILIBUSTER to BLOCK Bush partisan nominees, for years to come.

#4. The new president Bush spent the entire spring and summer of 2001 DERIDING DEMOCRATS as the party of "BIG GOVERNMENT SPENDING", incompetence, and corruption - even as he took MORE VACATIONS than ANY previous president. Again, the Democrats in Washington took NO EFFORTS to DEMAND that the corporate media hold the president to his own campaign rhetoric.

#5. The Bush-Cheney White House would DO NOTHING - they could not point to ONE SINGLE STEP THEY TOOK to DETER or make more difficult the 9-11 TERRORIST HIJACKINGS of September 11th, 2001. That incredible record of Bush administration gross incompetence and Dereliction of Duty would take several years to emerge, but while President Bush stood on the tomb, the rubble of the World Trade Center towers' wreckage in New York city, he would pledge to Americans that "I'm going to get Osama bin Laden DEAD OR ALIVE."
Yet within 6 short months of Bush's "get 'em dead or alive!" pledge, the President would say at a White House conference, "I AM NOT THAT CONCERNED ABOUT HIM [Osama bin Laden] ANY MORE"... a comment which Democrat 'leaders' had neither the means nor the inclination to express outrage over.

#6. Perhaps part of the reason the Democrat Senators were wary of speaking out against Bush administration conduct of the "war on terror" within the USA (as the Bush administration conducted it) and in Afghanistan, was because the Democrat senators themselves were SHELL-SHOCKED, victims of an ANTHRAX LETTER ATTACK on _DEMOCRATIC ONLY_ offices in the US senate, by letters filled with deadly anthrax spores that had been "weaponized" in a fine powder inserted into envelopes carrying those letters. While immediate media and administration reporting suggested that it was _ARAB TERRORISTS_ who had launched the deadly Anthrax terror attacks, it swiftly became known that the letters were mailed from US mailboxes - but despite the nation's TRILLION DOLLAR defense/intel/counter-terror/law-enforcement institutions, it quickly became evident that the FBI was botching their investigation, and had not even made a VIDEO search and seizure of all the bank, business and other security videos on those streets leading to the mailboxes from which the deadly letters had been mailed. This initial INCOMPETENCE of the Anthrax investigation was reinforced when it was learned that the ANTHRAX SPORES used in the deadly letters was NOT from foreign laboratory cultures... but had been determined, by genetic testing, to come from AMERICA's OWN BIO-WAR COMMUNITY, specifically the US Army's AMRID bio-war facility at Fort Dietrich, Maryland.
STILL the Democrats in Congress were in NO WAY able to demand or insist that the administration step up the BASIC COMPETENCE of its anthrax investigations, first blaming one scientist (Mark Hatfield), then another. The majority of critics looking at the FBI's investigation of the Anthrax attacks - ON DEMOCRAT ONLY Congressmen (when true terrorists could have SHUT DOWN the White House and Pentagon by mailing unmarked letters there) - see the FBI's "CLOSED CASE" ruling on the Anthrax investigation after the suicide of the 2nd scientist suspect to be, at best, a rush to conclusion, at worst an obstruction of basic, competent findings.

#7. The ANTHRAX ATTACKS on THE US CONGRESS - NOT, as we have just pointed out, on the White House or Defense Department, as you would expect a foreign terrorist to do - followed shortly after the 9-11 terrorist hijackings. Within weeks of the Bush administration's undeclared war and invasion of Iraq, the Bush administration would "OUT" AN ENTIRE UNDERCOVER CIA Operation, in order to SMEAR a prominent and well known war critic, former Ambassador Joe Wilson. Even preliminary investigations would reveal that Chicago Sun-Times columnist BOB NOVAK had OBTAINED HIS INFORMATION on the "undercover spy" status of Valerie Plame Wilson - war critic Joe Wilson's wife - after discussions with the Bush White House shortly after the US invasion of Iraq in March 2003. But as further details of the White House's efforts to DISCLOSE Ms. Wilson's CIA employment to the Washington press were reported, the Congressional Democrats made next to NO effort to DEMAND ANSWERS from the illegal outing. Eventually, responding to demands from the CIA itself that a criminal investigation be run, the last vestiges of an Independent Justice Department empowered an Independent Prosecutor's office to investigate the "outing", of not just an individual CIA operative, but her ENTIRE COVER ORGANIZATION, and thus EVERY CIA officer and foreign "asset" (hired local spy) who had ever been connected to that undercover operation. The campaign of Democrat Senator John Kerry REFUSED to use the issue of the "Plame outing" as a campaign issue in the 2004 presidential race; Senator Kerry REFUSING to even DEMAND A STRAIGHT ANSWER from President Bush if he had been aware of the operation within his White House to "out" Ms. Plame to the DC press corps; Kerry REFUSING to make President Bush hold to his previous pledge to FIRE and PROSECUTE anyone from within his administration who should be found to have participated in such an "outing". In fact, the Kerry administration DID NOTHING to HOLD THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION ACCOUNTABLE for ANY of its gross errors and abuses of power to that date, Senator Kerry preferring, instead of pounding on the theme of Bush administration incompetence and corruption in war contracts profiteering, to present himself as a heroic figure who would somehow "save" America. Compared to Senator Kerry's incredibly lame campaign, a SQUANDERING of the opportunity to HOLD PRESIDENT BUSH ACCOUNTABLE for his pledges, promises, and incompetence to that date, Kerry's ABANDONING Democratic voters in Ohio - almost CERTAINLY ROBBED of their popular vote majority for Kerry in that crucial swing state - is just another in the INCOMPETENT BETRAYALS by Senator Kerry's pompous, take-no-stand campaign.

