Tuesday, February 17, 2009

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer Urges Speaker PELOSI to STAND UP to OBSTRUCTIONIST Senate Repubs....

In the "It's ABOUT TIME!" department, Congress' #2 House official,
Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) is reported to be urging his boss, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, to STAND UP TO the OBSTRUCTIONIST THUGS of the SENATE REPUBLICAN "leadership."

Yes, the economic crisis in America has gotten SO bad, that "Democratic" 'leaders' Hoyer, Pelosi, Reid, Rockefeller, Biden, Schumer, Feinstein, Lieberman (et al) are now going to HAVE TO STAND UP to Senate Republican ECONOMY-KILLING OBSTRUCTIONISTS, if the Dem "leaders" want to have a PRAYER of going back to their (now terrified of losing their jobs, homes, health-care (etc.)) constituents and saying "WE did SOMETHING to RESTORE the US ECONOMY."

Since the radical Right-Wing Republicans have been TAKING THEIR ORDERS from KARL ROVE, RUSH LIMBAUGH, George W. Bush, and DICK CHENEY these past 8 years -
(yes, Rush Limbaugh HAS been the DE FACTO leader of the Republican Party, since at least he helped push for IMPEACHMENT in 1998, and then pushed and legitimized the STOLEN ELECTION of 2000),

and since Right-Wing Republicans actually DESIRE the GUTTING of America's INDUSTRIAL BASE (so to SABOTAGE high wages and working-class political clout), and since Radical Right Republicans actually DESIRE wage-slave wages, it is LONG PAST TIME for the Democrats in Congress to STOP TAKING _THEIR_ MARCHING ORDERS from the Neo-Con WAR-LOBBY & BIG-FINANCIAL LOBBIES.
(Both of which are, and have been, 100% DEPENDENT on BILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of dollars of BIG GOVERNMENT SPENDING, for DECADES, right-wing "free market" and "private enterprise" propaganda notwithstanding.)

(note: The ENTIRE Right-Wing trillions-of-dollars "military industrial complex" grew, of course, out of America's WWII industrial effort; including nuclear weapons research and post-war rocket research, today morphing from "COLD WAR" military spending on all military items, nuclear & non-nuclear, to today's M.I.C. trillion-dollar behemoth. Which military spending over the past 5 decades broke the previous American historical pattern of DECOMMISSIONING military spending after successful wars.)

Here is Obama administration EIGHT-HUNDRED BILLION "Stimulus" plan, as reported by the NY Times.
According to Princeton/NYTimes/Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman, the US faces a THREE TRILLION DOLLAR economic contraction between the previous dozen months and the coming dozen months... that is, MORE economic CONTRACTIONS are coming, and this Obama 'STIMULUS' package will only AMELIORATE - not reverse - those losses in coming months.

NOTE #2: NO-WHERE in the above NY "Obama STIMULUS" list, does the Times mention any NEW BANK BAILOUTS spending - which we all KNOW is coming, President Obama unwilling to take the stern task of letting the large banks fall into the BLACK HOLE of their own making, the "DERIVATIVES" and "CREDIT SWAP" 'instruments have NOT even been in discussion these first 3 weeks of the Obama administration, although by some estimates the CREDIT DEFAUL SWAPS and other derivatives malarky is SEVERAL TIMES the GDP of the entire world economy - PAPER worth NOTHING, the BAILOUTS of which would make the current "TAXPAYER TRILLIONS for FAILED BANKERS" bailouts look like CHUMP CHANGE in the "TAX the working stiffs to BENEFIT THE WEALTHY" insanity.