Tuesday, November 18, 2008

COWARDLY 'Democrat' Senators REWARD REPUBLICAN Senator Joe Lieberman - WITH CONTINUED CHAIR of VITAL Senate Committee...

Well, today, Tuesday Nov. 18, 2008, exactly two weeks after the presidential elections that found millions of Americans voting DEMOCRATIC to get a CHANGE, a BREAK from the radical, reactionary right-wing policies of the Bush-Republican administration - the COWARDLY, CRAVEN, CORRUPT Democrat senators VOTED TO KEEP Joe Lieberman as CHAIRMAN of the vital GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS committee.

Of course, saying a senate committee "IS VITAL" is a clear exaggeration": THERE ARE _NO_ VITAL Senate commmittees, THE ENTIRE US SENATE, Democrats & Republicans alike, is nothing but a RUBBER STAMP for the WAR PARTY, the OIL PARTY, the BIG BANKERS Party, and the Big Media "WE DON'T NEED NO STINKING democracy" party.

The COWARDLY Democrat Senators are INCAPABLE of DEMANDING that the BILLIONS of dollars of US taxpayer funds appropriated for the RECONSTRUCTION OF NEW ORLEANS after Hurricane Katrina ACTUALLY BE SPENT TO RECONSTRUCT New Orleans.

The COWARDLY Democrat Senators are INCAPABLE of OVERSEEING the VAST CORRUPTION - near GESTAPO powers of search, arrest, seizure, and indefinite incarceration - of the Bush administration's Department of "justice" in the infinitely open-ended "war on terror."

The COWARDLY Democrat Senators are INCAPABLE of OVERSEEING the "Justice Department" for VAST, CRIMINAL CORRUPTION and FRAUDULENT, PERJUROUS PROSECUTIONS - even when the victims are DEMOCRATIC elected officials!

The COWARDLY Senate Democrats CAN'T EVEN DEMAND a thorough, active, and energetic INVSTIGATION into ANTHRAX ATTACKS ON THEIR OWN MEMBERS.

And, as said above, the COWARDLY, CRAVEN, CORRUPT DC Democrat Senators are ENTIRELY INCAPABLE of BREAKING THEIR ADDICTION to Confederate-war style poltics: Addiction to the politics of CHEAP LABOR, LOW WAGES, RAPE of PENSION FUNDS and entire markets, the LOOTING of the US Treasury on behalf of the "owner class" elite...

The Cowering DC Democrat Senators CAN'T EVEN PROTECT US INDUSTRY, as DUBAI - constrained by the medieval culture that denies women freedoms taken for granted here in America - TAKES THE LEAD in SOLAR PANEL PRODUCTION.