#8. Shortly after the 2004 presidential election (almost certainly put President Bush back in the White House with ANOTHER STOLEN VOTE count), the Independent Prosecutor into the "Plame outing" investigation WAS ABLE TO WIN a felony _PERJURY_ and _OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE_ ____CONVICTION____ against Vice President Cheney's own Chief of Staff, Washington DC 'super-lawyer' Lewis "Scooter" Libby. AT NO TIME did the DEMOCRAT SENATORS _follow up_ on this INCREDIBLY TOUGH prosecution, by an Independent Prosecutor SINGLE HANDED LY TAKING ON _the most powerful White House_ since at least the WWII years - a tough prosecution that obtained the PERJURY and OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE CONVICTION, against the sitting Vice President's own Chief of Staff, a verdict obtained by a prosecutor against a jury that openly acknowledged sympathy for the defendant, a jury and trial where everyone understood that Mr. Libby was playing 'the good soldier,' the FALL GUY, for his _SUPERIORS_ at the White House. Since Mr. Libby had concurrently been SENIOR ADVISOR TO THE PRESIDENT (while he was the Vice President's CoS), the list of his "SUPERIORS" at the White House was a short one. Namely the President, the Vice President, the President's Chief of Staff (at the time of Libby's employment Andrew Card) and the other power-figure in the Bush-Cheney White House, Bush's Political Affairs Director, Karl Rove. Yet despite the CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS of Mr. Libby, and the CLEAR TRAIL that his conduct was part of a wider White House operation to, first "out" the identity of Ms. Plame, and then to COVER UP and OBSTRUCT that Justice Department investigation into that illegal "outing", STILL the DC Democrats MADE NO EFFORT to see that JUSTICE was followed through - not even basic Congressional investigations after Democrats won control of both the House and Senate majorities in the November 2006 mid-term elections.

#9. Immediately after the 2006 mid-term elections, the Bush White House and their Attorney General, ALBERTO GONZALES, set about to PURGE the Department of Justice of ALL prosecutors, US Attorneys, and other personnel who WOULD NOT PARTICIPATE in PARTISAN PROSECUTIONS of non-Republican candidates in crucial swing-state elections. This scandal would come to be called "PURGE-GATE."
The Democrats DID hold hearings in to Purge-gate, but even though Attorney General Alberto Gonzales COMMITTED PERJURY under oath (at one point testifying that he had gone to visit then Attorney General John Ashcroft, alone in a hospital room late at night under narcotic sedation while recovering from surgery) NOT to discuss the White House's UNLIMITED SURVEILLANCE program... but three sentences later, Attorney General Gonzales was forced to admit that he was carrying papers in his hand on that very Unlimited Surveillance program for the sedated Ashcroft to sign) - the Democrats NEVER HELD THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION ACCOUNTABLE for the illegal "PURGING" of the Justice Department, and the far more illegal PARTISAN, perjurous PROSECUTIONS, and attempted (or ordered) prosecutions, of Democratic candidates, officials, or elections activists. Indeed, the most prominent victim of the PURJUROUS prosecutions of Democratic officials was ALABAMA Democratic GOVERNOR DON SIEGELMAN, likely ROBBED of his winning 2002 re-election bid by Karl Rove's Republican operatives in Alabama elections offices, and then, for having the temerity to immediately run for election all over again despite his "losing" the 2002 election, Mr. Seigelman found himself the target of a PARTISAN PROSECUTION that eventually found him guilt of... putting a campaign supporter and donor on a government health care oversight panel? BY THAT STANDARD, EVERY APPOINTEE of the ENTIRE Bush administration would be GUILTY OF CRIMINAL CORRUPTION, because the Bush administration judged its appointees SOLELY by the amounts of cash that they donated to Republican campaigns!

#10. A similar betrayal of impartial justice in America, the DC Democrats, once they became THE MAJORITY of BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS starting in January, 2006, WOULD DO NOTHING over the coming 2 years to ASSURE American voters nationwide that THEIR VOTES WERE COUNTED FAIRLY and accurately.

The legacy of this Democrat 'leadership' INCOMPETENCE (if not dereliction of duty to insure that THE CORE of American democracy was not "FIXED" by corrupt elections officials or privately owned machines) - would be seen in the 2008 elections, where TWO WEEKS after the November 4th voting, ALASKA residents would STILL NOT KNOW the winner of their close senate race, a shameful standard also seen in Minnesota, and elsewhere in down-ticket races. BY COMPARISON, both CANADA and INDIA hold elections, the count of which is SUPERVISED by OBSERVERS from ALL parties, and the results of which are known - on the evening of the elections.

The above is only a quick, snap-shot examination of the tactics and techniques that DEMOCRAT SENATORS USE to UNDERMINE he will of Democratic voters... a betrayal of American voters that will see the Democrats LEAVING SENATOR LEIBERMAN IN CHARGE of the crucial GOVERNMENT OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE in the US Senate, even though Senator Leiberman's QUASHING of an EFFECTIVE, ENERGETIC, and determined ENRON INVESTIGATION in that very committee led to the Democrats' own drubbing in the 2002 mid-term elections, Lieberman (and thereby the Democrats) FAILING to LINK the Bush White House to ENRON's SERIAL CORRUPTION and market frauds -

- A FAILURE to PROSECUTE FRAUD, and thus PROTECT American workers, investors, consumers, pensioners, and taxpayers, by Lieberman's committee, that would see the Democrats LOSE the majority they were handed by REPUBLICAN Senator Jim Jeffords shortly before the 2002 mid-term elections, a LOSS of Majority that would soon see former Senate Majority Leader TOM DASCHLE lose his re-election to the Senate despite his holding that crucial, powerful position on behalf of the constituents of his small state.