Tuesday, February 10, 2009

GHOULISH Bush admin. SEC & FBI... PROSECUTED Martha Stewart, GAVE FREE PASS to MADOFF's HUGE FRAUD financial Ponzi-scheme!!

HOW GHOULISH is the Right-Wing agenda in America?

Well, the Cheney-Bush administration "Department of Justice" ("Department of Injustice" would be the better descriptor) went hammer & tongs after MARTHA STEWART - to CONVICT Mrs. Stewart for "dumping" $55,000 of ImClone stock,
a stock she had every right to sell, at ANY TIME she desired, on ANY "tip", "leak", or suggestion - FROM ANYONE - that she heard, ANYWHERE, because Mrs. Stewart had NO, ZERO, NADDA fiduciary financial links to ImClone co.

BUT AT THE SAME TIME that the Cheney-Bush "war on America"
___Despite a whistleblower compiling hundreds of documents on Madoff's FRAUD, and handing that evidence over to the SEC !!___

IF the OBAMA ADMINSTRATION and Pelosi "DEMOCRAT" Congress DON'T HAUL EVERY ONE of those SEC and FBI officials involved in policing the financial markets and prosecuting Mrs. Stewart before Congress to EXPLAIN THEIR GROTESQUE DOUBLE-STANDARD PROSECUTIONS/lack-of-prosecutions, then they - the DEMOCRATS & OBAMA administration - BECOME COMPLICIT to those LYNCH-MOB PARTISAN PROSECUTIONS of Bush-administration designated "enemies," or at least to the WHITEWASHING of that federal prosecution lynch-mob ABUSE of power.

(Which of course is the most obvious comment about official Washington ever - whether "Democrat" or Republican.
Speaker Pelosi and her 'leaders' are FAR MORE CLOSELY CONNECTED to the robber-barons of Wall Street than she & they are connected to working-stiff voters: Pelosi puts it at her HIGHEST PRIORITY generating DONATIONS from BIG DONORS, and no one has more cash to donate to Congressional campaigns than BANKERS, because banks & financial institutions are where the big cash is held - even if, after looting their own vaults, the bankers have to run to Congress, and stick-em-up, for a few HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS of BAILOUTS, a percentage of which will of course go RIGHT BACK TO CONGRESS - KICKBACKS - as slush-fund "campaign donations".)

Thus it is GUARANTEED that the CORRUPT PELOSI CONGRESS, AND the wet-behind-the-ears Obama administration, WILL PUT A far BIGGER PRIORITY on WHITEWASHING FINANCIAL CORRUPTION, than to exposing & prosecuting well-connected financial fraudsters.)
(Note also, Nobel Prize winning Princeton Econmics professor, and NYT columnist, PaulKrugman castigating the "MALEFACTORS OF WEALTH" on Wall Street & national financial markets... "Malefactors" who have spent the past 3 decades castigating any and all oversight & enforcement over the financial markets - leading directly to massive frauds & meltdowns like the Maddoff crisis, and the even LARGER BoA/Citi/Goldman-Sachs/JPMorgan-Chase fiscal meltdowns, aka "ASSET OVER-VALUATION CRISIS," duh.
Krugman also echoes our previous 3 comments: Pres. Barak Obama is now WALL STREET's BOY, he is HANDING BILLIONS TO THE BANKERS, with ALL other parts of the American economy a DISTANT SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH or Fifth to Obama "Advisors" RUBIN, SUMMERS, GEITHNER, & EMANUEL (etc.) BAILING OUT BAD BANKERS, FIRST!

Krugman: "THE NEW ADMINISTRATION has NOT been very good with coming out with a plan THAT MAKES SENSE TO ANYBODY." (9:51 of video)